300% Growth in active Wear OS devices

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I’ve long said that Google will be one of the last men standing in the smartwatch market but for that prediction to come true, Wear OS needs to grow, err, quite a bit.

Well, it seems that Google’s Wear OS has reached the fabled levels of growing quite a bit and can now boast three times as many active Wear OS devices than last year.

Such stratospheric growth always sounds suspicious and readers here probably all know that it comes down to Google’s tie-up with Samsung for the launch of Watch4 on Wear OS 3.0

Perhaps I could instead re-write the ‘fact’ behind the title which would then go something like this

Samsung Watch4 outsells the entirety of other manufacturers’ Wear OS devices by a factor of 3:1

What Next?

As soon as Google migrate Fitbit to Wear OS the headline growth stats will sound even more impressive but the next step-change will be from Watch5 and Google Pixel Watch later this year, both of which have been confirmed either explicitly or inadvertently by the companies.



via 9to5Google

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  1. 300% growth sounds like a strong indicator that the absolute numbers were very low to begin with.

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