new Garmin Tactix 7 (Echo) – What we know so far

Garmin tactix 7 echoGarmin Tactix 7 (Echo)

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Garmin is set to imminently launch the next iteration of the Tactix.

Here’s a quick refresher and what we know so far.

What is the Tactix Range?

Heavily based on the current Garmin Fenix 7 model, Tactix keeps the usual Fenix features and adds soldier-specific/mission-specific features.

  • Wearing night-vision goggles? – No problem
  • Want help navigating after jumping out of a plane? – No problem
  • About to be captured? – no problems, use the killswitch
  • Want to go stealth? – no problems
  • Plus other navigation-based features.


Previous iterations of the Tactix have been named Tactix Charlie and Tactix Delta. You might have expected the Garmin Tactix Echo to follow but instead, it looks like the Echo name could be dropped in favour of the Tactix 7, clearly indicating that this new model is the Garmin Fenix 7 at heart.

Tactix 7 – What’s New?

The only information that we know so far is based on an abbreviated listing in the tactic section when adding a new device in Garmin Explore (now removed in the UK version)


The Solar tech is likely to be improved (as found on the Fenix 7) and this may be why we see a thinner metal bezel and wider solar area. There’s no special reason why the Fenix 7 touchscreen should not be included as it can be turned off in favour of the buttons in any case. There’s also likely to be the new GNSS chip (Airoha/MediaTek) and the latest Elevate heart rate sensor. I would say that an AMOLED screen option is unlikely but you might get the flashlight found on the 7X.

ECG is also likely to come later in 2022 as this has the new button-surrounds found on the Fenix 7.

The bolt heads on the bezel of the Delta model have now found their way to the lugs, which leaves us with a chance that Standard- and X-sized models will both be available.

That said, the third image above only shows three models: Tactix 7, Tactix 7 Pro Solar and Tactix 7 Pro Solar Ballistics. The Ballistics model is the one that includes metrics (I think) on how to adjust sights to take into account distance arcs and wind vectors; the solar model is self-explanatory. The intriguing part is the ‘Pro’ moniker…interesting because there is no such thing as the Fenix 7 Pro. Effectively, all Fenix 7 models are Pro models that include Music, Maps & Payments which were the Pro features on the Fenix 6. So perhaps the non-Pro Tactix 7 omits Music and Payments as surely it won’t also omit maps?


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15 thoughts on “new Garmin Tactix 7 (Echo) – What we know so far

  1. can’t wait for this. the tactix delta to me was the best garmin device i’ve ever owned

  2. The difference between a fenix #X sapphire and a tactix of the same generation is primarily the bezel design and the backlight and differentiated built-in watch faces that integrate with the bezel engraving.

    The rest is labels in software (stealth vs airplane mode) and a quick menu for factory reset and erase data (kill switch). The substantial features are the same. Jumpmaster and whatnot are in the fenix. The tactix delta actually uses literally the same firmware as a fenix 6X. It just configures itself differently by detecting the SKU.

    The night vision backlight might actually also be a software thing as well rather than a different hardware. I suspect it is just the ability to allow setting a dimmer than 5% backlight.

    There is less difference between a fenix and a tactix than the other fenix derivative SKUs. Good for Garmin. They sell more stuff and make people happy without too much work.

    1. yes, there are slight case differences plus the headline tactical features which are:
      -Stealth mode
      -Night vision mode
      -Dual grid coordinates
      -Kill switch
      at least that is the case on the delta

      1. – stealth mode is exactly the same as airplane mode, it just has a different label and icon
        – dual grid coordinates, I believe also exists in the fenix
        – “kill switch” is an icon that initiates factory reset and data wipe which is buried in the menus of the fenix

        These feature differences de minimus. The main difference is the bezel design and watch faces. And I guess the night vision mode which I am told is actually just a very dim backlight setting. But if you need that, you need it.

      2. i’m not sure why guys like you come to a very specific thread/article/group for a very specific watch and essentially belittle the device without having some basic facts as just about everything you said is just plain wrong. from a specific HARDWARE perspective, the tactix delta had the following above and beyond the fenix 6 series:
        1. glass optical sensor cover vs plastic resin. huge if you’ve ever cracked the plastic one after many applications of deet/other insect repellent
        2. domed sapphire crystal anti reflective lens (solar sapphire crystal on the solar model, a first for garmin)
        3. PVD coated steel rear cover along with dlc steel bezel
        4. knurled buttons for better grip in wet conditions

        it was good to see the fenix 7 adopt most (all?) of these features, but they were pioneered on the tactix delta. looking forward to seeing what hardware enhancements there are on the tactix echo.

        Finally, stealth mode is NOT “exactly the same as airplane mode”. airplane mode. airplane mode turns off active transmissions but still continues to update and record location data via passive gps satellite reception. when airplane mode is turned off, this gps data is synced. stealth mode disables literally everything, passive and active and you become completely invisible from all tracking. here’s a better explanation:

        stealth mode turns off passive tracking within the device while airplane mode only turns off active transmissions. If your goal is to not interfere with other receiving equipment or be detected in sensitive areas, airplane mode will do just fine but still continue to receive GPS location. Stealth mode turns off all tracking data. Why the distinction? This was an issue for military and other clandestine operators who may be in places they don’t want others to know about. The issue with airplane mode was that once you synced, your account stores and uploads all the information your account. If the account is hacked, someone could find out everything about where you were and what you were doing. Most people won’t care about this feature but for those that want/need that extra privacy this is quite useful.

      3. btw “airplane mode” was an issue a couple of years ago and was in the news as operators were uploading their workouts to strava and were inadvertently revealing base camp locations because of the associated gps data that was logged. this would not have been an issue whatsoever in stealth mode

      4. Your assertion about the absence of stealth mode revealing military locations is incorrect. It was linking Garmin to Strava accounts and uploading activities publicly that was an issue when Strava generated their heatmaps. Those then revealed some classified locations in forward areas. There was also a program where Fitbit devices were issued at the Pentagon to promote which had the same unforeseen and unintended side effect.

        The tactix is in fact a fenix with very minor modifications that runs the same firmware as the fenix of the same generation. It’s the only SKU derived from the fenix that is so similar it runs the same binary firmware. It’s the same in those regards and people are confused — which was my point. That doesn’t mean don’t buy it.

      5. you gloss over the fact that you were factually incorrect in saying airplane mode is exactly like stealth mode

      6. I stand corrected, airplane mode is only almost the same as stealth mode. Stealth mode also prevents the user from initiating activity tracking that uses GNSS. I learned something.

        Honestly the 24-hour bezel engraving and 24-hour analog indicator are far and away the most compelling features, IMO. If the lens is materially improved that is also cool but I cannot discern much of a difference.

    1. yep just saw that! I’ll have to have another of those annoying ‘I told you so’ moments 😉
      I’m not writing anything more about it tho as I’m mostly interested tri/run focussed tech. Comments welcomed on the Garmin tho…

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