new Reebok ActiveFit 1.0 SmartWatch


Reebok ActiveFit 1.0

adidas own Reebok and have used the Reebok branding to introduce a cheap, non-GPS in India.

Amazon prices this at about GBP60/USD80 but it’s already on offer at GBP45.

Whilst there appears to be no GPS, there is a nice-looking screen, SpO2 metrics and 15 (yes, fifteen!) sports modes. That’s nearly all of them.

The battery lasts for a couple of weeks and there are a good amount of smart features that cover camera control, music control, health tracking, female health-tracking, and some watch faces.

Despite my cynical tone, this does actually look quite nice in a GBP40 kind of way. It’s no Apple Watch 7 but it’s considerably cheaper.

More: Amazon India

Fun Fact: adidas messed up smartwatches 6 years ago. Their micoach Smart Run GPS watch did just about everything it needed to really coolly in 2015, it was only the battery that caused it problems just like batteries did for everyone else at the time. Had they played their cards better I guess they could have been Garmin. But they didn’t.






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