Garmin – 7th March Announcement #YAY!

Garmin Announcement on Monday #YAY! #BOO

What is coming from Garmin tomorrow? (Monday 7th March) 😉

It’s definitely running related! – see below

And it’s almost certainly not a watch as they are not announced on Mondays although with an Apple event on the 8th, maybe Garmin will make an earlier announcement?

Forerunner 2021 images and range

There are various Garmin bands/watches on the FCC and watches that have been seen on wrists but not released, so it could be anything from a whoop-band to a 955 – but neither of those is specifically running.

Even the #runwithgarmin is a relatively old hashtag of theirs.

I’ll have a dig around but the most obvious thing would be a significant running-related firmware update like for running power.

But then why is running power hard to explain but easy to define? It’s more like it’s hard to define but easy to explain as a ‘proxy for effort’.




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29 thoughts on “Garmin – 7th March Announcement #YAY!

    1. Yes, but beware of serious problem with it’s display at night. It is *very* difficult to read it with backlight on due to some (probably) hardware error they made in production with display polarizator filter. This issus is currently hot topic on Garmin forums. I returned my GI2 back because of this.

  1. I would like to believe almost any of my fantasy products are a possibility, but in the real world they have been fairly watch-centric for a while now.

    For whatever reason this feels like a software only thing, so I’ll guess “Grit” & “Flow” for trail running.

  2. I am going with “running with power” software update
    The darkhorse and my hope is the 955
    then lastly the whoop replacement

    1. sadly the 955 is delayed as the epix2/fenix 7 are selling much better than expected and the production capacity is being used for them. You can track the official delivery times on for those models which keep slipping – that is a degree of indirect, public evidence of other intel i have,

  3. Just less than 1 hour ago, Youtube channel Garmin EMEA uploaded Forerunner commercial in several languages. Let’s see what comes.

    1. Yep and that looks like a big screen, 1.3″ at last on a Forerunner? No OLED though it seems.

      1. Not the 955 specifically but these are commercials for the Forerunner watches and you can see watches with what looks like a large screen in the YouTube thumbnails.

      2. As far as I can see, it is a whole Forerunners series (55, 245, 745, 945). Unfortunately, I didn’t see anything new there…

  4. Looks like it was for a new Garmin instagram account for runners. Disappointing but got us all looking. Maybe something else will appear later?

    1. maybe a new Garmin TikTok account for runners…was strange I hadn’t heard anything at all. Even my usual sources were somewhat bemused.

      there’s always next week.

  5. Garmin has to had an announcement of their own to counter Kilian’s move to Coros. What else would they be doing .. 🙂

    1. That’s an announcement?! If so it’s up there with watching paint dry in interest levels 🙂

  6. They moved Fenix and Epix into fitness by the look of it. It’s a subtle change but if you take a look at the website a few days ago on Wayback there’s an adventure watches section under outdoors which is now gone. Fenix was always under the outdoor division alongside GPSMap devices, and stuff got ported to Forerunner. This may signal that Garmin are consolidating all watches under one roof, potentially also making the move to separating hardware from software now that all their devices have the processing power to drive all their features. It’d be a clever cost cutting move.

    In other, unrelated news, your cookie consent dialog is illegal. Google Ireland were fined €90M for not having a “reject all” button next to “accept all”. It should be as easy to reject as it is to accept cookies so the extra button presses are not allowed. They’ve really started cracking heads on this stuff recently so good to get ahead of it.

    1. hi
      Garmin – yes I’d missed that and the move makes sense. I guess they will also have to restate their financials too
      Cookies – thank you. that one shouldn’t be showing anymore. I stopped it a few months ago for the reason you say. It should see the standardGoogle consent. I ‘ll have another look

      1. That image shows a bad example where the choices are either full consent or clicking to choose options. This is not allowed. You MUST make it at least as easy to decline as it is to accept. That version requires one click to accept and multiple to reject which is literally what the fine was given for. Also worth mentioning that your pop up includes “legitimate interests”. I can see no legitimate interest reasons why personal data could be collected here, and in any case if there were you would be required to detail them fully. Functional cookies you don’t have to declare since they’re just for load balancing, but other data you need explicit consent for and can not restrict features if someone declines.

        It’s unlikely you’ll have issues but still worth fixing. Most of the Internet (being US driven) gets this wrong, so you’re probably low on the hit list, but you will be on it eventually! I also saw a massive fine for a company using Google Analytics where the data was inadvertently being sent to US servers (which are forbidden under GDPR due to creepy US surveilance laws) so make sure any analytics stuff is only going to approved data centre locations!

      2. Feel free to delete these comments, they’re wildly off topic. It seemed an easy option this morning as I was commenting anyway 😀

  7. On the Garmin NZ site, the Forerunner 245 is on sale with $200 off. Maybe clearing stock.

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