Smartwatch Porn 🏷️ Tag Heuer Nails It

TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 – some thoughts on aesthetics


2022 is already proving to be a pivotal year for smartwatches and for smart, sports watches. It will also be a pivotal year for Google’s Wear OS and maybe also for the Apple Watch. This brings us nicely onto today’s announcement from Tag Heuer.

Here we have the TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4.

As you would expect from TAG it has obviously done a great job with the case, straps and the appearance of the physical hardware – the Calibre E4 looks the part.

I have to apologise for the ‘smartwatch porn’ phrase in the title. I have been waiting to use that for several years and this may well be the first and only time the phrase will get used.

Not only has TAG nailed the shell, but it has also produced some great-looking, functional screens and, even more impressively, it has done it in Wear OS2. Just take a look at the imagery, colours and screen design on these – everything is just right. Or at least that’s what I think.




There are some great details that if Garmin could half-replicate in MARQ 2 then it would have a luxury offering that should become an instant smart sports watch classic. And if we’re honest there aren’t that many ‘classics’ when it comes to smartwatches. Even though I go on about the excellence of the Apple Watch 7 quite a lot, the Apple is simply is nowhere near as pretty as what TAG has let loose today. Nowhere near.



The TAG’s battery lasts for a full day with 90 minutes of GPS-running and another 90 minutes will give you a full battery charge. Nothing spectacular in the specs then!

You might expect more from a watch that comes in at around the £2000/$2500 mark but TAG certainly isn’t in the position where it can miraculously invent some new tech that neither Garmin nor Apple is able to. So the innards of this beautiful watch will probably be relatively standard components that other watch companies use…it’s just that TAG is hidden them exceptionally well 😉




I know that the CPU has five ARM Cortex A53 Cores and runs at 64-bit and up to 1.7GHz. But I would love to know even more about who makes the impressive-looking optical HR unit (above). Whilst the 45mm model has a 1.39″ OLED display running at 326ppi (454×454px) it would be great to know how true to life these images are. Photoshop is a wonderful thing when used to make press renders.






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2 thoughts on “Smartwatch Porn 🏷️ Tag Heuer Nails It

  1. I’m very curious what the Tag Heuer sports app on this thing is like. How accurate is GPS/HR? Problem is, no one seems to be doing a deep dive on their sports app. No doubt because of the price of the thing.

    If I was buying a watch at this price, I would want to know if it was even worth using for my runs.

    1. i think it’s got the qualcomm chipsets with integrated gnss. so it just wont be super accurate…just meh.

      hey, if anyone can get me a media loaner I’ll gladly look at it. I spend a small fortune on garmin stuff as it is…TAG pushes the boat out even further.

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