How Running May Help in Quitting Gaming Behaviour?

How Running May Help in Quitting Gaming Behaviour?

Gaming is a thrilling hobby and fun sport that is bound to provide stress relief and excitement to the players. With the rise in globalization and expertise in technology in the recent decade, the percentage of gamers around the world is surging every second. According to the 2021 statistics, Asia is the highest contributor to the gaming industry with an average of 1.48 billion gamers. Statistical data also confirmed that an average of 3.24 billion gamers contribute to a huge revenue of $162.32 billion. Currently, the gaming industry is expanding exponentially, providing more and more career opportunities to youngsters. Interviews with the Genz teens indicate that they look into being a professional gamer, game designer, developer, etc. as a lucrative career option, since they feel that their mind is infused with the adrenaline rush they secure from gaming.

There often lies a thin division between entertainment and dependency. It is noticeable that the gaming developers often formulate the gaming software or app in such a way that an individual is pushed to psychological dependency upon it, leading to problem gaming, and gaming addiction in extreme cases. Around 3%-4% of adolescents are prey to gaming addiction. Records of anxiety-related disorders, insomnia, etc. are common in such individuals. Problem gamers fail to synchronize their gaming world with reality, which leads to far-reaching consequences such as negligence of duty work, family, etc.

Several initiatives such as Responsible Gaming Education Week have been created since 1998 to raise awareness regarding the problem of gaming. Researchers and therapists suggest that adolescents should indulge in physical activities such as running, besides therapy sessions to recover from problem gaming and gaming addiction.

The First Steps To Quit Gaming

Problem gaming and gaming addiction are menaces to self and society. In 2018, the World Health Organisation(WHO) identified “Gaming Disorder” in the “International Classification of Diseases”. WHO documents the initial warning signs as irritation and anxiety, unsuccessful attempts to restrain self from gaming activities, detachment from interests, hobby, education, work, family, society, etc. Furthermore, diagnosis and categorisation of the disorder might involve an observational period of almost 12 months. Individuals might be subjected to sleep deprivation, clinical depression, anxiety disorders like hikikomori, etc. Therapists and doctors often can guide the problem gamer to quit gaming for life. But it wholly depends upon the efforts of self if one truly wishes to give up gaming addiction.

The first steps to quitting gaming are often regarded as the most difficult path, as it requires both dedication and commitment. To simplify the process of quitting gambling addiction, problem gamers are suggested to seek GamStop.

GamStop Self Exclusion

GamStop can be annotated as a boon to people dealing with gaming behaviour. Functioning as the most secure self-exclusion tool in the UK since 2018, GamStop seeks to prevent gaming addicts from accessing any iGames from casinos, bingo halls, arcades, etc. licensed by the  UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission). Furthermore, the process is highly simplistic but the presence of betting sites that are not on GamStop may make the self-exclusion not one hundred per cent effective. The prerequisites deal with getting registered to the website with authentic personal details, and selection for a tenure of self-exclusion, which should help the problem gamer to quit gaming behaviour.

Find Motivation To Quit Gambling

The first step to quitting gambling is to believe in yourself that the act can be possible. Experts suggest that willingness to stop gambling is the most difficult one. However, if one can inculcate in themselves new interests, they can try their best to let go of the addictive traits. One can also be motivated by the finances, which implies that the player should implore about the financial losses incurred to them on account of losing games.

Perhaps this could be a stronger motivation to lead astray from gaming behaviour. Besides financial dealings, one should also calculate their investment in time too, which is also equivalent in terms of money. Furthermore, a balance sheet can also be jotted out which notes not the pros and cons of gaming, and the emphasis on it in life.

How Running helps to overcome gaming behaviour

Strenuous physical activities such as running are suggested by therapists to overcome gaming behaviour. Research has shown that dependency on gaming or rather aggressive gaming begins in the first place due to the availability of a lot of leisure time. It is often suggested that individuals should indulge in running to keep both their mind and body fit.

Running helps in reducing blood pressure quite effectively. Furthermore, health reports suggest that regular runners have a lower level of cardiovascular ailments, and lower stress and anxiety levels. Since people who are suffering from gaming behaviour have complaints of hypertension, peak anxiety levels, etc. they should start making a lifestyle change with a commitment to running for at least 30 minutes a day. Cases of irregular sleep cycles have reduced too, and overall a significant positive boost in mental health is also witnessed. As the functionality of the physical self witnesses a significant boost, people suffering from gaming behaviour also witness a positive impact in their life and move towards a holistic approach to quit their addictive behavioural trends.

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