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garmin venu 2 pro questionGarmin Venu 2 Plus

Garmin is about to release an updated version of their Venu 2 on 4th January named Garmin Venu 2 Plus (aka Pro) as more photos emerge, this time from (images below)

Here is the link (yes really): Garmin Venu 2 PLUS

Image clicks to listing on Amazon for pre-orders/sales


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These new images do not show anything too exciting over and above the tweet from @Dave Zatz 3 weeks ago. Merely confirming the 3-button AMOLED interface.

Regular readers will be please to know I have some jaw-dropping Garmin gossip juice which I might put out tonight or tomorrow. It’s one of those hold onto your credit card moments. The new watches ARE coming and indeed have been ready for some time – well, ready except for a lack of chips in any great number. #2022


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So, what is it going to be?

Let’s first not forget that the Venu 2 is Garmin’s more sporty contender to the Apple Watch 7 & Samsung Galaxy Watch4. It’s aiming to be a pretty-screen watch with all the health features like SpO2 and sleep analysis BUT with Garmin’s superior sports features bolted on.

So the new Venu 2 Plus will have all that plus a little bit more on the health and tech side. There won’t be any significant sports features introduced, at least none that are new to the Garmin stable.

On the health side of things, Garmin is going to be fairly restricted at what it can add to the existing Venu 2. It already has PulseOx, Muscle heat maps,  sleep tracking, physiological age, hydration monitoring, menstrual cycle tracking, and much much more.

On the tech side of things it also already has most of the current top-end Garmin components. It already has the Gen 4 ELEVATE HR sensor, for example, not forgetting the latest CIQ support, a recently refreshed user interface, fast charging and great battery life.

You can see 3 things from the tweeted image, below.

  • This is a 3-button watch
  • The on-screen image shows a microphone icon.
  • Body battery (same as the existing BB feature), stress and HR widgets are shown

The microphone image could signal a voice assistant but, instead, appears to be used in the context of a voice call. Garmin devotees will, no doubt, recall the recent addition of LTE-related features to the Garmin 945 (Garmin 945LTE review here). However, the LTE features were NOT in support of voice calls but rather they supported a limited amount of live data to be sent covering emergency notifications and glorified in-sport messaging. My understanding is that Garmin is unlikely to support voice calls over LTE, however, it may well be possible that a microphone and speaker on the watch can control a voice call on your smartphone, the non-LTE versions of the Apple Watch 7 (detailed review) do that for example and also leverage WiFi calling where the carrier supports it.

Regarding Garmin’s ability to support a rich voice assistant, then I would severely doubt Garmin’s ability to deliver their own voice assistant. Even Apple’s Siri is below par and Apple has WAY more resources and more of a necessity to make their assistant work. It’s also unlikely that Garmin would be able to integrate Apple’s Siri, although Google’s Voice Assistant might be possible even without Wear OS (IDK). So I guess it’s possible that Garmin might use voice to support the limited control of its own feature set in some way or, at a push, controlling smarthome devices.

One hope is that Garmin adds the new dual-frequency Sony GNSS chip. That’s a distinct possibility with a reasonable chance of happening. It will probably make little difference to GPS accuracy if added, at least initially.

The one final thing worth hoping for is improved AMOLED abilities. This is reasonably likely as Garmin’s CIQ System 5 platform is continuously adding to AMOLED-related features that will eventually find themselves on devices like the Garmin Fenix 7.


This leak originally comes from a Garmin retailer. The retailer will have scheduled the live date of the Venu 2 Plus and then either forgot to change it or they may simply have entered an incorrect date.


As the leak comes from a retailer it makes it MUCH more likely that we will see a pre-Christmas release.

I am somewhat surprised at the lateness of this possible move by Garmin. That said, we’ve had two surprisingly unusual years caused by the repercussions from Covid.

Take Out

Moderately exciting! Definitely worth following as there will probably also be more reveals over the next week or so and the Venu 2 Plus WILL have the state-of-the-art Garmin stuff in it. Let’s see what that is!




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16 thoughts on “Garmin Venu 2 Plus – Amazon Listing

  1. Okay…but the Venu absolutely needs to add “Recovery Hours” before anyone interested in sports metrics bites 😉 Although it you own an Edge you’re covered thanks to Physio True-Up.

      1. nothing new other than new photos from a new source.
        IDK if that new source is garmin directly or a retail outlet.
        IF it’s a retail outlet then that means that launch is VERY close…like tomorrow!

      2. if you think it’s clickbait from previous experience and from this experience then why come here? This site has quite a lot of visitors because I have good intel on new products. sometimes I’m wrong…it’s the future…go figure.

        let’s see what happens with the fenix 7 and Epix in Jan 2022? anyone else predicting that?…no. at least not until they copy from here.

        checkout last year’s “clickbait” …where i indicate which clickbait was correct…oh yes, over 90 % of it.

        If you prefer to be spoonfed re-written press releases through official channels then this is not the place.

  2. I find the venu 2 a trifle too large (45 mm) and the venu 2s (40 mm) is too small. But other than that – great watch. The fenix 6s has a decent size (42 mm) but not a touch AMOLED display – difficult decisions!

    1. #It’s complicated.
      Yes there will be a Fenix 7 variant with amoled.
      Yes there will be a Fenix 7 variant without amoled
      I have one source who says a fenix 7 variant will have touchscreen
      My assumption would be that most fenix 7 variants do not have touchscreen

  3. Third button for Venu really makes sense from a product portfolio perspective:
    Its brother, the Vivoactive, finds its place in the sports hierarchy as the entry level Jack of Trades sports watch (“you can do some running/swimming/yoga/whatever, but note that we have better offerings for those things”). Here, being hampered a little by limited number of buttons seems consistent: “get something more expensive if you want better haptics”. But the Venu sits completely outside of the sports hierarchy, being aimed at an entirely different market segment. There, limited sports features (like VA) are ok, but it needs to show Garmin watch UI in the best light possible. And that should definitely include not skimping on button count.

    Personally I find myself occasionally annoyed by the VA4’s lack of buttons not due to workout limitations (the only way I ever involve it in something workout-related is starting “indoor cycling” to get it to broadcast as ANT+ HRM) but by requiring long press to get into the “controls menu” which is used to start various long tail smartwatch use cases. Admittedly, even two buttons would be enough to solve that if they allowed to put some “positive function” (like opening that menu) on the “negative” button while on watchface (short press on “negative” is noop while on the top level screen), but that would be a compromise Venu should certainly not take.

  4. The X variant of every Fenix series seems to always have that extra feature that the other Mid and Small size Fenix’s dont have.

    Fenix 5X – Maps
    Fenix 5X Plus – Pulse OX (I think)
    Fenix 6X – 280px screen and 8 data fields to a page
    Fenix 7X – Maybe the only one to have Amoled, LTE or Touchscreen ?

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