Runalyze – A Year of Awesome Updates – Many of them FREE

Runalyze – 12 months of new stuff

Runalyze is a powerful online workout reporting & analysis tool. It is crammed full of interesting and useful features. It covers triathlon as well as running, never be fooled by a name (#the5krunner)

Sure some of the more unusual analyses are for paid users but the free membership is genuinely free and genuinely useful.

If you are happy with Garmin Connect or Strava then great. But if you want more and if, say, the likes of Golden Cheetah seem dauntingly complex or if Training Peaks looks great but is too expensive then it’s DEFINITELY worth checking out the free tier of Runalyze.

I was prompted to give this heads-up for Runalyze mainly because they deserve it. Some better-known hardware brands or platforms get some great media coverage for adding relatively small features. Runalyze’s January roll of honour (new features) is impressive enough so I’ll show you that plus some of the highlights from the last 12 months. I think the guys that write Runalyze come to this site from time to time so they’ll probably tell me I’ve missed out loads of features. For more info head over to their site or to their relatively active forums.

If you are looking for running power, critical power charts and all that kind of stuff then, yep, that’s there as well. Scanning through the list, below, you will see that some relatively unusual and niche things are added…the implication being that many of the standard features are already there.

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adidas Running // Runtastic – Sync

Jan 2022: There is now a new sync to the adidas app. The adidas app is a very popular and pretty decent app for recording and reflecting on your runs. It makes sense to keep using it if you are happy. If you want the occasional delve into some deep data then you can by linking it to Runalyze.

Peak EPOC estimate

Peak EPOC is added for every new activity, it’s based on your HR data and will later be added to historical workouts.

Update for trend analysis tool

Jan 2022: Updates for the trend analysis tool

FIT Developer Field Support

Jan 2022: Adds support for Garmin’s special developer fields found in FIT files

Wider HRV Support For Premium Users

HRV data added to the full (premium) data set

Ascent/Descent Improvements

All ascents/descents are now stored as well as your preferences

Analysis tool: Quality sessions

brings a new PREMIUM feature that checks your speed-boosting sessions are working well

Runalyze now supports daily HRV readings

– It’s fine to look at your training load and predict your recovery from that. But it’s not always right. Actually, neither is HRV, but more serious athletes really need to consider how well their recoveries are going and specifically consider that aspect of their training with morning HRV readings. Runalyze now supports links to some of the HRV data sources like Oura and other sources via FitnessSyncer.
Alternatives: HRV4Training – is the ‘pro’ solution and many serious athletes and cross-fit athletes use WHOOP (WHOOP Review here). Runalyze should add a link to both these sources and I think WHOOP’s upcoming API will let them, I’m not sure if Marco at HRV4 has been approached.

Improved estimation of DFA-alpha1 values

May 21 – DFA-alpha1 methods look at heart rate during ramp-like efforts and can be used to detect ‘true’ physiological points like (lower) aerobic threshold. I first wrote about DFA-a1 a year or so ago and its adoption by some of the more niche platforms has been good to see.

Synchronisation with Strava

Garmin stopped syncing third-party activities to external platforms thus when Garmin received data from Zwift, Runalyze and others wouldn’t get that 3rd party data. 3rd parties now get it from Strava (also risky!).

New: Color bars for intensity by zone distribution

Zone distributions can be quickly seen in the calendar model

Runalyze syncs to Oura & Wahoo

– You know what platform syncs do.


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