Peloton Heart Rate Band

Peloton Heart Rate Band

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Peloton already has a chest strap that works over ANT+ and BLE and sells for £30 and is called “Heart Rate Monitor”. The new heart rate monitor for the arm is called the Heart Rate Band and comes in at twice the price (£80/$90), half the size and with no ANT+ connectivity. #Shrug

Peloton’s new optical heart rate sensor looks like the Valencell one that’s found on many watches, like the Suunto 5 Peak.

The big selling point is that the new band has LEDs that show your heart rate zone. OK, it’s a small selling point but a selling point nevertheless.

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  2. The selling point is that it has a Peloton logo and the target market is people who bought Peloton and are happy to buy an Orange Theory -type accessory, but aren’t very techy.

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