Garmin Epix Gen 2 – What We Know So Far (1/3)

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Fenix 7|Creatively manipulated to create original artwork ๐Ÿ˜‰ Epix is very similar

Garmin Epix Gen 2 – What We Know So Far (1/3)

It’s only a few weeks away.

I had one of the first hands-on with the Gen 1 Epix many moons ago and hope to buy Gen 2 soon. But what do we know so far about this ‘new’ round model, other than that it is a Fenix with an AMOLED screen?

Try these

  1. Optional, always-on AMOLED display
    • 1.3″ display
    • Optional, always-on mode
    • Claimed to have good readability in direct sunlight
    • Obviously uses more battery than current tech. So Garmin claims 16 days in smartwatch mode. If we compare that 16 days to the 12 days of the Venu 2 AMOLED then Epix Gen 2 will likely have a claimed performance approximating this: smartwatch mode without battery saver 15 days, GPS + Music of 12 hours, GPS with no music 28 hours. Remember that Garmin has had battery issues recently so treat these estimates with further caution. Also, remember that extra features like GALILEO GNSS or two CIQ data fields will further impact the battery performance.
  2. QuickFit bands – these were not a certainty but are confirmed
  3. Several case/lens options – sapphire display, titanium bezel, stainless steel bezel (possibly two stainless steel colours…unconfirmed)
  4. Music, maps and Garmin PAY are all confirmed
  5. No mention is made of the recently registered Garmin optical band that we thought might be like Whoop 4.
  6. 24×7 Health & Wellness from the Gen 4 ELEVATE optical HR sensor. Pulse Ox (SpO2), respiration and more are supported.
  7. As expected, a wide range of sports profiles are included as is support for Garmin Coach Training Plans (Daily Workout Suggestions are NOT Confirmed)

This information AND MUCH MORE has now been confirmed from multiple, different sources and has been available for about 2 weeks.

More to follow on Epix Gen 2 and Fenix 7

Garmin Epix Gen 2 – What We Know So Far (2/3)

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17 thoughts on “Garmin Epix Gen 2 – What We Know So Far (1/3)

  1. Quite disappointed with screen size limited to 1,3 inch. I was hoping for 1,4 inch. Getting older – and my eyesight is simply getting poor – and 1,4mm minimum size I can accept. I consider Fenix screens poorly readable indoors – I was hoping that F7 (now it seems Epix 2) will improve it.

  2. From the screen size it looks like it will be comparable to Fenix 7 and yet I expected it will be more like 7X (sizewise). Do we have any information about size of Epix Gen 2?

      1. Hopefully itโ€™s not bigger than the current Fenix 6 – a bit thinner and maybe 1-2mm smaller in width would be great. Could be my next watch ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Good news is that it does seem to offer sapphire display. GPS of 28 hours means that it could last for an ultra.
    Bad news is that there is no solar option=bigger internal bezel. Also, if it is not a amoled F7 (missing features of any kind, then it is a very tough sell for me)

  4. For me this is sounding good so far. Will read the next two articles when they are posted.
    Thanks for this info ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  5. Any indication that either the Epix 2 or Fenix 7 series will utilize any ofthe underlying power/battery structure from the Enduro?

  6. Would like to know what the Battery Life looks like side by side, Epix 2 vs Fenix 7. I suspect most people will do this comparison to make a decision. Can you do that based on info you have so far? Thanks

    1. An estimate was worked out in detail in the article above, starting from the “16 hours” claimed by Garmin (probably in a document given to resellers) – obviously it’s going to be shorter than the F7 given the different screen technology.

      I wouldn’t be too bothered about that though since the battery life isn’t that great on the F6 anyway as it has to be recharged every 5 days in smart watch mode in my experience. Now if you’re at 10+ days like the Coros Pace 2, then YES you start “feeling” a difference, but 2/3/5 is pretty much the same to me TBH.

  7. Beside of touch (for navigating) not a huge update. I think, its still a good option to go with a 6 on sale or wait for the 8

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