Garmin Quatix 7 INBOUND, Garmin D2 Echo INBOUND – AMOLED too?

Garmin Fenix 7
Feenix 7 Mystery Blur

Garmin Quatix 7 INBOUND, Garmin D2 Echo INBOUND, more AMOLED…hmmm…maybe

We have some fairly indisputable intel that both the Quatix 7 and D2 Echo are ‘close’. Also, more AMOLED models are on their way.

Thanks, @Pav for the info. I can publish the source if you guys want but, hey, that source then stops. You chose!

Garmin Tactix 7 – The Fenix 7 for missions

Only last week we got some imagery of the Tactix 7, which marked a change in the naming Tactix brand to align with the Fenix 7 model that it is based on rather than following iterations of the NATO phonetic alphabet (delta, echo, foxtrot…).

new Garmin Tactix 7 (Echo) – What we know so far

Garmin Quatix 7 – The Fenix 7 for Yachts

Quatix 7 has all the outdoor adventure/mapping features of the Fenix 7 along with the golf and multisport (triathlon) capabilities. It also adds in boating, sailing and sail racing sport profiles plus yacht-specific features such as the anchor alarm, autopilot control, boat data streaming (speed, depth, engine revs, wind etc), virtual start line, countdown timer, barometer and tide-table, and tack assist mode. those are all on the Quatix 6 and so will be on the new Quatiux 7 as well with perhaps a new feature or two.

Quatix 6 came with options for Solar and 47/51mm cases.

Garmin D2 Echo – The Fenix 7 for Planes

D2 Echo follows Garmin’s D2 Delta and the NATO phonetic alphabet still seems to be in use for this Garmin Fenix sub-brand. D2 Delta did NOT come with a Solar option but DID come with a small, 42mm case option as well as the 47/51mm.

The Pilot-specific features in the D2 Delta include Worldwide airport database(s), an Altimeter with adjustable baro setting, 3-axis compass with HSI (horizontal situation indicator), Multiple time zones with Zulu/UTC, Wirelessly receive flight plans from Garmin Pilot, NEXRAD on moving map, Moving Map with aviation airports, navaids, roads, bodies of water and more, Waypoint information page, Worldwide NAVAID and Intersection database(s), and Connext avionics connectivity. (I’ve no idea what any of those are!).

AMOLED Versions

The intel seems to very strongly suggest that D2 Echo and Quatix 7 will have AMOLED screens. It’s even possible that they will be AMOLED-only models like the Epix 2. If they do come as AMOLED-only models then the interesting take from that would be that Garmin is convinced that AMOLED is the future for their watches meaning that EPIX will overtake the base Fenix as discussed here a few months back.

Fenix 7- this is the end

Anything Else? (Speculation)

Let’s not forget that Garmin is iterating products and models like crazy. It’s perfectly possible that Garmin will also introduce a cheaper model in the yachting and aviation models based on the Instinct. We saw that recently too with the Descent G1 as a much cheaper option to the MK2i diving watch.


Garmin Descent G1 – Half the price of Garmin’s MK2i – a quick review



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9 thoughts on “Garmin Quatix 7 INBOUND, Garmin D2 Echo INBOUND – AMOLED too?

  1. Hi Garmin- Stop messing around with all these other watches and bring out the 955LTE.

    My 735 battery is dying – please don’t make me buy something huge like the Epix or old like the 945.


  2. Hey 5kRunner,

    After a Garmin Charge5/Whoop type competitor to replace my very old VivoSmart4.

    Any idea if this is in the pipeline, or should I jump to another platform.

    I wear mechanical/automatic watches so another watch form factor is not suitable.

  3. If I was to make a bet: the D2 and Quatix are derivatives of the Epix 2 and the Tactix is a derivative of the fenix 7X.

      i mean, it obviously will happen at least all the way down to the 255 level. Perversely the 255 could get it before the 955 as the latter needs to support long ironman races (properly with some battery in spare)
      i think what we are seeing now is that garmin is struggling to juggle production to meet demand. that’s why certain Epix models are OOS and that’s why the 955 is delayed. So I suspect that even someone in Garmin might not be able to give you a definitive answer (not that they would in any case)

      my guess: Epix AMOLED is far more popular than expected. further AMOLED models will be impacted by ability to delivery more than traditional screen on 255/955. we’ll see the regular upgrades before the AMOLED variants of each come out.

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