Garmin Running Power – now on Connect Workouts

Garmin Connect Mobile – Running Power Target

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Garmin Connect mobile on iOS now has the ability to set Garmin Running Power as a target when you create a workout. I’m assuming this is new as the same ability can’t be found on Connect online and it doesn’t sync to watches.

Edit: It looks like Garmin Running Power will be added to the 955 via a widget. It will likely be the same algorithm as previously used with Garmin’s CIQ data fields.


I’m not sure if this has been there for a while nor if it heralds the release of native Running Power next week with the Forerunner 955. It’s certainly a hopeful sign.

Edit: Just found this video which shows it ‘working’ on the Fenix. Will be interesting to see if this requires a ciq5 power app or ‘something else’ (a stryd-like pod). I was beginning to doubt my earlier intel about running power but am now somewhat relieved!

Remember that native running power is hard for Garmin to release properly. OK, we’ve seen it with Coros, Polar and Suunto but native running power for Garmin is more than simply generating and storing a new metric. The new metrics will need to have lots of calculations like last lap power and will need to appear on post-activity summaries and reports in Connect. It will also need to be added to structured workouts; training plans; links to Strava, and more besides. Because of the complexity and openness of Garmin’s ecosystem, there are a LOT of considerations.

Maybe those considerations have all been dealt with ready for the launch of the 955 and 255 on Wednesday 1st? We shall soon find out.




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19 thoughts on “Garmin Running Power – now on Connect Workouts

  1. I saw this as well and was excited but also a bit disappointed as I use Stryd with FinalSurge and enjoy the ability to create ranges based on % of CP/FTP. This allowing for adaptation of efforts as your CP improves or declines. The only option I saw was either by power zone or actual range of power which would need to be constantly updated if your CP changes after TT OR CP tests.

    Not complaining though as this is a big step for garmin and am excited to see the 955 finally released.

  2. Garmin are very unlikely to support Stryd so if you want running power natively, expect to have a buy a new pod that supports running power. You can calculate a CP very easily (it’s basically FT anyway, how Zwift do it for category blocks for cycling power)

  3. Mods may be asleep at the weekend…! But they seem relaxed a day or two out and the leaks are everywhere now due to a few retailers messing up the embargos.. (probably with a nod and a wink from Garmin)

  4. I’ve been using the RunPowerWorkout Datafield on my 645M (with my Stryd fp) for a while and Power has always been available, however it now it also supports Power Workouts – very cool, works perfectly with workouts built in Garmin Connect. No need for TP or FS

  5. Garmin posted that something big was coming next June 1st so.. why delete the leaks and rumours now

  6. Hey T5R- on the Stryd app there is a picture of a Garmin watch on the wrist of a runner in the “Workout of the Week” page. It doesn’t look like an existing Garmin watch. Any idea what watch it is?

  7. The implementation of running power in the 955 appears to be a native re-implementation of the Garmin ConnectIQ Power. It only works with an RD-Pod, HRM-Run, HRM-Tri, or HRM-Pro.

    i guess they had to start somewhere and this is somewhere. But it doesn’t seem like it would have been a huge stretch to also enable an ANT+ power sensor as an input that Stryd already does. Clearly the #1 goal was porting the Garmin Power concept as native code — which is good. But disappointingly limited in scope.

    1. yes its a proprietary native implementation. which is the same as everyone else i suppose in a way as there is not FIT definition of running power other than via developer fields
      the interesting bit for me is that it seems to have freed up the ability to still have 2x data fields.

  8. Also now appears as an option on the connect web page when creating a running workout. I can’t see anywhere to setup the zones yet (just cycling & cross country skiing), but I don’t have a 255 or 955.

  9. Mine is fairly new and I’m happy with it. I’ll be keeping an eye on the beta program and keeping my fingers crossed it gets added.

  10. I never had a Garmin accessory that used their running power via ConnectIQ. But I wonder how it compares to STRYD. I have yet to see any videos or reviews comparing the two. Though it is early days.

  11. Any current (Nov 2022) experience with 955 now that native power is out. Also how are you/anyone tracking Garmin power in WKO and does it skew your overall metrics? or are you filtering them out in the hero bar?

    1. if I’m honest the own-brand power metrics seem to find their way into all my running power analyses (I tend to use Golden Cheetah). Hence they corrupt my Stryd power data, I’ve got to the point where I can’t be bothered to repeatedly delete or edit individual workouts. The only clean running power data i have is on stryd’s powercentre but then that sometimes gets duplicates.

      It’s a real problem for me
      (eg if i forget to take stryd or if the battery runs out or if something happens to stop the data field working eg on beta software)

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