Garmin Epix Gen 2 – What We Know So Far (2/3)

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Fenix 7|Creatively manipulated to create original artwork 😉 Epix is very similar

Garmin Epix Gen 2 – What We Know So Far (2/3)

It’s only a few weeks away.

Regular readers have waited a day for this one. What We Know So Far 1/3 was inevitably going to be followed by 2/3 and, well, here it is

  1. The AMOLED screen is a touchscreen. Of specific interest on the touchscreen front is Garmin’s phrase, “..quick access to selections and map features“. So I’m assuming we will get pinch-zoom and pan/scroll on maps and I assume that quick access to selections just means that menu options can be more quickly selected than the current method of using multiple button presses. #Welcomed
  2. Don’t panic there are 5 buttons too. They work everywhere as they do now
  3. Multi-Band Frequency support is added. I would call this dual-frequency,  however, I guess Garmin is technically correct as there is more than one frequency on each constellation that they can use (Coros does this right now). Don’t expect this to give you anything more than a more quickly flattened battery – you might then be pleased with occasional improvements in your ‘GPS’ tracks and instant pace/speed when working out in unusual locations.
  4. Real-time settings sync. Read this quote from Garmin closely, “Configure all device settings from your watch or phone”. That is a LOT of settings that Garmin appear to have made available on the Garmin Connect App. That’s a big technical change to the app and device communication and, potentially, a massive improvement to all-around usability. Obviously when you are in the middle of nowhere and your phone is in the car then you will benefit from accessing the settings in the existing manner. However, I suspect that longer-term, Garmin can leverage this change as a massive opportunity to radically overhaul the somewhat bad interface it has had to deal with for many years now.
  5. Finally today we have the ‘Visual Race Predictor’ – Currently we have the Race Time Predictor on our watches, where your performances are estimated over standard running distances. The new VISUAL version of Race Predictor might add a time component to the predictions which track how you improve toward those times. (IDK, I’m guessing there on the detail of how it works)

This information AND MUCH MORE has now been confirmed from multiple, different sources and has been available for about 2 weeks.

More to follow on Epix Gen 2 and Fenix 7

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9 thoughts on “Garmin Epix Gen 2 – What We Know So Far (2/3)

  1. Curious whether Epix Gen2 will be available in different sizes like the Fenix 7 or if it will be one size only. And if so: who big will it be?

    By the way: Do you think the January availability will be true for Germany as well?

  2. Do you think the Epix will come with a Solar power option? The thick black margin with second markers around the screen (in the renders) doesn’t look great – would be good to put that space to use in another way!

  3. Waiting with bated breath! Disappointed that is seems the Epix will have a 22mm strap and that might look a bit girly on me (can I say that?). I sold my Gen1 Epix to someone to use on a horse. I think the horse wore the HRM rather than the watch but I rather hope the latter.

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