Garmin Epix Gen 2 – What We Know So Far (3/3)

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Fenix 7|Creatively manipulated to create original artwork 😉 Epix is very similar

Garmin Epix Gen 2 – What We Know So Far (3/3)

It’s only a few weeks away.

Regular readers have waited a day for this one. What We Know So Far 1/3 was inevitably going to be followed yesterday by 2/3 and, well, today is the final instalment.

  1. Big news. The screws have moved. The bolts that were on the Fenix bezel are now next to where the QuickFit strap fastens into the lugs. With that excitement over let’s move on…
  2. Here are some pictures. Which are not mine and, of course, not hosted on this site or anywhere under my control, nor were they given to me. As you can see it’s a Fenix in all but name.

3. Hmm, looks nice. Wanna buy one? How does £800/$1000/Eu1000 sound? That’s very, very close to what the actual price will be

4. Real-Time Stamina (Firstbeat) – Garmin’s marketing spiel is that this real-time metric can help you avoid overexerting yourself at the start of your bike/run activities. I’m assuming this would be something like W’bal, ie at any given time you have a given ability for work that is fuelled by anaerobic energy systems, so Stamina could be a measure based on that. However, I would have thought that the usefulness of such a real-time measure would more precisely depend on your target race distance/effort level. For an Ironman, it would be lower than such a level. Perhaps this is copying the (excellent) concepts relied on by Xert? If so this again would suggest that native Running Power is close as its calculations use very similar concepts.

5. New SKIVIEW maps area added. >2,000 resorts with the individual pistes by name and by difficulty.

6. Multi-Continent Topo Maps – As on the Fenix 7 these can be downloaded over WiFi. Also as with the Fenix 7, they come preloaded on Sapphire versions

7. I guess that means there is a sapphire version of Epix Gen 2 as well 😉 (There is). A Sapphire screen is worth it if you can afford the premium as they are much less likely to scratch and your Epix is an expensive beast.

8. Up Ahead Feature – Get “at-a-glance awareness for selected POI checkpoints ahead”. Make of that what you will.

9. 1.3″, AMOLED Touchscreen, 454x454px. The same size as the regular F7, the F7 is lower resolution, non-AMOLED

10. 18 January is the favourite date (media event, announcement could be the following day)


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18 thoughts on “Garmin Epix Gen 2 – What We Know So Far (3/3)

  1. Question: I’m a 6X Pro solar user of ca. two years… Whoop 4.0 or wait for Fenix 7(X Pro variant)? I’d wear the 6x pro and Whoop, but not willing to buy a Fenix 7 and Whoop

    1. I have same 6xpro solar , I would rather to Waite 7x , there news about new sensors , so Waite better

    2. what sensors do you want?
      there is new gnss, new elevate optical hr. bigger and probably new/modified solar
      there is NOT going to be any crazy new sensor like lactate or hydration or muscle oxygen or blood pressure.

  2. These pictures have been available for a month now… However, still don’t get what this Epix Gen 2 is supposed to bring for us. As I see the only diference to 7x series is OLED (but 1,3″!) vs MIP display. Other differences are almost negligible, I guess. Am I right?

    1. yes it looks that way.
      i suspect the reason why the is not a Fenix-branded AMOLED watch is because AMOLED reduces battery life and a reduced battery life impacts the watch’s usefulness in the wilds. Thus amoled would ‘damage’ the Fenix’s reputation/brand in some way. something like that

  3. When I first time saw screws/bolts moved from bezel to lugs I hoped that maybe Garmin decided to introduce Samsung watch style rotating bezel. But looking closer to the pictures it rather seems that bezel is integral with the screwed part. And I guess Samsung has the rotating bezel patented…

  4. So is there something that the fenix line has that the epix does not? Apart from solar and watch led/light that is.

  5. Epix is a great watch; I have it but haven’t used it for years because the tech got too outdated – but it was ahead of its time. I don’t understand however why would they bring it back without offering a square version? Seems like it would help distinguish it and offer another form factor. Otherwise the differences seem too negligible from the Fenix. I hope there are some additional differences or versions that we don’t know about yet.

    1. A square form factor watch without wrist hrm might have me dusting off my wallet. I suspect my wallet is safe.

    2. The OLED touchscreen is the main difference and of course they are not going to want to do that in a square format, considering they already have them produced in round format from other watches like Venu2.

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