Garmin Secret Menu – Fenix 6, Forerunner and maybe others too.

Garmin Secret Menu

There is a secret menu hidden away in the depths of the menu systems of many top-end Garmins, including my Garmin Fenix 6 Pro and Forerunner 935, so it’s almost certainly been around for months or years. It probably isn’t that secret either but, hey, it’s news to me. Thank you @Pavel for the heads up.

You can find it in the Settings>About menu. Just press the top left Light button about 8 times and you will enter the murky world of the debug menu. Feel free to play around with these settings and do your very best to break your expensive sports watch. Hint: Don’t.

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6 thoughts on “Garmin Secret Menu – Fenix 6, Forerunner and maybe others too.

  1. There is also another mennu

    – Power off the watch and wait 10 seconds.
    – Press and hold the DOWN button. Keep it pressed, and then press the LIGHT button for a few seconds to turn on the watch.
    – Keep the DOWN button pressed for 30 seconds and release all, and wait another 20 seconds

    Press the BACK button to navigate through the menus – and press the LIGHT button 5 seconds to turn off.

    Turn on the watch as normal with the LIGHT Button

    1. This is a Hardware Test Menu. After work in this menu device may be reset all settings! (not always)

      1. To my experience it is only if you turns off the watch by holding the LIGHT button down for more than 25 seconds.

  2. Tested on Fenix 3 HR. Only 4 options available in the secret menu

    Settings -> System -> About
    * Force Crash
    * Save RAM Region
    * Enable BT Logging
    * Disable BT Logging

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