free SuperSapiens BioSensor with subscription purchase

free SuperSapiens BioSensor with subscription purchase

This deal looked interesting to me, the numbers seem to add up in your favour.

If you do the Math on the prices below, it seems to be most cost-effective to get the 2 Supersapiens Biosensors plus one free on the subscription. ie Eu50 each.

what Is Supersapiens?

Supersapiens is the sports ecosystem that sits on top of an Abbot Libre sensor for blood glucose (sugar). Use your Garmin or the smartphone app to see how your fuel levels vary during exercise and after eating. If you don’t have enough fuel in your bloodstream then it’s highly likely you will underperform both in your training and on race day.



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  1. Any info about Supersapiens delivering to more European countries? Right now the coverage is still pretty low…

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