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Russia & Belarus are blocked here

This site uses Wordfence to block traffic from the Russian Federation and Belarus.

It’s sad to have to block many good Russian people from access to relatively trivial content like mine. I see this blocking as doing my bit, however small it might seem.

If millions of us do ‘our bit’ in equally small ways it will soon add up to a lot – be that depriving the Russian state of money or encouraging the good people of Russia to carefully vent their anger at an illegal war, war crimes and a threat to life across Europe.

Buying the software and loss of other revenues will probably only cost me a few hundred pounds. A very small price to pay in the grand scheme of things.

Please feel free to share any other sites you know of that ban Russian traffic as a result of the Ukrainian War.

I’m personally interested in politics but really try to avoid it on this site. At the same time, I also want to avoid being frazzled by a nuclear explosion. Overly dramatic, I know. Maybe it’s just me?


an hour or so later


12 hours later

24 hours later, a pattern of attacks since this post was published


What I learnt

  1. Wordfence requires all their customer to use a premium licence in order to ban Russian traffic. In my opinion, Wordfence seems to be profiteering from this, albeit in a small way. That said, Wordfence has given Ukrainian sites (ending free access to the premium software to mitigate against hacking.
  2. Google’s search engine will penalise my site because I block an entire country indiscriminatorily. #Sigh.
  3. My hosting service Krystal couldn’t seem to help but said I could achieve the same end goal with Cloudflare (widely used)
  4. No sports watch company has yet bricked their devices for Russian users
  5. No sports app company has yet bricked its platform for Russian users
  6. No sports platform has yet turned off its service  in Russia

Adidas said it is temporarily shutting down operations in Russia and suspending online sales in the country in response to Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine. Nike, Apple, Wiggle and Decathlon have done similar.

What have you done?


Slava Ukraini [Image|pexels]

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30 thoughts on “This site has blocked Russian traffic

  1. Does Garmin and other companies blocked sales to Russia/Belarus? Can anyone make a list?

    1. “No sports watch company has yet bricked their devices for Russian users
      “No sports app company has yet bricked its platform for Russian users
      “No sports platform has yet turned off its service  in Russia”

  2. There’s a lot more going on than this war!! If you want to judge you certainly cannot do that with info picked up through our media. You would have to spent a few days studying quality information. I learnt: politics and capital are playing a big role!! Ukrain is handled as a colony. Different etnical groupes are set up against each other. Nobody was saying anything about that. Unfortunately I don’t have the few days …
    ‘Blackmailing’ the Russion population to protest might as well cause the contrary effect… Not importing their gaz any longer would work much better I suppose. But nobody is doing that!

    1. from the article: “I’m personally interested in politics but really try to avoid it on this site.”

      You say “There’s a lot more going on than this war!!”. Clearly! I’m not sure I’ve heard anyone yet say what the exact endgame here is. Is it a watershed in geopolitical relations marking the supremacy of China with Russia siding with them? Is it a move to secure raw materials like lithium? Is motivated by a feeling of historical inadequacy that Kyiv is not currently part of Mother Russia? Or is it the threat of NATO expansion that the media talks about? Whatever the real endgame is, NOW was certainly the best time for Putin to strike, EVERYTHING pointed toward this being the moment, even waiting until the Beijing winter Olympics finished was no coincidence. History will judge how well thought-through his plans were.

      “Ethnic groups” yes, I was writing elsewhere about that 7 or 8 years ago when no one really cared.

      Germany and Italy won’t stop using oil/gas from Russia overnight as it would decimate a large part of their industry. Similarly, Russia/USSR never turned off the SUPPLY of gas during the cold war. Russian sale of oil/gas (IIRC) brings the equivalent revenue of a quarter of their entire military budget. Money speaks.

      You say, “If you want to judge you certainly cannot do that with info picked up through our media.” Please, give me some credit! I really am not that naiive and I am well briefed on many aspects of global politics.

      “Blackmailing”. How am I blackmailing anyone? What I am doing is legal and I can do anything I want…so long as it’s legal. The content on this site is trivial to the Russian people & state. Perhaps ‘encouraging’ would be a better word 😉

  3. How about the US illegal wars in Iraq,in Syria,and in Somalia?

    You should block US at the same time!

  4. I too think that you are getting too political. Blocking the Russian population in order to accomplish what exactly?
    You must block every nation that has ever participated in a war. That includes probably half the globe (if not all).
    There is a saying that basically says that everyone looks at the crooked back of everyone else (but not their own).
    Block everyone

    1. Agreed- I am not Russian but see things like these as going a step too far.

      Blocking Russian and Belarusian participants from attending in the paralymic games? Doing the same for all of their other top people in sport? Limiting the amount of work media companies do in the countries?

      If anything, there should be more Western media in those two countries, not less. This is dictator-led aggression, not something mandated by ordinary citizens.

      1. También en Europa RT y sputnik están prohibidos!!! maldito sea Putin,no tiene razón para bombardear a todo un paso pero joder habramos los ojos!!!! BBC y Facebook está actuando igual que RT y sputnik.

      2. Russia bans Facebook and BBC for spreading ‘fake news’
        Other companies (and this site) stop their service in Russia

        Many places in Europe have banned Russia Today (RT) for spreading ‘fake news’
        No Russian companies have voluntarily stopped their service in Europe as far as i know

        RT, BBC and Facebook are thus treated in the same way by external agencies and have not made the decision themselves to stop their service.
        Indeed the BBC has started a special service for Russia which can be accessed via TOR (special browser) and have also started (?) to broadcast radio in longwave ie so that those in Russia can receive it on old fashioned radios.
        Edit: BBC are broadcasting again from Russia

    2. “If millions of us do ‘our bit’ in equally small ways it will soon add up to a lot – be that depriving the Russian state of money or encouraging the good people of Russia to carefully vent their anger at an illegal war, war crimes and a threat to life across Europe.”

  5. After I have heard that RT and Sputnik news are said to spread fake news, I checked both. I dont have access to Sputnik, but do have to RT. I just have to accept that it is partly blocked, 1 of my 3 attempts is unsuccesful.

    You know what? After 5 days of reading RT I can say I love it. It lists both the reports said by the Ukrainian side and those from the Russian governments. Casualties, wounded, army successes, failures. Both side, man!

    I dont say that the Western media do not share the statements of both sides. But I do say that Western media stated that RT spread fake news. It is incorrect. So for me the Western media spreaded fake news.

    Moreover CNN says they found a woman who said that her friends had told her that a poor teenager had been raped and killed. The title is Russian started to rape Ukrainian women.

    It may be possible that this horrible thing is true, but referring to somebody who refers to somebody else, and say a general statement is ridiculous.

    So I start to hate the Western media and the Western world, even if I am part of this Western world.

    Finally let me remark that Ukraine was part of Soviet Union when SU occupied a great part of Eastern Central Europe. I dont remember they apologized for it as a nation.

    The Ukrainian ambassador started to criticize Hungary for its selective support (Hungary does care with 100-200 thousands refugees, but does not send weapons etc), but Ukraine introduced a law appr 5 years ago, which was fully against the minorities in Ukraine. Russian minority, Hungarian minority etc. No countrywide newspapers are allowed in other languague than Ukrainian. From 2024 not even local newspapers. Minorities cannot learn in school in their own languages at all from class 5.

    I wrote it in one rush. As a sidenote I regard myself as somebody who supports opposition in my country, but I do hate how the Western world is playing. And its biggest victim in the short term is not us, but Ukraine. In the long term we ourselves.

    1. RT was stating Russian casualties initially of about 500 when most sensible estimates were that casualties were in their thousands and probably over ten thousand. If true, that’s fake news.

      1. RT was speaking about civilian casulties, which was said to be around 300 initially (3 days of war) by the United Nations itself, an even on 2rd March (6-7 days of war) UN said it to be 752.

        Maybe UN is also under the influence of Vladimir Putin.

        I mean war is something which should be avoided at any time, but it was evident after a couple of days that Russia’s war strategy was not a mass killing. It is one of the reasons why they are relatively slow in the occupation.

        As was for USA when started their illegal war in Iraq, but in spite of their approach finally ten thousands of civil people died there, see

        USA estimation, and USA did not have the interest to say bigger number than actual:

        “ Classified US military documents released by WikiLeaks in October 2010, record Iraqi and Coalition military deaths between January 2004 and December 2009.[9][10][11][12][16][17] The documents record 109,032 deaths broken down into “Civilian” (66,081 deaths), “Host Nation” (15,196 deaths),”Enemy” (23,984 deaths), and “Friendly” (3,771 deaths).[14][18]”

        And an English version, because I dont speak a good German, but liked the video that fellow user shared:

        I promise I wont share more data or argument here about the Ukraine-Russia-USA conflict.

      2. hmm they are slow because they have not created air superiority and a few other minor issues. Russia hasn’t even started yet and cannot militarily lose a war like this due, in part, to the sheer weight of numbers of ground-based assets they have.

        Note that tens of thousands died in the two Chechen Wars where indiscriminate tactics were used and there is a good chance we shall see this soon.

        in my mind the two strategic blunders they have made are a) admitting, by omission from action, that the VKS is incapable of running complex air operations b) significantly underestimating the economic impact of global sanctions.

        However, the implications of these blunders are hazardous to us all especially because Russia cannot and will not retreat from a land battle that they will win. The only end-game I see is one where Putin is de-throned in a Palace coup by an insider to prevent economic meltdown. Putin must realise that risk, which makes him more likely to press the big red button. What has he got to lose? Might as well go out with a bang.

        This is one reason why all of us should do ‘something’ rather than engage in the whataboutery of previous illegal wars.

        PS you can post anything here, no-one has to agree with me. (I delete rude stuff but I surprisingly very very rarely get that)

  6. I can understand what you want, but…..

    I am management consultant and that means I have to see much wider on events.
    For me is the current situation not the right current situation, because most of the people see only narrow timeline.
    to get the full picture to be able to solve the problems I need to understand what cause the events.
    Now to punish all Russian is wrong and duplicitous.

    Show this:

    this is from LinkedIn:

    this is the Russian draft treaty of December 17, 2021 to US President Biden and NATO. It was published in the Russian media. This was preceded by a conversation between President Putin and Biden on December 7, 2021, in which Biden, addressed to Putin, offered Russia to send his proposals to NATO and the US government.
    On January 22, 2022, these proposals were rejected by both NATO and the US government. Despite all attempts by Blinken and NATO to explain the very limited statements made by NATO and the US government, they come more as an alibi to avoid having to show willingness to negotiate. Incidentally, the US president explicitly asked Putin not to publish his answer. Why not? Putin complied with this request.
    Put this in context, this does not justify the intervention of Russian troops in Ukraine on the orders of Putin, which has no justification under international law and the United Nations Charter. Attack remains an attack and is prohibited by international law.
    However, it is by no means unfounded to investigate the causes. I would like to know why Putin and his advisers made such a terrible decision. However, this is only possible with reason, facts, evidence, facts, neutrality, emotions in check and largely objective analysis. Many media reports are far from that. I believe that many of the depictions offered in the international media and remotely presented psychoanalyses that Putin is a psychopath are too superficial, too unrealistic, too subjective, technically impossible, and irrefutably ignoring the facts. The psychopath is unable to make such proposals for negotiation.
    The task now is to stop this conflict as soon as possible and protect the civilian population from further destruction and traumatic war suffering that has already been inflicted on people on both sides.

    I invite all interested parties to familiarize themselves with these proposals. And form your own opinion on this. I made up my own opinion on this subject, coming to the conclusion that it would be a negotiation offer that should be discussed, if only to buy time and rule out military solutions. One gets the impression that, on the one hand, there was no interest in discussing these proposals at the negotiating table. Unfortunately. It is possible that this would distract Putin from drawing a military solution card and seeking negotiated solutions. From my point of view, this was a fatal political mistake that the Ukrainian people, and not only, must now experience with all the brutality of armed conflicts.

  7. After all is said and done and the REAL truth comes out, I have a feeling you’re going to have egg on your face and you better make an apology to your viewership for being a moronic follower without a shred of evidence beyond what MSM has told you to think.

  8. This makes as much sense as the same action that you took during the previous interventions and invasions.

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