new Garmin HRM-PRO feature added via firmware

Garmin HRM-PRO Review Specification HR Chest StrapGarmin HRM-PRO gets new firmware

It’s rare that Garmin accessories get new firmware updates. Simple sensors might be more easily made bug free or there might just be a lack of new features to add.

Either way, it’s rare they get updated.

Garmin has just released some new firmware for the Garmin HRM-PRO. Officially V8.10 improves ANT+ and BLE connectivity and, more interestingly, adds an extra Bluetooth channel.


Extra Bluetooth Channel

This simply allows you to simultaneously connect to more Bluetooth devices. Maybe that’s a watch, your bike computer, an app and/or Zwift. Who knows? You now have one extra possibility.

For me it’s just handy in that there is always a spare channel to pair when I’m not quite sure which devices are taking control of the alternative ones. On the negative side, some watches will think there are 3 Bluetooth devices and present each as a pairing option (I think that shouldn’t happen but it does).

Improved ANT+ and BLE Connectivity

I’m not entirely sure what Garmin is improving here? HRM-PRO already seems nicely connectable.

I’ll obviously have to wildly speculate that this includes some secret and mysterious capability to enable the imminent support of native Garmin running power. There….I’ve done it. But it probably isn’t! Although it might more easily allow a connection to a new footpod (nah!).

How do I get the update?

Your Fenix/Forerunner watch or Edge computer should prompt you to do the update, mine did yesterday. However, I ignored it and did the update via the Garmin Connect app. If your HRM is paired to your account/the app you should be able to click on the device logo at the top of the Connect screen and then follow the process shown below in the images. The update and reboot of the strap take about 5 minutes. Good luck!






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2 thoughts on “new Garmin HRM-PRO feature added via firmware

  1. Any news on the other straps.
    I have a HRM-Tri
    It worked great for my fr945 but would not pair with my 6X Pro Solar. Garmin sent out a new one and that worked fine.

    Friend tested the older HRM-Tri on his 5X and that paired no problems.

    Now I have an Epix 2 on order, hoping no issues with that..

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