Coros adds Strava Route Syncs & Climb Grade Support

New Features This Week for the Coros Vertix 2

I’ve been using some of the new Coros features on the Vertix 2 which should be available to everyone around about now. The main interest to most regular readers will be the Strava Route sync but the other two features should also excite some interest too, namely, mountain climbing grade support and the backlight button shortcut.

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The Coros Vertix 2 was released in August 2021 and it’s a premium multi-sport watch primarily focussed on adventures and specifically on Mountain Climbing. It has the looks and quality construction for even the most serious adventures and its featureset is pretty decent too.

Of particular note is Coros’s move to support routes. Indeed the Vertix 2 was their first watch to have onboard maps. However it lacked the ability to sync Strava routes, now that’s changed!

Strava Route Sync

The new Strava route sync feature gets all your favourite/starred Strava routes onto your Coros watch fairly easily. It’s a feature of the Coros app, rather than just for the Vertix 2. That means that any current Coros watch, apart from Pace 1 or 2, supports it.

Strava subscribers are able to create routes in the Strava app. If you link the Coros app to Strava there is an easy two-step process where you refresh your list of routes on the Coros app and then sync an individual route across to your watch. That’s no great inconvenience and has one benefit in that you have more control of what is pushed to your watch.

The Strava route needs to be loaded at the start of your workout and then appears overlaid on the map screen. There is no map intelligence on the watch and so you can’t be navigated to the start of the course or re-routed if you make a wrong turn.

Multi-Pitch Mode

The Multi-Pitch climb profile lets you select your preferred Climbing Grade System and then you are taken through the approach, climb and descent phase which are separately recorded. Multiple ascents/climbs are supported with appropriate stats recorded for each and then later made available on the app.




More detailed climbing info: Coros

Backlight Button Shortcut

A long press of the backlight button can be configured to support one of these actions

  • Compass
  • HRV Measurement (not accessible during activities)
  • Oximeter
  • Map
  • Music
  • Camera Control
  • Satellite Signal
  • Night Mode
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Sunrise/Sunset Times

Vertix 2 Caribiner

The Quick release straps of the Vertix 2 let you rapidly switch your watch to the quality, metal carabiner holder. Then it’s a case of clip-and-climb.

Available: December 2021

Take Out

I’m not a climber despite having walked up Kilimanjaro and to Everest base camp in a different life. That said, Multi-Pitch seems like a great feature to support climbers and what’s not to like about the carabiner?!

The route navigation is somewhat of a catch-up feature with Garmin and a move ahead feature compared to much of the rest of the competition. Whilst basic, this is a useful feature whose takeup will be limited by Strava’s insistence that you subscribe to their service. No doubt other routing companies like RwGPS will offer free alternatives soon enough.

Heads Up: I buy all the tech I use for my own endurance training and this is a media loaner from Coros and I’m not sponsored by Coros. To support this site add a free extra accessory strap to your purchase with the code THE5KRUNNER at Coros.

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2 thoughts on “Coros adds Strava Route Syncs & Climb Grade Support

  1. Shortcut doesn’t support alarm or timer? Really? I’d imagine people need those in their life way more often than they need music from a watch or a map. I mean nobody at COROS drinks tea? Cooks food? Wakes up early?

    It seems like this is an ongoing story with COROS: getting a feature 96% done and then stopping there. Sigh!

    (Their decision to prioritize Strava routes that are only available to paying subscribers and, apart from heatmaps, are interior to pretty much anything in terms of route creation, is also questionable.)

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