Bryton Rider S500 – performance cycle computer £259 !

new Bryton Rider S500 performance cycle computer

This is a feature-packed performance bike computer coming in nicely at £259.

Not only is it full of features, but it’s also full of advanced features and you probably should buy one. You’ve never heard of Bryton though, so you’ll just buy a Garmin Edge or Wahoo Bolt instead. That’s why it’s overpriced even though it’s underpriced.

For more pearls of logical wisdom…read on…I’ll keep it brief or check out Bryton’s video.

Voice Search

The S500 piggy-backs your phone’s internet connection to let you search the net. Is this a world’s first for bike computers? No! Bryton also had Google voice search on their last, excellent bike computer – the Bryton Rider 750.

Routing & Route Guidance

Pre-installed OSM maps and TBT routing. What’s not to like?

Re-trace your ride, reverse a ride and use POIs. It might not ‘have it all’ but it’s not far off.

Climb Challenge – kinda like Garmin’s ClimbPro but not made by Garmin

This looks like a good feature, well-executed as you are presented with pretty graphics as you approach multiple, pre-planned climbs.

Structured Workout Support over FE-C with smart trainer?

Obviously. With some advanced mini-features here too.

Skip steps, look at notes and view target cadence, HR and power.


Naturally, Bryton supports Garmin’s excellent Varia Radar/Light RTL515.


24 hours?

Take Out

I’ve reviewed several Bryton bike computers over the last few years. There is not much interest in them and that’s why I haven’t reviewed this one, this time around. Although I regret that decision now as this one looks good. But then so did the previous ones.

The S500 seems overly reliant on a connection to your smartphone for navigating but otherwise, the only issues I had with previous models were: quirky shape with angular corners; a somewhat illogical button interface; and the price represents good value but is still too high for the company to succeed. It doesn’t look like those have changed but even if they had I still don’t think it would make any difference.

Bryton makes good bike kit. They could make it better still but I’m still that’s not enough for them to start selling bike computers in significant volumes in Western markets.


Price: £259


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