Garmin Forerunner 955 – Running Power Delayed til launch in Q2. Grrrr

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As of Nov 2021, the Forerunner 955 is real and it exists NOW. Sources I trust have seen it. I haven’t.

Today’s news though is that the Fenix 7/Epix Gen 2 features appear NOT to have the native Running Power shown anywhere in them, so it looks like NATIVE Running Power will instead be the headline launch feature of the 955 which definitely is not coming in January.

The Fenix 7 and Epix Gen 2 are definitely coming in January and DO have some interesting and very positive twists and turns in the interface, features and (of course) incremental hardware updates. Fenix is an adventure (nav) watch, expect to see some improvements in that core feature set but the “excitement” lies elsewhere in its features.

The exciting improvements for F7/Epix that will also carry into the 955 finally address two of my longstanding criticisms of Garmin

  • Lack of pretty screen (Epix = AMOLED touchscreen, Fenix does NOT have AMOLED but does have touchscreen)
  • A labyrinthine watch interface.

Oh, did I say there was no LTE on the Fenix 7? That appears to be the case from what I’ve seen. That’s a little surprising but LTE will get added later. Remember there is already a leak for the 955 LTE and Garmin’s existing LTE feature is highly restricted and, in most ways, is just a safety and live-race feature rather than a music-streaming feature. It’s staying that way for now.

More info on the Fenix 7 features is in here but it’s subscriber-only content 🙁 for those of you who need to see it now why not treat yourself to an early Christmas of fenix-info? Or you can wait for January, it’s not far away. There’s lots and lots of free content on this site….but not this piece of content (which is continually updated, btw, so supporters should revisit it as of today as it’s changed quite a bit including confirmed UK pricing of some models)

Garmin Fenix 7 ☀️ First Thoughts, Solar too



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20 thoughts on “Garmin Forerunner 955 – Running Power Delayed til launch in Q2. Grrrr

  1. Sigh, as I wrote somewhere else – I really hope no touchscreen on the F7. None, at all.

    The only things I’m interested in would be multiband and LTE for safety. Otherwise I’ll likely skip the 7 gen…

    1. oh dear !

      def a touchscreen on all F7s
      still 5 buttons tho.
      i think it will be cool. providing the touschscreen is just used to enable use of the maps. lets face it the button interface to the maps as on f6 is complete pants, although kinda ok if you’re moving.

      LTE – sadly I think you’re out of luck there too. plus don’t forget it’s only going to be super restricted LTE as per what garmin has already released. i don’t think they can do the music streaming

      that said I’m liking what i see with the f7

      1. As I said, I only want LTE for safety, no music or such. I still hope for it…

        Regarding the touchscreen, maybe? Just the surface area is small enough. Will see…

        1. i think pinch zoom is going to be useful but then, as you say, the screens are smallish. maybe 7x is ok but not sure about the others. then there’s gloves and, well, you know the rest

  2. I’ve got the 945 LTE and perfectly happy with the safety functionality (it’s all I really wanted). BUT, I’d like it if Garmin allowed the ability to set up pre-made responses (yes, no, okay, on my way, be there in 5, etc.) so you could reply back if someone contacts you via spectator mode in case they asked you something.

    Also looking forwarded to native running power (hope it’s backported to the 945 if possible, but I’d prob upgrade if not). I’ve had issues with the Stryd pod so far and not seeing the value yet of it.

    1. really (stryd) why so? i’ve used them for years with no issues other than forgetting to charge occasionally
      i cant ever see native power from the wrist from garmin bineg more accurate than stryd but having stryd work natively in the garmin environment would add value

      1. Yeah, unfortunately I’ve had disconnect issues and issues where power is being relayed and current pace, but distance (and therefore lap/average pace) wasn’t being measured. Also am seeing significant delays in instant power changes. I agree that any footpod-based power meter would be more accurate that wrist though, but if it’s not working, it doesn’t matter.

        1. that’s strange.
          some of that sounds like double averaging. have you set the average method in Garmin Express (probably you can do it in connect ciq too)?
          the distance is weird. obv you have the watch (assume garmin) set as the source of speed and distance? if its a non garmin then i’d ask the watch vendor whats going on.

          1. I wanted to test out Stryd distance/pace accuracy so had it set to provide speed/distance, that’s where I had the error. The Garmin had GPS just fine so luckily I could use that to get distance afterwards.

          2. strange i’ve used that setting literally hundreds of times. you set it to ALWAYS rather then OUTDOOR? and y ou had smae setting for PACE as well as distance? if so I’m flummoxed. I assuem you have a sensible garmin model and the stryd zones data field?

          3. agreed, probably a support case. I’ve been using stryd now for a number of years and never seen this behavior. I will continue to use stryd until these new models can demonstrate improved gps performance (to be fair my 245 and 645 are both good enough, but I have a few runs where the tracks have really struggled). I would have thought that this would also be a factor in meaningful wrist based power.

          4. indeed so!
            I suspect in 2022 (f7) we will see exactly what GPS accuracy can produce.
            As you know it’s just not good enough (because it’s hard, especially when running).
            The component manufacturers are running out of concepts to introduce to improve accuracy. I spoke with ublox some time ago (I still have to write it up) and there are still tweaks to be made beyond the dual frequency coming from garmin/coros etc . but improvements after dual frequency will be tiny chips rather than leaps forward.

      2. Power from the wrist is perfectly possible to get right. Coros are doing a very good job. Also remember that the Stryd used to be a pod (like the Garmin Dynamics Pod and after that it was a chest strap well before it became a footpod. The position of the pod on the foot is nothing to do with the power algorithm apart from that it means that Stryd can work out power independently without having to rely on a GNSS signal for distance and pace. Unfortunately, Stryd has never got this right anyway and the RAW distance and pace you get from the Stryd is rarely accurate. Even when you calibrate your Stryd footpod on your watch, the power numbers are still generated from the RAW distance rather than the calibrated distance.

        Accuracy is a massively debated point anyway when it comes to running power. Running power is not real power…..although even bike power meters are questionable in that regard, all using algorithms to work out ‘accurate’ power numbers. But Stryd’s running power numbers are essentially a best guess, based on some estimated physiologically. The ‘accuracy’ of the numbers are not actually important. What’s vital is its consistency across activities so it is measurable and comparable.

        1. “What’s vital is its consistency across activities so it is measurable and comparable.”, I’d prefer to say “actionable” but I guess they amount to much the same thing. DCR would disagree.

          I seem to remember that, as well as the belt (I still have one), stryd also considered placement like the rd-pod on the beltline of shorts. but there were reasons they preferred the shoe pod.

  3. Do you think wrist based native running power will be a feature that Garmin will release on the older forerunner 945/LTE and Fenix 6 models or will that be another feature that Garmin only keeps for the newer models to get people to upgrade? I have been happy with how Garmin has been updating their older watches.

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