Wahoo SYSTM – adds Giro d’Italia & Tour de Suisse

Wahoo SYSTM – adds Two new Pro Rides

SYSTM’s Pro Rides work by taking first-person rider footage from Pro riders as they compete and then translating it to your indoor training experience. Wahoo has just added the Tour de Suisse and Giro d’Italia.

Clearly, you and I will never match the Watts of the Pro Riders so, instead, SYSTM scales the Pro’s efforts to y our own unique 4DP profile that is already integral to the SYSTM experience.

You then get to follow the structured workout on the app as the real-world, race footage unfolds in front of you.

Q: What is 4DP? A: It’s kinda like your FTP at four different durations.

Your complete rider ability profile

This is a different kind of indoor riding experience to Zwift. A cynic might say that on Zwift you are racing action characters, whereas SYSTM tries to create a more realistic environment, albeit a solitary one.

Q: What kit do I need for SYSTM?


The main bits of kit you need are your bike and a power meter of some sort, ideally on an indoor trainer as you will need an indoor trainer as well 😉 Then you’ll need the SYSTM app. You can spend a fortune on an indoor training setup so let’s leave it at that.

A good trainer to start with is the mid-priced Wahoo Kickr Core. That basically does everything the top-end model does but without a carry handle and for a fair price discount

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