Peloton Bands now for Apple Watch – REALLY?

Peloton Band For Apple Watch

Friday’s excitement levels continue to rise to stratospheric levels as Peloton announce a Peloton-branded band that will fit your Apple Watch 7.

Whichever way you choose to attach the band you will be reminded of your somewhat overpriced Peloton purchase with either the word PELOTON or the Peloton logo staring at you whenever you check your watch. Not so bad, I guess, as both the logo and font are quite nice.

This follows another announcement earlier this week that Peloton will now let you re-broadcast HR from your Apple Watch to Peloton equipment. although Peloton would probably rather you bought their rather cool-looking arm band heart rate monitor.

Apple Watch SE Nike Strap
My Nike SE Band

Returning to the new straps, Peloton has committed the cardinal sin of designing almost as bad a band as they can. This awful design is also made by Apple and ripped off to an even lower standard by copycat companies the world over. At least Apple has the sense to sell these bands to make the initial purchase as cheap as ‘possible’ so that you later buy an expensive upgraded strap once you realise your mistake. Whereas this, probably awful band, is the only choice of band you can get from Peloton.

So, you’re crazy to buy one of these styles of strap yet I confess to buying 3 (gulp!), each time hoping that I would miraculously be able to fasten the new one sufficiently tighter than the previous one. Every time I failed. But at least I got some nice pictures with the Apple Watch SE, above.

If you want to know what strap to buy read this. or just check out those from Nomad Goods which are very, very, very (did I say VERY) high quality.

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In Other Peloton News

After plans to lay off 2800 staff, Peloton is now trialling a new pricing model for store-based purchases of $60 or $100 per month in the States of Texas, Florida, Minnesota, and Colorado (Denver). If you cancel that subscription you have to pay for the return of the hardware. It will be interesting to see how any Peloton subscription model would hit the likes of Carol Bike.



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