CAROL Bike Black Friday Discount Code

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carol bike discount code
regular carol bike discount code: BLACKFRIDAY250 gives a MUCH bigger discount

CAROL Bike Discount Code


CAR.O.L Bike (Cardiovascular Optimization Logic bike) releases a special Black Friday discount code.

There is a Black Friday discount of £/$250 at CAROL Bikes with code BLACKFRIDAY250, after Black Friday, my TFK100 code will give you £/$100 off.

CAROL bikes are an intriguing fitness concept. They are claimed to be a high spec gym-quality bike sold mostly to the home market (gyms too). Their USP is around the benefits of very short-duration, glycogen-depleting interval workouts which you can literally do without breaking into a sweat eg 2x 20 seconds @maximal. In and of themselves these workouts are claimed to boost VO2max, certainly for the non-athlete type person.

CAROL doesn’t claim weight loss based on those specific workouts but that’s where you add in a once-weekly endurance workout.

As always there’s lots of science that underpin this. From what I’ve seen it doesn’t appear to be paid for by the manufacturer and, indeed, I vaguely recall seeing something on the BBC with Dr. Michael Mosley a couple of years ago on this topic.

I guess the bottom line is that this probably will boost fitness (VO2max) in certain individuals but there are other physiological markers that are also important to athletes. That said, a quick win to boost VO2max for most people is probably a great idea.

Price: The bike starts at just over £/$2,000.00 plus a monthly subscription and prices are competitive with Peloton and Nordic equivalents.

More: Carol Bike Website

There is a Halloween discount of £/$250 at CAROL Bikes with code BLACKFRIDAY250, after Halloween, my TFK100 code will give you £/$100 off.


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