Strava Mobile Gets Some Subscriber Love

Strava Mobile Gets Some Love – Just a little bit

Strava seems to churn out a new feature or two every month these days. I definitely like the drip-drip improvement.

Today we see a new feature for subscribers with both iOS & Android apps getting access to 3D maps providing you use v233 or newer.


Uses For 3D Maps

The 3D maps are a visual aid to help you determine easier or harder routes, depending on what you are trying to achieve – be it an easy route home or some testing hill climbs. So it can be a simple navigational aid or it can be useful for some performance aspects of your training.

This feature ties in nicely with the POIs added in January which together give you just that bit more information for route planning.

Take Out?

There’s not much today here other than ‘thank you’ to Strava.

One snippet of gossip that slipped out of the press release was that these features mark the start of a more concerted effort by Strava to focus on adding features for trail sports. #MoreToCome


How to use it: Mobile > Maps tab (standard layer – on the route recommendations tab, if you “long press” (tap and hold) on a start point, you can adjust the recommendations to start/end at that point.)

Note: The original press release said this feature was free to all. It isn’t.


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