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Xert Group Training Announced


Xert just announced some interesting new ways to cycle digitally in groups.

Diving In

xertonline.com>Group Training Community

I chose the all-rounder sessions at 4-hours a week


There were 3 time slots for the group rides to start, like this and 12:00 seemed the best for me.

So it looks like there could be 14 of us on the Sognefjellet tomorrow…cool !


So if you’re looking to team up with some new people this must be as good a way as any. I’m guessing there will be more camaraderie amongst the smaller numbers that Xert will attract compared to the hordes that might be on Zwift. But of course I could invite my own real-life cycling buddies along too. Even better, cycling clubs and tri clubs could use this as a means to organise group training during the week to supplement real meet-ups at the weekend?

Indeed Xert seems to have in mind the idea of supporting YOUR groups with a lot of the tech side of things sorted out for you before hand and, naturally, you get a bunch of motivations thrown in for free

  • Athletes feel more accountable for participating when others are present
  • There is more motivation to complete workouts, even the more challenging ones
  • Workouts tend to be less burdensome and more enjoyable. Time goes by faster.
  • Athletes get to make new friends, sharing their experiences and knowledge about racing and training
  • Completing challenging workouts is more satisfying when your coach and teammates acknowledge your efforts
  • Athletes benefit from the added competitiveness and perform workouts better and with more commitment
  • With Xert, all participants get the same workout regardless of their individual differences. Beginners can train with experienced professionals at the same time.
  • And also with Xert, all participants experience the same difficulty in completing hard workouts, beginners and pros alike.

Hang on a minute. That’s not going to work as my entire tri/bike club are going to have to stump up a Xert membership fee right?

Err…no! It’s free

This is what Xert says:

Any public group session, session created by your club, team, squad or coach or even any one of the Group Training Communities is available at NO COST.


Your teammates can OPTIONALLY register for a 30-Day Free Premium Trial but they can still participate for free after that 30-day period.

Take Out

Well, I thought it was a good idea!

And I covered the linkup with Bike The World (BTW) from a couple of days ago where PAYING XERT SUBSCRIBERS get free access to BTW’s high definition video rides of many of the world’s favourite routes.


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