Wahoo – Mini Feature Updates

Wahoo ELEMNT Roam ReviewWahoo – Rival, Element & App get some love

Today is a mini-feature & bugfix day for Wahoo.

The ELEMNT bike computers get fuel reminder alerts plus a boost for Varia support whereas the Wahoo Rival gets some tweaks to the running pace algorithm, the latter following on from the recent introduction of colour-coded data fields (Dec 2021) and a significant beefing up of running power in November 2021.

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The ELEMNT App for iOS (1.53.0, 25 January 2022) also adds support for custom alerts and this covers the new fuel alerts for Elemnt. The new custom alerts can be enabled/disabled as required once you have created a few; and they are added in the first place in the ELEMNT app>Workout>Custom Alerts. You can even use emojis if  you feel creative.



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4 thoughts on “Wahoo – Mini Feature Updates

  1. Maybe finally they’ll let us choose/prioritize data sources like in Garmin + get us something like climb pro 😉 I have some concerns regarding responsiveness of device after 1st button press this imho shall be resolved soon.

    1. a recent firmware update was supposed to improve responsiveness to button presses on the older models?
      there is a forward elevation profile when navigating…not as detailed as climbpro of course

      1. I am on element bolt v2 and the responsiveness vs v1 is much slower. It’s only for 1st touch after starting.

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