How to relax after running?

Running is perhaps the best exercise to improve both mind and body. Research studies have shown that even 10 to 15 minutes of running daily lessens the chances of cardiovascular ailments, and also reduces stress and anxiety levels. The 2018 meta-analysis of the research dealing with ‘running and longevity’ revealed that the mortality rate in active runners is approximately 25%-30% lower than that of the non-runners. This is simply because of a more functional cardiovascular system, fit body composition, low cholesterol level, excellent insulin and glucose control mechanism, and enhanced hormonal functionality. In a case study, the Stanford researchers also discovered that an average local runner reached a ‘disability score’ around 11-16 years later than the non-excising community members provided with top-notch medical aid.

Running is surely a boon, but surely for a new runner, running does add to a bit of discomfort, and pain. Most often an individual tends to overlook experiencing pain during a heavy workout session. But what they can witness is the soreness of muscles after the workout session is over. Henceforth, individuals must learn to relax in between intervals after their running period. With help of websites, we gathered advice on what you can do after running. Professional coaches allot almost one to four hours to their athletes for their recovery period. The recovery period refuels the professional runners, and it is also a necessity for the new runners as well to energize them for their next workout sessions

Relaxation Methods After Running

In general professional trainers hand out a few sets of rules to improve the performance of their teams. Some of these include:

  • Stay Hydrated: Keeping the body hydrated is the most important prerequisite for any workout session. Individuals are suggested to start hydrating themselves after 10-15 minutes of their workout sessions. This is because after a period of intense running, large quantities of water are expelled from the body in terms of sweat, no matter if the temperature conditions are low, humid, or high. In extremely hot weather conditions, electrolyte solutions, such as LMNT should also be beneficial in replenishing the body. However, any strong electrolyte, taken in quantities greater than water, reduces the rate of absorption.
  • Play games on the mobile: When it comes to relaxing both mind and body, playing games offer the best possible escape. Playing games on phones comes with a plethora of benefits such as improved dyslexia, better vision, etc. But you need to limit your gaming time if you see that you play too much and always play responsibly and know when to stop. But online games can surely encourage diversion of the mind from the complaining muscular pain momentarily.
  • Eat a balanced meal Besides remaining replenished with water throughout the day, the diet of a runner is also important. Individuals are addressed to maintain a balanced diet, with minimum or simply no sources of fast food. A post-run food should be energy-rich, and light-weight upon the body. Most often banana milk, yoghurt, peanut butter, granola, nuts are preferred as post running meals. Heavier meals are recommended one to two hours after the running period. The main course diet should consist of a fair fraction of leafy vegetables, fruits, fibres, proteins, carbohydrates, etc. to meet the daily requirements of the body. In most cases, dieticians recommend a 4:1 ratio of carbohydrates and proteins.
  • Take a bath: Most often ice baths are the best remedies available at home. It is suggested that individuals prepare an ice bath, and lay there for at least three minutes. The biting cold bath acts as a natural healer for reducing muscle cramps. Moreover, if one is willing to subside the idea, owing to limitations at their home, they can always opt for a fresh bath laden with cool water to experience a feeling of relaxation. Hot baths with Epsom salt is also very beneficial since it works wonders to remove the toxins that have built up during the workout schedules.
  • Repeat the same steps every morning: Once running is taken as a decision involving a change in lifestyle, it should strictly be followed. Hence one must adhere to the same routine every day. This encourages the self to keep going till the envisioned goal of attaining fitness is achieved.


The set of relaxation protocols after running might simply be difficult to follow for someone having a tight-packed schedule. Nevertheless, the following methods are advisable to everyone for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and mental stability. Running is an excellent way to clean your mind and quit many unhealthy habits. Emphasis on food and hydration is of paramount importance, and so is an uninterrupted six to eight hours of sleep.

Moreover, for the best results, individuals should also follow 15-20 minutes of stretching exercises after long runs. This helps in reducing the soreness in muscles, muscular cramps, etc. Foot massages and body massages might also be handy if the muscular pain persists for a longer duration. Distraction is also a momentary way of reducing pain. Socialising and indulging in mobile games is surely the preferred option. Experts also suggest that relaxation procedures enhance energy, and provide an overall positive boost to running.

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