Garmin Fenix 7 – What To Expect – Updated Daily

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Fenix 7|Creatively manipulated to create original artwork 😉

Garmin Fenix 7 – What To Expect

It’s only a few days away now, here’s all we know and what to expect from the Fenix 7


You are as impatient as me so here are some photos and factettes to tease, titillate and entertain you and hopefully keep you happy until the actual release/announcement dates.  This is pretty much the full list of what we know with a few inclusions of other certainties. Most of this information is independently corroborated by completely different original sources, I have not seen any original sources of images, although some claiming to be real are linked to below.

If anyone tells you the Fenix 7 doesn’t exist then just smile at them, it never pays to get angry. There are literally hundreds (maybe thousands) of people in the Garmin supply chain who know about these watches. HUNDREDS of people! Oh, and I have real pictures of Fenix 7X and Epix 2 that are not marketing shots from Garmin ;-), I just can’t share them right now.


Updated: 17 Jan 2022

If you have any intel or thoughts to add…you know what to do

The most important questions first.

Q: When is the Garmin Fenix 7 due to be released?

A: Almost certainly the Garmin Fenix 7 will be released (announced and available to ship) on Tuesday 18th January 2022. There will be an announcement around 4PM CET, however, in the past watches have been made available to buy on at the start of the release day in each country.

Q: How Much is the Garmin Fenix 7

A: There are numerous models and the prices vary a lot. As a generalisation, it is about Eu/$/£50 more for the Fenix 7 equivalent of the Fenix 6 at rrp. The prices get higher for higher quality materials like titanium, larger sizes like 7X, better lenses with Sapphire coating, better screen resolution from AMOLED and for Solar models. Fenix 7 and 7S are both priced in the UK at £599 whereas the Epix Gen 2 AMOLED is priced at £799 – you spend $/£1000 or more with the various options. Ignoring Solar/AMOLED and battery life, the features on all models are effectively the same and there’s not that much more added compared to Fenix 6 features..


  • All Fenix 7 non-Solar models have touchscreens and buttons
    • There is, for sure, 7, 7S, 7X and a solar+sapphire version
    • There might be no PRO models. I have had PRO models confirmed and denied. PRO could mean SOLAR to some people or it could mean to them the PRO features that are on the F6 PRO. I think there are no pro options for the F7 and that we will LATER see a 7+ with LTE and, possibly, a voice assistant/mic/speakers.
  • Bezel options are: Stainless steel, titanium and DLC (Diamon-like Coating)
  • There are two types of lug/case. The 7S has no visible bolts on the lugs.
  • It’s now certain that Tue 18th will be the announcement date probably Tuesday 18th @4PM CET 😉 or an hour later.
  • Gadgets & Wearables (and others) give these Euro prices though there appear to be mistakes (I’ve only seen UK prices from my sources)
Fenix 7
Fenix 6
Standard Edition
699 Euro
549 Euro
Standard Edition (pro and sapphire)
649 Euro
Standard Edition (solar)
799 Euro
699 Euro
Standard Edition (pro-solar)
799 Euro
699 Euro
549 Euro
s-model (pro and sapphire)
649 Euro
s-model (solar)
799 Euro
699 Euro
s-model (pro-solar)
799 Euro
799 Euro
x-model (pro and sapphire) ?????
699 Euro
x-model (solar)
899 Euro
x-model (pro-solar) ?????
899 Euro
* Epix 2 – 899 Euro
  • Garmin now highlights compliance with Military standard MIL-STD-810G. But this already exists on Fenix 6 and Instinct (Credit: Brian Reiter & @Mike, for additional Info)
  • Global TopoActive maps can be downloaded by WiFi. Sapphire Solar models come with maps pre-loaded
    • This implies that WiFi is on all Fenix 7 Models
    • This implies that, perhaps, Sapphire+Solar (or Sapphire-only or Solar-only) come with larger storage. This might in some way be linked to the changed definition for a PRO model.
  • New Health Monitoring Activity: “using data for the watch’s various body status sensors, this feature helps track your wellness and biometric status at a glance“. So this is a funny one. a NEW HEALTH MONITORING ACTIVITY is specifically claimed here by Garmin. But the best guess we have so far for that is the wellness screen seen on the Venu.
  • CIQ System 5 allows Stress Data, VO2max and Body Battery to be incorporated into widgets, I’ve heard rumours of people who’ve seen something like this on F7.
  • Multi-Band Frequency support is added. I assume this is dual-frequency based on other tech already implemented by Garmin (I could be wrong). However, Garmin’s wording possibly could mean Multi-Constellation in the sense of GPS+Glonass+GALILEO/BEIDOU ie three constellations (credit: Lukoviczki Andras) [Garmin also points out that their previous Sapphire versions for the Military used this multi-band tech, I didn’t know if this meant the Tactix or the regular F6 Sapphire with military-only firmware. On a positive note, at least it’s been tested.] Note: Coros has tri-constellation + dual-frequency via Airoha (MediaTek).
  • Real-time settings sync. Read this quote from Garmin closely, “Configure all device settings from your watch or phone”. That is a LOT of settings that Garmin appear to have made available on the Garmin Connect App. That’s a massive and fundamental technical change to the app and device communication and a significant improvement to all-around usability. Obviously when you are in the middle of nowhere and your phone is in the car then you will benefit from accessing the settings in the existing manner. Even better the settings on the phone can be grouped how you want them or hidden if you don’t need them.
  • Garmin CIQ Store on the watch….yep. You can change individual CIQ app settings on the watch too.
  • Then we have the ‘Visual Race Predictor’ – Currently we have the Race Time Predictor on our watches, where your performances are estimated over standard running distances. The new VISUAL version of Race Predictor might add a time component to the predictions which track how you improve toward those times ie toward race day. (IDK, I’m guessing there on the detail of how it works)
  • The circular, Solar charging strip has about 3x the area of the one on Fenix 6 Solar. I would expect a significant improvement in solar performance as a result; also factor in materials improvements and software improvements to perhaps give more than 3x the existing generation capacity.
  • Real-Time Stamina (Firstbeat) – Garmin’s marketing spiel is that this real-time metric can help you avoid overexerting yourself at the start of your bike/run activities. I’m assuming this would be something like W’bal, ie at any given time you have a given ability for work that is fuelled by anaerobic energy systems. So Stamina could be a measure based on that. However, I would have thought that the usefulness of such a real-time measure would more precisely depend on your target race distance/effort level. For an Ironman, it would be lower than such a level (lower than Lt2). Perhaps this is copying the (excellent) concepts relied on by Xert? If so this again would suggest that native Running Power is close as its calculations use similar concepts.
Clicks to source on Reddit
  • New SKIVIEW maps area added. >2,000 resorts with the individual pistes by name and by difficulty.
  • Up Ahead Feature – Get “at-a-glance awareness for selected POI checkpoints ahead“. Make of that what you will.
  • No mention is made of the recently registered Garmin optical band that we thought might be like Whoop 4.
  • The flashlight! I almost forgot that the Fenix 7X has a built-in LED flashlight ! It really is white facing forwards and red when facing backwards. Anyway, there IS an LED on the 7X and I have a picture of a real F7X showing the LED (I cant share it right now):
  • New ELEVATE Gen 4 sensor for optical HR, EKG/ECG and SpO2 (I’m assuming the EKG/ECG reading is physically taken by holding the power button and touching the new red bit around it)
  • The processing/memory/architecture is improved. This will be at least as good as on the Enduro ie better than on F6.
  • Screens are the same size/resolution but are using new tech with the touchscreen. The good news here is that hopefully all Fenix 6 and/or Enduro CIQ apps will work from day one on Fenix 7 (sideloading might be required). Though having said that Garmin only published the Venu 2+ CIQ specs the day after launch so I would imagine that is the same for F7/Epix2.
  • Music, Maps, Payments, Wi-Fi. Yes, yes yes, yes. seemingly on every model
  • Zero AMOLED. AMOLED is on the Epix Gen 2. Which is essentially an expensive Fenix 7 with a very pretty screen and shorter battery life.
  • Battery – battery performance seems about 30% better than F6.
Fenix ​​7 (solar option available)Fenix ​​7X SolarFenix ​​7S (solar option)Epix 2
1.3″, Transflexive MIP LCD Touch, 260x260px, Power Glass on Solar1.4″, Transflexive MIP LCD, 280x280px, Power Glass on Solar1.2″, Transflexive MIP LCD Touch, 240x240px, reinforced glass1.3″, AMOLED Touch, 454x454px
Watch Mode: up to 18 days (22 with solar)

F6Solar is 14 days (16 with Solar)

Watch Mode: up to 28 days, 37 days with solarWatch Mode: up to 11 days (14 with solar)Watch Mode: up to 16 days
GPS: 57 hours (73 hours with solar)

F6Solar is 36 hours (40 hours with solar)

GPS: 89 hours, 122 hours with solarGPS: 37 hours (46 hours with solar)GPS: up to 42 hours
Expedition GPS: up to 40 days (74 with solar)


F6Solar is 28 days (36 with Solar)

Expedition GPS: 62 days, 139 with solarExpedition GPS: 26 days (43 with solar)Not Available
  • ‘Companion’ Models
    • Epix Gen 2 is certain to support CIQ Level 5 which contains AMOLED functionality and I would imagine the Fenix 7 also supports it..
    • MARQ Gen 2. Zero intel but it might come at the same time
    • Instinct 2 – looks likely to be released at the same time.
    • 955 exists but will be released later in the first half of the year, perhaps along with a 255/655?
  • I have seen zero intel on LTE capability nor on microphone/speaker abilities. I doubt these are included although I note inclusion on Venu 2+  model. I would anticipate a Fenix 7+ series having LTE as the headline hardware-enabled feature.
  • Running power – not included at this stage.
  • There is no STRYD-like footpod for running power to release with the Fenix 7. More footpod info in the Stryd Review.
  • One source also claims there will be a charging BAND. Presumably, one that has a battery in it? (Don’t hope too much on that one, an outside possibility would be a solar charging band but again this is highly unlikely)
  • It’s coming. 100% For Sure. 7, 7S and Epix Gen 2 are definitely in January…maybe more products in Jan like Instinct 2 and Marq 2 #MassiveLaunch(es). (Venu 2 Plus is Jan 4th – see below) Pro, Pro Solar, Sapphire Solar versions were also confirmed for launch at the same time (January, BUT only by one source – though likely getting the PRO message confused with F6’s PRO features. I suspect PRO feature on all models ie no PRO model!!)
  • Finally, it looks like this (images not hosted on this site nor anything to do with this site in any way)



Images: Not hosted on this site. Linked to Winfuture directly

What’s missing (not leaked):

There is no mention of any kind of Whoop band. Nor is there any mention of running power (Forerunner 955) or LTE.

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184 thoughts on “Garmin Fenix 7 – What To Expect – Updated Daily

  1. So no long to wait, then. Also, if the launch is this close, it’s at least the hundreds of people in the Garmin distribution chain and reviewers 🙂 Hopefully with day 1 reviews, as usual.

    1. I have zero relationship with Garmin. I buy my Garmin devices just like you guys do – I’m a customer not a tied marketing asset.
      Yes, some reviewers are part of the formal Garmin marketing process when it comes to launches.

  2. That’s a nice recap!
    Just a thought on the “Visual Race Predictor”, could it be a predictor that you can recalibrate for GPS distance drift based on what you see (visual) during a race, i.e. the KM markers, like the great Peter’s Pacer DFs/App do?

          1. Thanks, wasn’t aware of that feature. It’s a bit complex in that you need an imported GPX. With “Peter’s Race Pacer” you just lap when you see a marker and say at KM8 8.03 km is corrected to 8.00km. Let’s see what that “Visual” Garmin thing does !

          2. Peter’s thing sounds OK but the problem with that is that race KM/mile markets are often incorrect in my experience, sometimes significantly wrong.

  3. Too bad about the FR955 coming later, you’ve written that it had been seen in the wild, any sense whether it now has a 1.3″/260×260 screen?

  4. My main issue is that the Fenix 6 looks better than the Fenix 7, and yet I need to upgrade my Vivoactive 4 to the latest sensor so I will probably get a “basic” Fenix 7, now that it has a touchscreen. But I love the look if the Fenix 6 🙁

    I wonder if the Vivoactive 5 is still in the cards given that the Fenix line now has a touchscreen ?

    Also, any word on the improved “reflectiveness/brightness” of the transreflective screen ? I find it a bit too dark in indoor settings. I hate AMOLED (tried that route multiple times but it’s simply not suitable for an always-on watch) so that is not an option for me.

  5. OK, so apparently one of the retailers fucked up and put the venu 2 for pre-order on amazon and some guy on reddit dug that out. Screenshot here –
    It was removed after 1 day. Also they just updated the garmin app – “Garmin Connect is constantly working to improve your experience and help you beat yesterday. This version includes bug fixes to improve device functionality, as well as features to support new Garmin devices.”

    So probably it comes out tomorrow?

    1. ha ! nice find. looks like a cert the venue 2+ comes out then.
      I don’t think the Fenix 7 does. (I could be wrong)

  6. Any reason why you don’t credit Roland Quant of Winfuture for the images? Especially since you require others to credit yourself when they reuse your content?
    You even use Winfutures CDN for hosting the images..

      1. @webvan … thank you for recently signing up as a follower. You are one of my most frequent visitors and commenters! Your input is always welcomed and I’ve boosted you up to a supporter for a little while (no ads)

        1. Hehe, thanks, yes I’ve been making a nuisance of myself here for a while now 😉 Keep up the good work !

    1. I didn’t know that was his name.
      I say the images link to the original source
      the images are watermarked by the source
      the images are nothing to do with me, i think i said that above a couple of times.
      I don’t require others to credit me

  7. “Health Monitoring Activity” reads like a slightly different wording for the health snapshot feature found in the Venu 2?

  8. Awesome stuff! A little disappointed that the new Epix is pretty much a Fenix 7 with an AMOLED screen.
    A bigger display with some extra features versus the rest of the range would have been a far more welcome option (could be just me though);

  9. Fenix 6 range has been cut down as usual before new launches. The premium SKUs seem to be gone (metal band versions, for instance). This always happens when the new version arrives so is a good sign it’s this week.

    1. Premium SKUs are back this morning so I can only assume Garmin noticed that we noticed and someone is in trouble for jumping the gun. If anyone wants a Fenix 6 with metal band I suggest ordering today!

  10. I looked closer in the specs and the sizing is slightly changed.

    – Venu 2S is 40mm, 7 days battery, 20 mm band
    – Venu 2Plus is 43 mm, 9 days battery, 20 mm band
    – Venu 2 is 45 mm, 11 days battery, 22 mm band

  11. The premiere is on January 17th, everything is classified, I don’t know anything, and I won’t help. You have to wait until the premiere.

  12. There is another watch out later today. Not sure which one. Videos are due up in the next few hours. Just watched Desfit, he says on there.

      1. I may have got the wrong end of the stick however he talks about the Vivosport briefly and then says another video that is coming later and can’t talk about what product it is and he cant say anything about it. If he cant say anything about it, he wouldn’t have been able to say prior to saying that if it was the vivosport, so it is something else….

        1. He later Clearfield that it’s not a watch and replied my comment ” i never published data of unreleased product”
          Which is unnecessary explanation no one asked for.
          I think the product he mentioned is infact a watch and it’s Fenix 7

  13. Fenix and Epic will be released on the 18th. The spec list is impressive! And 999$ is a common price for the two models

    1. Yes, one of the participants in that webinar is Jon Hosler.

      Jon Hosler, Senior Product Manager. Direct responsibility for Garmin’s outdoor/sport wearable product lines (fenix, fenix Chronos, epix, tactix, foretrex, etc.)

      1. There may be a split release of new devices. F7 will be released on Tuesday, January 11th and Epix on Tuesday, January 18th, isn’t that possible?

    1. My money is still on Health Snapshot as seen in Venu, perhaps slightly expanded and/or updated. By the sound of it, Garmin/FB are running out of ideas.

      1. In the next generation of ConnectIQ, widgets are part of super Apps. I still believe that the new widget has to be called App because of this.

        „Running out of ideas“? What would you expect them to deliver algorithm wise? There is so much data we are not able to interpret right now if you track your activity, why add more to that pile?
        In the end, you will still have to do the sport yourself, no fancy Firstbeat algorithm will sweat for you.

        I would prefer them to add thinks they had but removed (nap support in the sleep tracking).

        1. I’m not for more algos, quite the opposite…

          All these HRV based gimmicky numbers, from daily stress to body battery to now ‘recovery’ scores, are based on and are subsequent iterations of the same underlying physiological parameter (greatly oversold in its importance), and their proliferation isn’t helping anyone. Garmin/FB should really get their act together and focus on streamlining what’s already there as opposed to coming up with new creative ways to quantify one’s recovery, with little to no science to back things up.

          Then they can use freed up energy to address real shortcomings that still exist in the platform, like a lack of truly integrated training load across devices, ability to estimate TL similar to TP/COROS Hub when one plans workouts, better estimation of LT, estimates of aerobic threshold from progressive runs logged HRV, etc. That’s not counting other things like fixes to an HRV assisted recovery timer (i.e. if my recovery is 0 hours at 9pm, it can’t be 2-4 hours the following morning simply because I had bad sleep), or better sleep analysis that is actually believable, or training status that’s less VO2Max centered (doesn’t work too well when what you do isn’t running/cycling or when you are running on a treadmill, for example)…

          1. That’s true!
            I would love if they add just pure HRV measurement every morning. Right now I need to use 3rd party apps from IQ Store.

          2. that link says “These two easy to perform HRV-based tests”. it looks like Polar’s HRV tests in all but name

            pure rMSSD and SDNN are not that useful, they need to be put in context of personal baselines and personal trends for each data set. but that is simple maths that even i could do. that link shows a few stats that could be along those lines and not corrupted with noise and made up science like Boddy Battery? (IDK)
            pure HRV data also necessarily includes ‘erroneous’ physiological activity that needs to be excluded or interpreted eg when massively overtraining or for some people after workouts.

          3. Pure HRV is really useful in Training Peaks or for example. There are some widgets (I have Fenix 6X PRO) to show pure HRV data.

      1. Surely you mean days (tagen) 😅

        I suppose if it’s 16 days in “smartwatch mode”, it’s really going to be closer to 7-8 days in real life, especially with some training thrown in. Probably less, if that 16 days doesn’t include always-on display.

    1. i thought “hmmmmmmm, looks good”
      i guess they are always photoshopped but a higher-res, AMOLED screen should be miles prettier than f6.

      I’ve always that that 99% of garmin watch faces on the MIP screen look truly awful, naive and tatty. Now with AMOLED HOPEFULLY things will look prettier. (that’s not a criticism of the watchface developers but rather what they have to work with)

  14. How sure are the rumours of 7x being solar only? Very disappointed to hear that after waiting so long for a 7x sapphire.

    1. that looks to be the case.
      and I agree it is strange. You would have thought the top-end model for top adventurer athletes that gets knocked about like crazy with extensive usage would have an option that is as robust and resilient as possible. ie with sapphire. but no. apparently not.

    2. Hmm, in the winfuture article they say nothing about sapphire at all! Does that mean there won’t be any versions with sapphire or is this simply not mentioned – we don’t know.

      BUT what is strange from my point of view: they say that you get EITHER solar OR touch >> but no combination of touch with solar!
      This would mean that a 7x (which is said to be always solar) will have no touch option? Hardly believable…

  15. I don‘t think golem has own sources – seems like they are just summing up what others posted, as they are quoting winfuture and even the 5k runner site itself.
    But we will see – 18th will tell the trueth 🙂

  16. The variants I see popping up are:
    – Fenix 7S
    – Fenix 7S solar
    – Fenix 7S sapphire solar
    – Fenix 7
    – Fenix 7 solar
    – Fenix 7X
    – Fenix 7X sapphire
    – Fenix 7X sapphire solar
    – Epix
    – Epix sapphire

    My bet there also will be a Fenix 7(S?) sapphire but the shops I’m looking at won’t stock it.

    No idea about combining solar with touch or not.

    1. The website that first mentions the touch vs solar is Winfuture (Golem has Winfuture as their source for this). In German Winfuture wrote:
      “Die Transflective MIP-Displays bieten teilweise Touch-Unterstützung, jedenfalls bei den Modellen ohne Solar-Panel im Display, und sind deutlich leichter im Freien ablesbar als normale Panels”

      Which translates to:” The Transflective MIP displays partly offer touch support, at least for the models without solar panel in the display, and are much easier to read outdoors than normal panels.”

      Important is the word “jedenfalls” which translates to “at least”. In other words, the non-solar definitely have touch but is not ruled out the solar models have touch as well.

      I strongly believe both models have touch.

      1. “The website that first mentions the touch vs solar is Winfuture ”

        this site and others have had fairly detailed information since November and sketchy information long before that. All that is new in the last week or so is the technical specs which were leaked by 3 (THREE) original sources, one of these original sources gave info to winfuture.

        the original info was that fenix had touch on every model with a solar option. I suppose there is always ambiguity in how you can read things like that.

    1. Haha, he really does everything in his videos to expose to watch 😀
      I think it’s really the Fenix 7 we see. Screws in the lugs can be spotted clearly in some frames. Seems to be the standard analog watch face with red hands.
      Also the leather wristband is a little bit different from the one you can purchase with the Fenix 6 or Marq.

    1. Suunto has a black 9 Baro Titanium. Same goes for all black Enduro from Garmin. If the renders are real, the black version looks stupid awesome. Like “take my money already” awesome! Here hoping the watch GPS performance will be more like Forerunner 945 and less than Fenix 6.

    2. That is an awesome find. Who knows if it is real or photoshopped but I love it.

      And no – there hasn’t been a black titanium at any point, except maybe the tactix series idk. Everything Garmin has done before has been Carbon Gray or Silver.

      And this picture is both exciting and dreadful, because I will certainly want black, and I’m betting this is only variant it comes in, therefore I will have to get titanium, therefor I will be paying $1 million dollars haha.

      Thanks for posting.

      1. Check out Enduro Gray DLC Titanium. It’s pretty black to me. I don’t think Fenix 6 Black DLC is much blacker.

      1. I see the Epix 2 like the proper watch for mapping use and the Fenix as the occasional mapping tool.

        Which is why I think that is strange. Even though having a bigger screen would have further diminished that precious battery reserve.

        1. I think Epix is a fancy materials/fancy screen Fenix for highrise office dwellers who have a budget to spare and want to look like outdoorsy adventurers. Kind of a MARQ for downshifters. If you are stuck somewhere by the window but not quite a corner office 😂

          Given OLED and resolution, that 1.3” would probably perform better for mapping than 1.4” MIPS.

          1. And I would disagree 😛
            I moved to an Apple Watch Series 6 as I don’t need a week long battery life and don’t mind charging daily given all of the added benefits (cellular; better GPS and heart rate); I don’t technically need much more given the excellent Stryd app.

            The Epix interests me as it tries to break new ground for Garmin, even though they don’t seem to be doing much with those fancy AMOLED displays.

        2. yep, makes sense.
          the commercial argument would be: we’re not sure if AMOLED will sell let’s just release one size. Let’s release the size that is most popular.

    1. I suppose one consideration is a battery burn. Venu 2 has same 1.3” screen. It’s rated at about 11 days, but make it all-day display and you’d be lucky for it to last more than 3 days. Then 1.4” is too big for many wrists, so either Garmin strikes the middle or they must have multiple SKUs with different sizes. Last but not least, I think Suunto’s 9 Peak suggests a new trend is toward smaller and lighter watches. This is especially true if you have a 24/7 watch.

  17. No! I personally don‘t want a 51mm monster in my wrist. 47mm is the max for me – would appreciate it if it would be more like 45mm.

  18. Epix looks perfect for me. 16 days battery compared to the my current Fenix 6 at 14 – so a good start. Yes, I know if the screen is used more and sports are done that will reduce. That’s expected though right if you use something more, it uses more battery. If I can charge once a week that’s perfect. A middle aged triathlete, training an hour a day – maybe three or four on the weekends. Office job so want something that looks good at work too. I think they’ve nailed it. Just want to seek the colour combos now as black/black isn’t great. The titanium/orange band on the Fenix 6 is a great combo.

    1. See above re: Venu. All-day display will probably turn that 16 days into 5-6 days at best. And if you train 10-12 hours per week, some or most of it with GPS and OHR, I’d imagine you’d be lucky to get 3-4 days.

    2. i’m kinda coming from where you are too.
      I’m guessing battery life will be less than hoped for
      but the specs look more than sufficiently promising.
      one thing will be speed of recharge.
      from flat: so long as i can get enough battery for a 90 minute run in about 15 minutes then I’m good.

  19. Hopefully those three holes on the side of every new Fenix/Epix mean they sorted out altimeter problem – it has been single most failure prone component on every Garmin watch – mine and my friends’ included.

      1. Only used 5S and 6S – those have two holes and 7S is supposed to have three. Didn’t know the bigger ones have three…

        1. Sorry my bad, the F5 and 5 Plus both had two holes, one baro and one drain (for water egress). The F6 and above have three, two baro and one drain. I’ve not used the S series but looking at photos it does seem to have one baro hole and a drain. Worth noting that the ones with two holes have a wider hole whereas the ones with three have smaller holes. I assume there’s a reason for this but I can’t think what it would be!

  20. I was hoping for some new hardware enhancements or new features for the F7. I am not seeing this with all the leaks. Sure it has the Elevate sensor and likely a new processor but nothing wowing me like tighter bezel giving more screen.

    For the features, I don’t see anything new that could be a upgrade changer, I was hoping for the power on the wrist and more whoop like features in the connect app.

    I am a whoop user as I found the f6 too big to wear 24/7 and I also like wearing an analog dive watch during the day so two watches seemed odd. whoop seemed better suited. I was hoping for a whoop like band and have asked numerous times on their forums and when I have spoken to cs.

    oh well, time will tell what is under the hood.

    1. there are apparently, according to one source (and only one), more oura like metrics (same sort of thing as whoop). i wouldn’t be surprised if there is something more in connect. but remember connect is having a big upgrade for the remote settings.
      hardware: what more do you want 🙂 it is going to have very many new bits in it…..certainly new when compared to f6. ohr, gnss, lens, even the ecg/ekg button, system hardware architecture, likely better cpu….that sounds like a new watch to me!!
      I expect a larger screen size on the 955, for the 7 range you buy the 7x for a larger screen

      yet i agree with the sentiment that i wanted a bigger screen area on the f7 standard

    1. 4pmCET=3PM GMT, as above in the article for the media event! that confirmation was a few days ago! I don’t think G&W get any original source materials passed to them??

  21. Here is the Garmin Fenix 7 specs tanslated to English from link above here:

    A week is seven days, and 7 Fenix ​​collection multisport GPS watches are intended for each of them. Mm. Class training features, sports applications, continuous monitoring of well-being and health of the corresponding future challenges for all sports activities in nature and is moving forward. Reliable buttons and a new touch screen interface work well together and facilitate the use of menus. The clock provides tips and information that will help improve performance in the long run, manage stress and build stamina. optimizing your recovery and overall well-being will help your heart rate, respiration, stress levels, sleep, etc. follow-up data. Precise navigation sensors will guide while moving in remote areas. Clock access features include intelligent notifications, music recording and Garmin Pay -lähimaksu.

    The main new features:

    PERFORMANCE elegant design – Updated, sporty design. Clear 1.3 inch screen and a 47 mm body; the clock has been tested in the US Army to heat, shock and water resistance standards.
    LONGER BATTERY LIFE – fenix 7 wearable battery life is excellent. Some of the models is the possibility of the solar battery, which allows the battery life may be extended by a further 30% on average in normal use.
    High quality materials – the clock’s appearance is adaptable to your lifestyle by choosing a stainless steel clock circumference or PVD-coated watch circumference.
    TOUCH SCREEN AND BUTTONS – Reliable, in all circumstances, act as buttons are connected to the new, adaptive touch screen. The menus and map functions can be reached quickly.
    SETTINGS SYNC – wearable settings can now be adjusted smartphone (Garmin.Connect) and / or bell. Options are synchronized in real time between the devices.
    REAL-TIME STAMINA – profile help you track and manage your stress. To better understand the variation in durability during performance and avoid subjecting yourself to too much running race or a sports performance early stages.
    HIIT-EXERCISES – Lajiprofiilissa is different timers, with easy to follow HIIT exercises, for example. AMRAP-, EMOM-, Tabata- and custom workouts. Set the number of rounds, training / rest intervals, etc.
    VISUAL ESTIMATE KISA – Action tells the basis of the running history and general fitness level estimate of the speed of running as planned way. Trend Data explains how training affects the long-term.
    AHEAD ROUTE – Check the route in front of the selected POI checkpoints at a glance. Following completion information, intermediate and distance / height. You’ll also see the summary of becoming the most important waypoints.
    Topo maps from several continents – TopoActive Download maps from around the world. Select the desired areas and conveniently download and Wi-Fi® connectivity directly to the clock. The terrain will appear Topo-map, elevation, mountain peaks, parks, coastline, rivers, lakes and other geographic objects.
    SKIVIEW ™ Maps – The device is preloaded with more than 2,000 global ski-in SkiView maps, which are marked with the names and levels of difficulty slopes.
    Technical information:

    Frame size: 47 mm
    Display: 1.3 “(33.02 mm), a transflective MIP, 260 x 260
    Weight: 56 g, 79 g of the bracelet with
    The body kuitulujitepolymeeria and silicone wristband
    Cuff circumference 125-208 mm
    QuickFit 22 mm watch bracelets,
    Touch screen + buttons
    Wrist heart rate sensor (Gen 4)
    Pulse Ox sensor
    Maximal oxygen uptake monitoring (VO2 max)
    Built-in GPS
    Turn by turn navigation
    PacePro technology
    Pace Respiratory Monitoring
    hydration, monitoring
    The restoration of Assistant
    Preloaded golf course maps
    Constant stress level tracking
    Sleep quality monitoring
    Bluetooth, ANT + and Wi-Fi
    Garmin Pay -lähimaksu
    intelligent Alerts
    Music storage and playback
    Water resistance: bathing, 10 ATM / 100 m
    Battery: smart watch up to 18 days, the GPS mode up to 57 hours, expedition GPS mode for up to 40 days

    Product Package includes:

    Garmin Fenix ​​7 -urheilukello
    Charging / data cable

    1. So – lack of voice calls/voice assistant is basically confirmed. I still have like 10% hope that this will be in Epix…
      What is interesting – that there are still models without Solar – I did assumed that all Fenix models will have Solar in 7-th series…

      1. I’m not really surprised. There are people who don’t need it and will gladly save a hundred bucks. I wonder what that elevation profile is. There’s data from past week and two graphs. Anyone know, what they mean?

    1. nice!
      a few new snippets there. I saw those docs last year but these seem to have subtle wording changes and parts of the specs added.
      multi-led light
      some implication that the settings sync might also work from a fenix to another device like an edge (or it could just be the obvious link to CONNECT)

    2. There are several translation bugs in these docs. I doubt they are original. Seems like a selfmade translation from the finish website mentioned further above.

  22. so no mic then? seems kind of silly to leave it off when they’ve just introduced it to the venu 2 plus. Garmin compartmentalizes their features so much, you really are always giving up something when choosing between watches 😭

  23. Did anyone notice that those pictures of the 7s, dont have the screws where we thought they would be from previous pictures. Or am I wrong?

  24. I have seen the error also in the english versions, stating that the watch is 1,3mm in the beginning. I guess this would make sense for the *X specific advantage.

  25. I was initially quite keen on an Epix 2 but if the only difference is the AMOLED panel with no significant performance/map rendering speed increase, I might just as well opt for a 7X instead.

    Hopefully Garmin goes beyond the “let’s show off some cool display tech and call it a day” and actually put it to good use with more software customisations. The AMOLED watches they have put out so far did nothing new at all. Just prettier.

    1. I think it’s not just a prettiness factor. You will be getting a display resolution that far exceeds 7X in a comfy 7 package that can be a true 24/7 watch. Given Garmin is starting to feel pressure from smartwatches like Apple and Samsung, I’m sure there will be changes here and there where this resolution will come to play down the road.

      Even If they were simply to follow what they did with Venu UI/UX design, there will be several more improvements, courtesy of brighter screen and higher resolution, other than general prettiness:

      * Better organized notifications and more notification text, due to enhanced layout and smaller font sizes — I know people with aging eyes will hate it, but I personally hate what we have in 6X right now when 1.4″ screen displays roughly the same amount of information as 1.2″, just blown out. We already have it in Venu line.

      * More details / better rendering in maps. If you ever saw offline maps on Suunto 7, ask yourself what you’d rather have, that or current low-res low-contrast maps in Fenix

      * More sophisticated watch faces, with more complications and ability to navigate to relevant data fields like on smartwatches. Right now, for example, it takes a minimum of 3 button presses to get to your recovery timer and 4 to get to your acute training load. Imagine just being able to tap on recovery time complication or training load complication and go straight there!

      * Well lit and hence readable screen indoors, at night, etc. without having to rely on gesture activated backlight. For anyone, who’s not constantly outdoors in broad daylight, this is actually bigger than it seems, especially with more reflective sapphire screens.

      1. yep +1 on all that.

        one thing garmin gets away with now is the quite significant lag between screens especially as more CIQ are installed on the watch.

        I just wonder how Epix will handle this? If the screen transitions are anything but lightening fast, the pretty screen may just merely service to highlight the slowness.

        My AW is very quick between screens. 935 is now awful and f6pro is WAY too laggy for a top-end watch. of course, both are perfectly fine during sport.

        1. That is the main thing on my mind too. Epix is hopefully not all about a pretty screen with the same old sluggish animations. I am pretty sure this can’t be the case due to the higher resolution of the screen and touch screen functionality- you can’t have maps lagging when using touch.

          Which also makes me wonder if the Fenix 7 will also get a big performance boost.

      2. Regarding the notifications – I had no chance to see how notifications looks like in Venu 2 (Plus). Being the “person with aging eyes” – I would really hope that they one day introduce ability to customize font size for it – i.e. Small (for those with good eyesight – who would prefer more text to fill the screen), Medium, Large (for people struggling with small fonts).
        I went that far even to raise this directly to Garmin as feature request, etc. – but they don’t care. I wonder what is their thinking – who is able to pay 1000 EUR for these devices… 20 years old folks, or maybe rather 50 years old 🙂

        1. agreed
          similar issue on other brand watches, sometimes compounded font sizes by a poor screen. at least garmin screen end to have reasonable contrast and brightness

          with apple watch, of course, there are variable font sizes plus the ability to set bold/normal.

          1. For me it might be a critical factor to decide if to go Fenix 7X (because of size of the screen) or Epix 2 (because of screen brightness/resolution/readability). But for that – I need to see the watches in person.

        2. Being closer to those with aging eyes than youngsters, I’m with you on that. Ideally, Garmin CIQ platform should provide text scaling to its users. So, people can choose what they are comfortable with. But seeing sports watch screen sizes and resolutions only recently started moving beyond 1.2″ 240×240, we may have to wait a bit.

      3. Great points all around, and I would say +347 on that.

        This would be the first fully capable AMOLED watch with full training metrics and capabilities to ever hit the market. The first of its kind. The Suunto 7 doesn’t connect to a chest strap and has a terrible heart rate sensor (so training analytics are incorrect), the polar ignite 2 doesn’t really compare, and both Samsung galaxy 4 and Apple Watch series whatever don’t have a full and comprehensive training program or wellness applications. you can piece them together with a number of different applications but even using all of the applications there is really no comparison to the level of detail and comprehensive nature of Garmin‘s full training analytics, which is not available for the Venu2 (no training load, training load details, recovery time, anaerobic and aerobic training effect are all missing on Venu2)

        And then you add long battery life for an AMOLED (longer than 4-5 days would be crazy, 3-4 incredibly good) and you have a winner!

        So again, this will be the only AMOLED watch with full training capabilities and full training analytics with full wellness capabilities (that can connect to a chest strap for accuracy on the training side mentioned) on the market today – at all.

    1. i suspect garmin may revert to the normal release time of year.
      maybe late summer 2023 for a 7+?
      maybe a 7 LTE this summer
      basically…IDK !

      1. Damn. I’ve been putting my hopes for LTE in Fenix7 or Epix for quite some time. I really hope you are wrong this time 🙂

        1. Have you tried LTE on other Garmin watches? Like Forerunner 945 LTE? Because honestly, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. I’m not sure how useful it is for emergency services — where I live and trail run, the regular service is often non-existent, let alone Garmin’s LTE. And for Live Track… well, it’s flaky at best. Works one day and doesn’t the other, or takes upward of 10-15 min to find signal, or drops out at mile 21 of your marathon race…

          I’m glad I didn’t pay an annual subscription to that Garmin service.

          1. Hmm yea Ive heard about the issues, was hoping for something more than Garmins existing LTE I guess

  26. As a 6X owner who also has ageing eyes the upgrade from the 5X was worthwhile as it meant not having to wear my reading glasses to see my watch. However, training indoors and MTB’ing at night means having to activate the backlight is a PIA so I’m rather looking forward to the Epix Gen2.

    1. yes:
      sorry I posted this a month ago or so but the post it was in points to this one and i didn’t copy the important part. #Sigh !

      Fenix 7 and 7S are both priced in the UK at £599 whereas the Epix Gen 2 AMOLED is priced at £799.

      The £50 extra for the F7/7S over the F6, I guess, makes sense with inflation and potentially also with the touchscreen. However, the price jump of the Epix Gen 2 is quite significant compared to the 6X standard (£649) but below 6X Sapphire (£849)

      1. Nice find! Really excited to see the 7S Sapphire Solar Ti in Dark Bronze housing and perhaps other color ways in the Epix2. I haven’t much info on the Epix2 in terms of housing color.

      1. 100% agree , more just for the pictures, at that price the only place I will be purchasing the watch from is garmin themselves !
        But appreciate the advice and love the page

  27. Anybody know if its likely I can walk into a shop and physically buy the new fenix or epix in the next few days…or am I better just ordering online from Garmin now…I live in Ireland

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