Grand Tours – Zwift, Sufferlandia ;-) & the other one… TdF 2022

Tour de Zwift et Tour de Sufferlandria

It’s several months until the Tour de France Time Trial stage kicks off. That race tends to be quite exclusive and you probably didn’t get sent an invite.

Fear not. It’s cold, wintry and generally windy in the Northern Hemisphere so it must be time for the back-to-back digital Tours from Zwift & Wahoo.

Actually, I’ve been relegated to riding on my own at the moment as everyone I normally cycle with is already seriously entrenched in the Tour de Zwift. Each Zwift ‘Stage’ is live for 3 days and today is the last day of Stage 7 in Yorkshire, or at least it is for the 27km longer ride version. A neat aspect of the Tours de Zwift is that there are several running simultaneously for different types of rider

  • Category A – Longer Rider
  • Category B – Standard Ride, today is 22km
  • Category C – Shorter Ride at a mere 9.4km
  • Category D – is a 23km women-only route


Buy KICKR Core Zwift One
Buy KICKR Core Zwift One


The Final Stage, Stage 8, starts on 4 February and runs through to 6th February with all categories converging for the grand Finale in New York.

Jump onto the last stage here on


But then it’s back-to-back tour time. You only have a couple of weeks to rest, recover and get your bike services for the Tour of Sufferlandria. Check your Kickr Core hasn’t been worn out by cycling too fast (it won’t have) then get ready for the next one while the weather is still awful outside.

Tour of Sufferlandria February 27 – March 5, 2022

There’s a bit of a charity thing going on here with the kind people at Wahoo SYSTM using this event to raise money for a Parkinson’s charity. Indeed $44k has already been raised before the race even starts. There are a host of other challenges and entertainment pieces running alongside you sweating a lot. But the basic idea is for you to register on the SYSTM app now, raise some money for charity and then ride. Some of the donations raised before the race kicks off will be matched by other corporate sponsors and all that stuff. But it still relies on us doing the pedalling and begging others for money.

Enjoy…well ;-). Cycle, at any rate!

Sign up like this…just add the Tour to your SYSTM Plan


10th Tour Promo Video




Tour de France 2022

After those two Tours you will, no doubt, be tired but still eager to watch TdF 2022. Fine, me too. But how about riding it first? Here’s how

Xert recently announced their team-up with Bike The World. the latter provides high-quality video content of well-known rides. They’ve already added Le Grand Depart and I would assume more will come as we get closer to the TdF.

You can watch the Bike The World videos for free on YouTube (here) and the interactivity between them and Xert is also free if you are already a Xert subscriber.






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