The Most Helpful Apps for Students

The Most Helpful Apps for Students

Smartphones are an irreplaceable component of modern life. People use different apps on their devices to navigate, make purchases online, and entertain themselves. Mobile applications can also help undergraduates cope with their burdening tasks.


If you’re a student who constantly explores the best academic writing websites, you will find these apps helpful. Many undergraduates reach paper writing firms online and order assistance in composing academic papers online. Writing companies help learners get ready-to-submit essays with no hassle. Sites that publish trusted reviews help students choose the most reliable firms to order college papers online.


With the help of the applications listed below in the post, you will be able to manage time more efficiently and complete college tasks faster.


A lot of students don’t like exact sciences. They can hardly cope with numbers and solve complicated math tasks. However, this application can ease the stress and help get correct solutions fast. The application is very popular among students and has a high rating.


The interface of Mathway is simple. There is no need to hassle a lot to get a solution to a math problem. The fastest way to resolve a math problem is to launch the application and snap a problem. Mathway can recognize printed and hand-written fonts. It will analyze it and give a correct solution within a second. Otherwise, you can easily type a problem to get it resolved.


Nevertheless, the application has extra features that students like. Mathway can deliver solutions for all levels of math problems, including trigonometry, calculus, statistics, etc. The application does not only deliver correct solutions but can also show step-by-step instructions on how to get the correct answers. Therefore, students can solve math problems and review the logic of reaching the correct answers in a few taps.


It’s vital to make notes when studying in college. Notes help students grasp new materials and review them efficiently. Evernote is one of the most popular note-taking applications due to a large number of features it has.


There are almost no restrictions that users need to consider. Students can add any information to their notes when using the application. They can insert images, create tables, attach files, record audio, etc. The limitless note-taking environment attracts a lot of learners. Also, users can scan documents and create to-do lists using Evernote.


The app syncs all the notes across all the devices under one account. Therefore, all the notes taken by different devices can be easily accessed. The application has comprehensive search features that help find the required information in a few taps on your device. Consequently, there is no need to explore a ton of notes to find a particular piece of information.

Google Drive

These days, most papers that students create are digital. Besides, learners use the Internet to research. All their findings are saved as digital files. A hard-drive failure on a computer can cause a disaster for a learner. They can potentially lose all their papers and files and waste hundreds of hours of hard work in such a case.


Google Drive is a top-tier application that can help keep all the information safe in a cloud. The free plan offers the ability to store up to 15GB of data in a cloud. However, users can increase the storage capacity by using paid plans.


With the help of Google Drive, undergraduates can easily access all their files on different devices. For example, a student can create a Google Doc in a cloud using a shared computer in a classroom. Then, they can read and edit it using a smartphone. Besides, the app brings the ability to create a collaborative environment, so many students get the opportunity to edit the same document together.


A lot of students experience severe problems with managing their time. They always underestimate the importance of completing their college assignments. When they dedicate time to doing homework in their schedules, learners don’t spend it efficiently. They frequently get distracted by their smartphones.


As a result, undergraduates have to read the after reading an EduBirdie review to find expert essay writing help online. With the help of the paper composing platform, learners get their academic tasks completed on time. Such services help undergraduates not to miss deadlines and receive top grades with no stress.


Forest is a unique application that can help fight distraction. Students need to select a particular focus period when launching the application. During the countdown, they are not allowed to use their smartphones. Consequently, learners focus all their efforts on solving college tasks but not exploring social media.


The application has the gamification feature that forces learners not to stop the timers they launch in the app. Learners can collect different trees to create their virtual forests. Besides, users get virtual coins when completing study sessions. The received coins can be exchanged for real trees planted by real people all around the globe.

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