Polar RED – what is it?

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Polar Red, Vantage V2 REDPolar RED – An Explainer

Polar Vantage V2 is now available as Polar RED. Is that it? A new colour? No back story?

In a nutshell: Yes

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Product Red – it’s not this

Product Red, stylized as (PRODUCT)RED or (PRODUCT)RED, is a licensed brand by the company Red, stylized as (RED), that seeks to engage private sector companies like Apple, in raising awareness and funds to help eliminate HIV/AIDS in eight African countries. I’m getting an Apple Watch 7 PRODUCT RED on Friday and Apple (me too, I suppose) do contribute to the Product Red organisation as a result of my purchase.

As far as I know, Polar’s red coloured Vantage V2 is nothing to do with the Product Red organisation. So it is ‘Polar Red‘ or a ‘Polar Vantage V2 Rednot ‘Polar Product Red’.

Polar Red, Vantage V2 REDRed – But not wholly red

Here’s where it gets confusing.

I already have an older Vantage V2 with a red strap and a nice steely/titanium-coloured case. I like it. That strap is totally red in the sense that the outer and inner layers of the strap are both red, albeit very slightly different shades of red.

Now, the new Polar Red strap is red on the outside but black on the underside (above, left) and the new red is a whole new and different shade of redness to the redness that came before (see below).

The case of Polar Red is now also red. Again it’s not totally red as there is a black ring that separates the upper and lower parts of the case. The pushers/buttons are still as red and as black as they ever were.

Polar Red, Vantage V2 RED
Top to bottom: SWITCH, RED, V2

Red Straps Galore

You can buy either of these red straps separately and they are subtly different reds


Polar Red, Vantage V2 RED
New Red above old red.

My worry would be that the Polar Red’s strap fades slightly over time due to chlorine or sunlight and then doesn’t match the red case which would fade at a different rate (or not at all).

On the subject of red. My Polar Vantage V Titan had a black strap with a red section on the underside.

Take Out

There’s a lot of red going on here and I think I win a prize for the most frequent mention of the word ‘red’. Other colours exist. What’s your favourite colour?

In my opinion, Polar is making more of a big deal about a new colour than they should and it creates a tiny bit of confusion in my mind with the Product Red organization. Still, Polar is NOT charging a price premium so I guess it’s OK.

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Available Oct 20th: Polar Vantage V2 RED – $/Eu549, £449




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Nick K

Lucky you! That all-red band from V2 no longer exists it seems. What’s offered now is the same red/black band from V2 Lenin Edition.


Verizon does this “Red” thing in the US as well. Must be to get women to buy it.

My favorite color is green.


the new Red looks awesome and good color matching done by Polar at two different materials, superb to see companies still invest into a own industrial design and CMD departments rather then releasing black plastic bombers all the time…


So far no one released anything truly new or innovative this year, so we have to read posts and discuss about new strap colors. It looks like new features famine to me.