Peloton adds heart rate support from Apple Watch

apple watch peloton hrPeloton adds heart rate support from Apple Watch

Peloton Bike, Bike+, Tread or App devotees can now get a better workout tracking experience if they want to ditch their existing heart rate strap in favour of their Apple Watch.

It’s easy to use with a simple click to start your Peloton App on your Apple Watch. Even if you forget to do that, once you start any Peloton class a notification will show to remind you to start tracking on the Watch as well.

The benefits here are mostly convenience based but you will also now be more certain that Peloton and Apple both record the same stresses of your workout, plus you can now see your rings close in real-time.

Overview of how to Set It All Up

You only have to do these once…

Step 1: Check the Peloton app is downloaded to your iPhone/iPad and that the Watch app on your iPhone has allowed it to install on the Watch

Step 2: Connect the Apple Health app to the Peloton iPhone app. iPhone>Peloton app>More>Apple Watch>Set Up>Connect to Health App.


Step 3

  • iPhone>Health App>Turn on All
  • iPhone>Peloton App>Done.

Step 4 Watch>Peloton App>Allow/Permission to send notifications

Take Out

The word on the street only a few months ago that Peloton would become more insular in the Apple environment. today’s change clearly shows the opposite is now happening. Perhaps linked to Peloton’s commercial woes.

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