Garmin Edge 1040 First Images & Specifications


Garmin Edge 1040 First Images Emerge

Edit: First Thoughts ‘Review’ on the Garmin Edge 1040 Here

Here we have the first set of images for the Edge 1040 via the Garmin Forums. They appear genuine, the rearview image has the correct name on for starters and the overall rear appearance is different to the 1030 Plus. Some of the metrics appear new.

Detailed comments after these images, and (edit) we now have a full unboxing and menu walkthrough of a real Edge 1040 here.


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Edge 1040 is Described as

  • Up to 35 hours of battery life with regular use, or up to 70 hours in battery saver mode
  • Superior navigation, planning + performance tracking, cycling awareness and smart connectivity
  • Personalised training and tracking help you meet your goals

Edge 1040 Product Features:

Personalised Training

Classify your strengths as a cyclist, and compare your cycling ability to the demands of a specific course when paired with your compatible sensors, so you can focus your training and improvement in the right areas. Manage your efforts with the power guide feature, which recommends power targets throughout a course, when paired with your compatible sensors. Get stamina feature insights while you ride, when paired with your compatible sensors, so you can keep an eye on how much longer you can really push it. Stay on top of your training program with prompts to complete missed workouts.


Advanced GPS bike computer combines superior navigation, planning and performance tracking, cycling awareness and smart connectivity.

Never Get Lost

Find your way in the most challenging environments with multi-band GNSS technology that provides enhanced positioning accuracy.

Easy Setup and Navigation

A simplified setup and a streamlined interface make it quick and easy to access the information, courses and tools you need and even adjust data fields right from the Edge® device or from your paired smartphone.

Get Trails Anywhere

Ride like a local, whatever your bike type, with improved ride type-specific maps that highlight popular roads and trails plus searchable points of interest.

Connect to Performance Apps

Connect with your favourite apps and platforms, including Strava, Komoot, TrainingPeaks® and many more (Requires Garmin Connect™ smart-device app).

Long Battery Life

Power your longest rides with up to 35 hours of battery life in demanding use cases plus up to 70 hours in battery saver mode.

Hardware Details:

    • Width – 2.3″ (59.3 mm)
    • Height – 4.6″ (117.6 mm)
    • Depth – 0.8″ (20.0 mm)
    • Weight – 4.4 oz (126 g)
    • Battery Life – Up to 35 hours
    • Battery Saver Mode – Up to 70 hours (Solar model is up to 100?)
    • Memory Capacity – 32 GB Internal Memory; External Memory Storage Available



My Comments

  • The overall size is very slightly bigger than the Edge 1030 Plus (cf. 58 x 114 x 19 mm)
  • Weight is 2g lighter
  • The ‘look’ is similar
  • Battery life was 24 hours and so the increase to 35-70 hours is significant.
  • Multi-band GNSS means that we have the new Airoha (MediaTek) chip. It also means that Edge 1040 has the highest accuracy mode which Garmin markets as Multi-Band. It also means that a new, slightly less accurate GNSS mode of ‘All Systems’ will also be offered as will good old GPS-only.
  • Get stamina feature insights while you ride,” this means that the new Stamina feature is onboard. If you check out that link you’ll see Garmin has already released it for the Fenix 7. However, my take would be that it is most likely to be more accurate for cyclists with power meters.
  • Classify your strengths as a cyclist, and compare your cycling ability to the demands of a specific course when paired with your compatible sensors, so you can focus your training and improvement in the right areas.” This appears to be a training planning tool where you focus on the specific physiological demands of your A race. This is probably a good marketing story which won’t be that useful for anything other than standalone time trials where drafting/peloton effects are not present.  However…
    • Xert has some great functionality where they classify each of your completed activities against the type of ride you did today eg Mixed GC, breakaway specialist, polar climbing ride, mixed road sprint,
    • So perhaps Garmin has reversed this to specify training rides for the likely type of race you will experience. Or it could just be training that takes into account the elevation profile (a bit less exciting!!)
    • Perhaps also Garmin will be looking at your abilities at different power durations as these abilities will affect your ability to race in a certain way. Historically and somewhat naively many of us just focus on FTP/CP but if you just train to improve your FTP you will find catching multiple breakaways pretty hard!
  • simplified setup and a streamlined interface” probably just means that you can transfer settings from your current Edge to the new Edge and that Garmin’s progress with improving their user experience is ongoing.
  • improved ride type-specific maps that highlight popular roads and trails plus searchable points of interest.” So that means heatmaps plus maps that might morph according to the ride type eg with more emphasis on gravel trails if  you chose to ride with a gravel profile
  • The images seem to show some new data fields, although I’m not familiar with all the current ones. Stamina, the mini-map and the elevation profile look interesting. If you look closely at the second image you will see that the elevation profile is colour-coded into 5 sections (perhaps coded by difficulty) but the mini-map, below it, is the map for that section (??). So this is an interesting take on putting more emphasis on the elevation profile rather than the map (normally the elevation profile is an after-thought at the bottom of a map screen. There are probably more nuances than this.
  • “Guide Average” seems to refer to a similar kind of feature to Best Bike Split. BBS very simply determines what your uphill and downhill power should be on race day, it’s not actually true that you should always aim for an even power, you should go slightly harder uphill. BBS also factors in forecast wind and other factors.
  • “External memory storage” might be a misreading of the external battery pack compatibility by the retailer.


I’m backtracking on my earlier Q3 release data as the emergence of these details supports a release as soon as Wed 1st June or Wed 8th June…both of which are Q2! It looks like 955/255 will be released too.

Opinion: Is that all?





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52 thoughts on “Garmin Edge 1040 First Images & Specifications

  1. Not too impressed…I have my issues with the Karoo 2 but I will pass even though I am a Epix 2 user

    1. I’m a bit non-plussed too. Now that we are close to launch I’ll put some effort into finding out what’s really in it. It’s too h ard to get that info months in advance.

  2. I would love you to track down some 955 pics as we get closer to the supposed launch!!

    1. i was pretty sure the 955 was next. but these leaks tend to be close to launch, so if the 8June date is the new FCC date then I guess that must now be fixed. Also makes sense following on from this week’s new varia

  3. The rider type thing reminds me of the 4dp training from Wahoo Systm combined with „PacePro“ (for running) from Garmin.
    The second image shows a few interesting insights for races in that conclusion.
    Let’s see if this provides any use for non-racing amateurs.
    On our ride through the alps I would have liked my 830 to be a 1030 to get more display estate in the Maps view. I should try Stamina for riding on my Epix to see if it is useful. Would like to get my daily suggested workout on the edge, but that’s not possible. All in all, I have ro use the Edge more as an extended display it seems.

    I like the design and am curious how the „much improved“ navigation is working, the one on the 830 is Mmmh, naja, schwierig. Especially if you have to leave a preplanned route, it always wants you to do an u-turn.

  4. Thank you kind sir for your effort. I love your breakdowns of items, leaks, comparisons, and reviews.

  5. This site has some blurred pics online. Seems as if they have some press renders at hand and they are having some decent information about the watch.

  6. Interesting. I don’t see anything that would push me to upgrade from my 1030 plus personally, but that second screen is very interesting. It looks like a built in version of Best Bike Split where based on your FTP, the course you plugged in, and what it has learned about you to calculate the stamina metric, it tells you what power you should be pedaling in order to have the optimal ride.

    The only part I will miss is stamina. I have found that on my Epix 2 it is not far off for me from reality.

    Thanks for sharing the details!

  7. how is it using the Karroo with the epix. Was thinking of it as well but like the Garmin ecosystem. Do you track your rides with both? How are the MTB trail maps with the karoo?

  8. Might be tempted to upgrade my 530… Solar makes more sense than on a watch too. Interesting comment about Stamina being more accurate with a power meter, I found it pretty useless for running on the Epix (with remaining potential after a race) and on a bike you can actually recover.

  9. Surprised they get that much runtime on top of what the already very generous runtime the 1030+ achieved, almost disappointed that they didn’t use the efficiency gain for a smaller battery instead (e.g. very flat box for the screen, with a battery bulge ca 530/830 footprint in the mount area). No touchscreen + buttons, this would have been a nice upselling argument over 5×0/8×0. Otherwise the 10×0 are just a very expensive fee for aging eyes (I do assume that x40ies won’t take long to appear)

  10. hopefully they fixed the grade issue with the 1030 plus (being 10 secs out) otherwise not worth the plastic used to make it.

  11. “External storage available” what does that mean? There’s no microsd slot so don’t understand what it refers to.

  12. My guess is they misread some wording about compatibility with that external battery pack and somehow interpreted it as “external storage”. Just like they apparently failed to read the “don’t publish before” date that came with the description.

    It’s kind of funny how Garmin keeps that battery connector: it will be useful to very few people, because the longer the base runtime, the more unlikely it becomes that you won’t find an opportunity to slip in some charging from a conventional USB power bank. (been there with the edge 1000, “oh, the rain has stopped, the battery isn
    t half-empty yet but might not last all the way home, better fumble out the battery and cable now than later because it might rain again“). The market for uses the external connector despite 35h runtime” is super tiny, but it’s awesome how Garmin respects the investment of people who bought the battery for the white 1030. I still think a slimmer 1040 of maybe 100g/20h would have been awesome, particularly because that connector exists.

    1. good point about the mis-reading of external storage, that could explain it. the connectors definitely show that the battery pack compatability is mainained! i think it’s a cool invention and agree its of limited use

  13. Makes sense thanks. I’d potentially buy the external battery for my 830 if was £50 rather than £130 as battery life can be sketchy on an all day ride with the Varia radar, a few sensors and running navigation.

  14. The new Varia radar + camera has USB-C. I think it’s a foregone conclusion any Garmin cycling devices going forward will replace microUSB (boo! hiss!) with USB-C. (yay!)

  15. Yes finally USB-C! FCC postings show the new devices with the new connector type
    What I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere is that there’s also a new Edge Explore 2, and Edge Explore 2 Power
    I don’t know what “power” means, maybe an external battery, or dynamo powered for touring, or maybe with extra long life (or solar). The test docs reference an external battery, but the part number looks like an internal battery. Wonder when it’s coming?

  16. I posted up about the edge explore 2 but can’t see the post, is it because I included FCC links? Its device number IPH-04457 if anyone wants to check it out on the FCC site. There are 2 devices, Edge Explore 2 and Edge Explore 2 Power.

  17. Yeah, the Explore 2 is also label-leaked. The “power” variant surely relates to ebikes somehow? Might run on a tiny “one hour” battery (for off-bike configuration and the like) intended to be powered through the connector from the traction battery.

    If “quarter-turn with power” gets a second life in the field of ebikes it become much less surprising that it also continues to be available to the tiny niche of very long distance riders. That new aluminum (?) quarter turn surrounding the contacts region is likely designed to be used across a whole range of different case backplates.

  18. Yeah makes sense that the Explore Power would work with either dynamo or e-bike battery power. Definitely interesting if we start to see more power options through the battery interface.

    1. yep i agree
      i’ve been thinking that we need varia, power meter and all our other electricals to be better powered by a single source – still on a ‘proper’ bike tho. I guess it could be the next ‘big’ thing that bike manufacturers can think of as a way to get us to upgrade our bikes when we don’t really need to

  19. Would be nice, but how to achieve that without a mass of wires running everywhere?
    While we’re on future improvements I’d like to see every device with BTLE on the apple “find my” network.

  20. I hope more stuff comes on Find My but there haven’t been any bike related additions since those announced at launch as far as I know. Every single e-bike should be on there given how attractive they are for thieves, 4iiii are on the Chipolo network for their powermeters but not on the apple network. Garmins should be on there as well. Wonder if the licensing is too restrictive or something, or maybe in Garmins case its because they’re a competitor in some product categories.

    1. IDK why. as i think you are implying …the findmy network is jsut superior to anything else and the onyl way anyone can rival it would be to have more phones in operation than apple which patently is impossible! the chip must be insignificnt but there may be a licencing fee, but even so if that adds $25 to the rrp then i’d go for it as an insurance policy. should even help stop thefts if done properly. anyway…we digress…back to the 1040

  21. Apple’s licensing for find my is indeed very restrictive. Last I heard, you can support find my, or another network, but not both. Not everyone has an iOS device, do charging more for every edge because it would be a benefit for some people would not necessarily be a net positive.

  22. Has anyone noticed how wide the power port cover is compared to the 1030+? Notice that the start & lap buttons have been further moved to the sides. I suspect that not only this means USB-C, but also potentially a power out port where other devices can charge from. This would justify the option to go to a large battery over making the device smaller.

  23. This would also support the external storage mistranslation, meaning that it can serve as an external power bank.

  24. Good spot on the wider connector. I wouldn’t have thought the battery is big enough to support external devices but maybe that’s where they’ve put a microSD slot? Not convinced as the previous design on the 1030 is similar to what’s used on the new varia camera and there were some software issues with external storage before, but they haven’t increased the storage from 32GB and maps aren’t getting any smaller.

  25. Actually I looked at the 1030/plus and I’m not sure the connector is significantly wider….

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