Garmin Fenix 7 – What We Know So Far (1/2)

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Fenix 7|Creatively manipulated to create original artwork 😉 Epix is very similar

Garmin Fenix 7 – What We Know So Far (1/2)

It’s only a few weeks away.

The various Fenix and Fenix-Plus models over the years have steadily improved the original watch. Although looks are still similar the features, exterior construction and internal hardware components have all changed beyond recognition. The Fenix 7 series which includes 7, 7X and 7S with SAPPHIRE and SOLAR options continues this trend. Expect numerous incremental changes in hardware plus a few token featurettes. Some will say not much has changed but, as a whole package, I will disagree and for once the grumpy triathlete in me has been pushed aside in favour of a more excitable one.

Try these

  1. Solar charging is available on a regular Solar model as well as a Sapphire Solar (more scratch resistant)
  2. All models have touchscreens and buttons
  3. Bezel options for Stainless steel, titanium and DLC (Diamon-like Coating)
  4. Ruggedness is updated with Garmin now claiming compliance with Military standards. Presumably, this means MIL-STD-810? which is already supported by Instinct…
  5. No mention is made of the recently registered Garmin optical band that we thought might be like Whoop 4.
  6. Global TopoActive maps can be downloaded by WiFi. Sapphire Solar models come with maps pre-loaded
    • This implies that WiFi is on all Fenix 7 Models ie both PRO and non-PRO
    • This implies that, perhaps, Sapphire+Solar (or Sapphire-only or Solar-only) come with larger storage. This might in some way be linked to the changed definition for a PRO model.
  7. New Health Monitoring Activity: “using data for the watch’s various body status sensors, this feature helps track your wellness and biometric status at a glance” (for simaskkk). So this is a funny one. a NEW HEALTH MONITORING ACTIVITY is specifically claimed by Garmin. Yet, to me, this sounds more like a widgetised dashboard of some sort that pulls together existing metrics. Your thoughts are welcomed!

This information AND MUCH MORE has now been confirmed from multiple, different sources and was originally available in Europe 2 weeks ago.

More to follow on Epix Gen 2 and Fenix 7...

Garmin Fenix 7 – What We Know So Far (2/2)


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13 thoughts on “Garmin Fenix 7 – What We Know So Far (1/2)

  1. It’s rapacious that the TopoActive (eg OpenStreetMap) maps outside of the region where you purchased the watch are paid content for the f5X, f6 series, and Marq series. Highway robbery.

    It’s not like they are only offering special high-detail survey maps with proprietary data or satellite imagery as an upgrade. They charge handsomely for open source map data.

    The only reason they can do that is the technical pain and complexity of acquiring and installing maps is high.

    It’s a ridiculous upsell on a premium product. They don’t do that with the maps in Garmin Explore. TopoActive maps are free in-app downloads.

    I hope this rumored wifi download feature indicates they have relented.

      1. Another possibility is that they stuffed more data collection & analysis into their existing HRV Activity. If they retain a FIT file from the new manifestation then comparing snapshots would have the existing Activity comparison workflow in place.

  2. Maybe Running power is coming sooner than expected. Today has appeared power in my Garmin Connect after a treadmill run. First time this appears.

  3. I would like see all watches to have LTE (like a option), payments working in every country, support for apps such as Telegram or WhatsApp (ability to write a short message yourself), improved readings and better recognition, e.g. in the gym.

  4. I second that. I think they are bringing in the Health Snapshot from Venu 2 curiously missing in the current 6 models. If we are lucky, we’d get some enhancements.

    That said, not much has changed in Garmin’s HRV game for a long time. Perhaps with added pressure from WHOOP, Ōura, and Polar, they’ll come up with something entirely new and use it as a differentiator for 7?

  5. I just checked my fenix 6X packaging and it says mil-std-810G already. The engraving I saw on the back of the fenix 7 render is MIL-STD-810.

    It’s already 810 certified. It could be updated to MIL-STD-810H testing standard from 2019 or it could unchanged. My sense from cursory reading is H is more stringent than G for temperature extremes, sand and dust ingress, immersion in fluids, and different kinds of mechanical shock.

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