Apple Discontinues Beddit Sleep Sensor

Apple Beddit Review v3.5 - Withings SLEEP ReviewApple Dumps Beddit

Apple was in a unique position a few years ago when they bought the Beddit Sleep monitor and then almost immediately cut out large chunks of functionality in the ‘upgrade’ to v3.5. Since then the product has languished in varying states of obscurity on the shelves of many Apple Stores.

Not any more.

Almost 5 years after the May 2017 acquisition, Beddit has now been quietly discontinued.

Q: So, is this egg on the face for Apple?

A: Yes and no.

It’s certainly egg on the face of anyone who bought the product hoping for the feature updates over time that never happened. Certainly egg on the face of anyone (me) hoping that it would form part of a world-beating sleep solution when integrated with Apple Watch and the iPhone.

Maybe that was always the plan? Maybe Apple didn’t realise what would become possible with on-wrist technology that mostly cuts out the need for an under-the-mattress sleep solution?

Part of the overall rationality for the acquisition was always that Apple would acquire valuable patents and highly competent talent. We could assume these have been integrated into the Apple Watch R&D machine.


What Might This Signal For The Future Of Sleep Analysis on Apple?

Make no mistake, Apple has big plans for more and more sleep analyses. Whether or not we will see them this year or next is another matter entirely and I don’t think that Beddit’s discontinuation has any relevance at all in hinting at new product releases.

That said.

Apple releases a new sensor every year on their next-generation Apple Watch. My strong bet for Apple Watch 8 in September 2022 is that we will see the body temperature sensor added. My bet would be the integration of  CALERA which is used by both Rockley Photonics and GreenTeg CORE to accurately assess core body temperature. Add skin temperature and ambient temperature onto that and, voila, lots of nice data points to boost the accuracy of any sleep and ovulation tracking algorithms.

It’s either that or a blood pressure sensor plus a lactate sensor plus a hydration sensor plus a blood glucose sensor. Which is more likely? That? or a ‘simple’ temperature sensor? Just look at Apple’s history of conservative innovation on the Watch for your answer!




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  1. Why would Apple at add any form of lactate sensor to their watch. I can’t see they moving past lifestyle health into fitness training anytime in the near future and anything that is more athletics orientated is a biproduct of their lifestyle health

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