Garmin CIQ System 5 Inbound for 2022 – What is it !

Yes it does say Edge 1040 – Some other slightly out-of-date info is updated in the table further below

Garmin CIQ System 5 Is Coming


News today of some of the details that will be supported in CIQ next year. We will probably see this in System 5 (CIQ 3, API Level 3.3?). Which you might see (incorrectly?) referred to as CIQ 5.

Whilst this is a feature that will initially be of interest to developers it will affect the capabilities of many Garmin devices and some new ones in 2022.

App Store on the Watch

Garmin’s CIQ store was initially only available through a browser but the addition of a smartphone app made it much easier to choose and install those extra bits of ‘must have’ functionality on your Garmin watches and bike computers. Well both of those versions of the CIQ store (web, smartphone) will be revamped.

Better still, taking a leaf out of Google’s Wear OS, the app store will also be accessible on the watch. Super cool!

It also looks like the Wi-Fi enabled devices will be able to download CIQ apps and their updates over your home WiFi as well as enable you to tinker with some of their settings on the watch.

Very Nice.


Check out the first image at the top and compare it to the one immediately above.

It looks like most devices that support CIQ System 4 will also support the new CIQ System 5 where hardware permits.

Also New

We will see new analytics and new metrics that can be incorporated into CIQ, including Stress Data, VO2max and Body Battery.


Take Out

Perhaps not as big a leap forward as in previous years but there are some tantalising hints at continued improvements from Garmin, especially to new devices next year.

If you want to read more technical detail then check out the Garmin Developer’s report on this same subject. Elsewhere, Ray Maker points out that some of the wording used by Garmin suggests that AMOLED is the chosen way forward for its high-end, high-resolution devices.


More Info – Currently Supported API Level


Watches/WearablesAPI LevelScreen ResolutionScreen ShapeScreen Technology
Approach® S602.4.0240 x 240roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
Approach® S623.0.0260 x 260roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
Captain Marvel3.2.0218 x 218roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
D2™ Air3.2.0390 x 390roundAMOLED
D2™ Bravo1.4.0218 x 218roundMemory-In-Pixel (16 colors)
D2™ Bravo Titanium1.4.0218 x 218roundMemory-In-Pixel (16 colors)
D2™ Charlie3.0.0240 x 240roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
D2™ Delta3.1.0240 x 240roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
D2™ Delta PX3.1.0240 x 240roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
D2™ Delta S3.1.0240 x 240roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
Darth Vader™3.2.0260 x 260roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
Descent™ Mk13.0.0240 x 240roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
Descent™ Mk2 / Descent™ Mk2i3.2.0280 x 280roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
Descent™ Mk2 S3.2.0240 x 240roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
Enduro™3.2.0280 x 280roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
epix™1.2.0205 x 148rectangleMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
fēnix® 3 / tactix® Bravo / quatix® 31.4.0218 x 218roundMemory-In-Pixel (16 colors)
fēnix® 3 HR1.4.0218 x 218roundMemory-In-Pixel (16 colors)
fēnix® 5 / quatix® 53.1.0240 x 240roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
fēnix® 5 Plus3.2.0240 x 240roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
fēnix® 5S3.1.0218 x 218roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
fēnix® 5S Plus3.2.0240 x 240roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
fēnix® 5X / tactix® Charlie3.1.0240 x 240roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
fēnix® 5X Plus3.2.0240 x 240roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
fēnix® 6 / 6 Solar / 6 Dual Power3.2.0260 x 260roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
fēnix® 6 Pro / 6 Sapphire / 6 Pro Solar / 6 Pro Dual Power / quatix® 63.2.0260 x 260roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
fēnix® 6S / 6S Solar / 6S Dual Power3.2.0240 x 240roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
fēnix® 6S Pro / 6S Sapphire / 6S Pro Solar / 6S Pro Dual Power3.2.0240 x 240roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
fēnix® 6X Pro / 6X Sapphire / 6X Pro Solar / tactix® Delta Sapphire / Delta Solar / Delta Solar – Ballistics Edition / quatix® 6X / 6X Solar / 6X Dual Power3.2.0280 x 280roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
fēnix® Chronos3.1.0218 x 218roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
First Avenger3.2.0260 x 260roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
Forerunner® 2301.4.0215 x 180semi-roundMemory-In-Pixel (16 colors)
Forerunner® 2351.4.0215 x 180semi-roundMemory-In-Pixel (16 colors)
Forerunner® 2453.2.0240 x 240roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
Forerunner® 245 Music3.2.0240 x 240roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
Forerunner® 451.4.0208 x 208roundMemory-In-Pixel (8 colors)
Forerunner® 553.2.0208 x 208roundMemory-In-Pixel (8 colors)
Forerunner® 6301.4.0215 x 180semi-roundMemory-In-Pixel (16 colors)
Forerunner® 6453.1.0240 x 240roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
Forerunner® 645 Music3.2.0240 x 240roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
Forerunner® 735xt2.4.0215 x 180semi-roundMemory-In-Pixel (16 colors)
Forerunner® 7453.2.0240 x 240roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
Forerunner® 920XT1.4.0205 x 148rectangleMemory-In-Pixel (16 colors)
Forerunner® 9353.1.0240 x 240roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
Forerunner® 9453.2.0240 x 240roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
Forerunner® 945 LTE3.2.0240 x 240roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
Garmin Swim™ 21.4.0208 x 208roundMemory-In-Pixel (8 colors)
MARQ® Adventurer3.2.0240 x 240roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
MARQ® Athlete3.2.0240 x 240roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
MARQ® Aviator3.2.0240 x 240roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
MARQ® Captain / MARQ® Captain: American Magic Edition3.2.0240 x 240roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
MARQ® Commander3.2.0240 x 240roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
MARQ® Driver3.2.0240 x 240roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
MARQ® Expedition3.2.0240 x 240roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
MARQ® Golfer3.2.0240 x 240roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
Rey™3.2.0218 x 218roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
Venu® Sq3.2.0240 x 240rectangleTransflective Liquid-Crystal (High Color)
Venu® Sq. Music Edition3.2.0240 x 240rectangleTransflective Liquid-Crystal (High Color)
Venu™3.2.0390 x 390roundAMOLED
Venu™ 24.0.0416 x 416roundAMOLED
Venu™ 2S4.0.0360 x 360roundAMOLED
Venu™ Mercedes-Benz® Collection3.2.0390 x 390roundAMOLED
vívoactive®1.4.0205 x 148rectangleMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
vívoactive® 33.1.0240 x 240roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
vívoactive® 3 Mercedes-Benz® Collection3.0.0240 x 240roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
vívoactive® 3 Music3.2.0240 x 240roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
vívoactive® 3 Music LTE3.1.0240 x 240roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
vívoactive® 43.2.0260 x 260roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
vívoactive® 4S3.2.0218 x 218roundMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
vívoactive® HR2.4.0148 x 205rectangleMemory-In-Pixel (64 colors)
EdgeAPI LevelScreen ResolutionScreen ShapeScreen Technology
Edge® 1000 / Explore2.4.0240 x 400rectangleTransflective Liquid-Crystal (High Color)
Edge® 10303.2.0282 x 470rectangleTransflective Liquid-Crystal (High Color)
Edge® 1030 / Bontrager3.2.0282 x 470rectangleTransflective Liquid-Crystal (High Color)
Edge® 1030 Plus3.2.0282 x 470rectangleTransflective Liquid-Crystal (High Color)
Edge® 1303.1.0230 x 303rectangleTransflective Liquid-Crystal (Single Color)
Edge® 130 Plus3.2.0230 x 303rectangleTransflective Liquid-Crystal (Single Color)
Edge® 5202.4.0200 x 265rectangleTransflective Liquid-Crystal (High Color)
Edge® 520 Plus3.1.0200 x 265rectangleTransflective Liquid-Crystal (High Color)
Edge® 5303.2.0246 x 322rectangleTransflective Liquid-Crystal (High Color)
Edge® 820 / Explore3.1.0200 x 265rectangleTransflective Liquid-Crystal (High Color)
Edge® 8303.2.0246 x 322rectangleTransflective Liquid-Crystal (High Color)
Edge® Explore3.1.0240 x 400rectangleTransflective Liquid-Crystal (High Color)
Outdoor HandheldsAPI LevelScreen ResolutionScreen ShapeScreen Technology
GPSMAP® 66s / 66sr / 66st3.0.0240 x 400rectangleTransflective Liquid-Crystal (High Color)
GPSMAP® 86s / 86sc / 86i / 86sci3.0.0240 x 400rectangleTransflective Liquid-Crystal (High Color)
Montana® 7 Series3.1.0480 x 800rectangleTransflective Liquid-Crystal (High Color)
Oregon® 7 Series3.0.0240 x 400rectangleTransflective Liquid-Crystal (High Color)
Rino® 7 Series3.0.0240 x 400rectangleTransflective Liquid-Crystal (High Color)



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13 thoughts on “Garmin CIQ System 5 Inbound for 2022 – What is it !

  1. Well well WELL. This makes the choice between getting what I need now (a new watch) and waiting for the Fenix 7 (which looks like it’ll add the new HR sensor, LTE and maybe the Enduro battery, which I won’t really need) a lot harder.

      1. Ciq on the watch, is a huge step forward, not just for Garmin, that’s a major sector step forward to the unified smart/sport watch that’s the best of both worlds.

        Now they just have to be the definitive Wrist OHM leader and then maybe they’ll have me looking to return to the fold. Not that I rely on ohr for anything but 24/7, but if you’ve proven this thing can be near exact to a chest strap during high intensity, sign me up.

  2. The top image is out of date, the Fenix 5 Plus series ended up receiving 3.2.x so are in System 4 (as well as the upcoming 5).
    Connect IQ 4.0 only showed up on the Venu 2/2s and most of the differences from 3.2.x are in graphics, so it is not surprising that they’d arrive on a unit with a fancy screen. The other difference was Super Apps which merged apps and widgets and allowed the device to run more than one at a time. Whether that is making any difference to anyone but the coders I don’t know.

    1. ty Dom much appreciated for that info
      1. I’ll try to annotate the image and update
      2. so does ciq 4.0 get System 5?
      3. Super apps – do you have any more info about those or where it can be gleaned? I thought there were also other super app capabilities eg running an app as a screen in a sport profile

      1. 2. Yes, the beta SDK has a preview for the Venu 2 and one for the F6 Pro, and one of the new features is an update to the Amoled always-on watch face system. The only thing I’ve seen that’s restricted to future devices is the on-device app store.
        3. I don’t, no. If you rebuild a widget for a 4.0 device, the same code will generate a super app which shows in the widget loop as a glance, so in UI terms it’s pretty similar to a 3.2.x device with the widget loop set to show glances. I have yet to see anybody doing anything that really exploits simultaneous apps, or launching an app from within another app. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places, maybe the Venu 2 market is just too small for the devs to be exploiting it much so far; certainly, if anyone had done anything significant you’d expect it to pop up in the developer awards, and that hasn’t happened. The most detailed discussion I found was on Ray’s Venu 2 review, and a lot of that was you and me spitballing 🙂
        The most obvious application, for me, would be something like Komoot letting you download and follow a route while you’re already out running/cycling.

      2. is there an emoji for spitballing? (Not wholly sure what it is but I can guess…UK here!)

        the usage for me would be to put the STRYD app into the running profile. then i get the zone alerts from the app and have the ability to view the page layouts that I normally use

        I’m guessing if it could be done stryd will be very much onto that right now

      3. I shudder to think… I’m UK as well, no idea where I picked up that bit of US slang from!

        Yup that sounds like another good use for it – I use the pod a lot but always with data fields.

    1. hi

      it’s impossible to keep blog posts up to date as time passes.

      thank you for that link. Garmin has significantly more resources than me to keep their link up to date 😉

      1. You are an impressive ressource 🙂

        You can update your data/table for a next post … later … when you want 🙂

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