No. 1: Smart Lamp

Unfortunately, eyesight tends to get worse. It is important for students, because of the workload and the constant need to read and write, not to let their eyes overstretch over time. If you do not have the opportunity to pay for an essay, and have to overload yourself with studies, we advise you to use a smart lamp that allows you to adjust different modes. Look for a gadget with multiple settings that include the ability to change brightness or color temperature (from cool to warm), there are even lamps with a special children’s mode (no colder than 4000k color temperature value). Also, such gadgets have manual and remote control and the ability to set the rest mode, in which the student learns 40-45 minutes, and gives his eyes to rest for 10 minutes – the lamp during this time does not work.


No. 2: Alarm Clock

Waking up to an annoying tune and not knowing where you are is something that happens to everyone. To help yourself enter the new day in a good mood means carefully selecting an alarm clock. Personal choice of music, different sound modes, the presence of backlighting – after all, light also plays an important role in how we throw off the remnants of sleepiness. Such alarm clocks are also a great decoration for any room, becoming an ideal part of the interior.


No. 3: Smart Watches

Smartwatches nowadays can do many things: show the time, read heart rate, do cardiograms, and notify about new messages and calls. Yes, about the latter – through such a gadget it is convenient to send voice messages or answer incoming calls. The student does not need to constantly keep the phone in his hand, in public transport you can put it deeper into the backpack.


No. 4: Tablet

It’s a mistake to think of a tablet only as a tool for entertainment – watching videos or playing games. Now such equipment facilitates learning. With the advent of electronic versions of textbooks such a gadget has become only more useful: download all the necessary textbooks and go, without the risk of straining your back. You can also load regular books on the device, and you can write your school notes there too if you have a special pen. In general, just one device, but it is very useful.


No. 5: Headphones

Everyone’s musical tastes are different – you want some semblance of silence in the apartment. Let the young student not be distracted by your requests to turn down the music, and take care to buy headphones in advance. And, once again, do not think that this gadget is used only for entertainment. On the contrary, for many people music helps them to concentrate and finish work faster – a new project or English homework.

No. 6: The Battery

Gadgets tend to run out at the most inopportune moment, especially in winter. To avoid this problem will help you portable batteries, with them you cannot worry that the phone will “run out” and not call each other. They come in different sizes and capacities. As a bonus, each such device can easily be customized: decorate it with stickers or paint the case yourself, showing your creative nature.


No. 7: The posture gadget

Sitting straight at the table is a science. To accustom yourself to a straight back is also not an easy task, it requires attention and even meticulousness. And it is easy to hunch over the table and strike a crooked pose. To avoid long-lasting consequences associated with bad posture, you should be concerned about solving the problem in time. A smart gadget is suitable for anyone who never fails to sit properly at a desk. Any wrong posture, not corresponding to the norm, sets the device in motion – it starts vibrating, signaling that it is time to sit more straight. They say that with this gadget you can form a straight posture in just one month…


No. 8: The Smart Backpack

Many students have trouble picking out a backpack. Changing the backpack every year is not a good idea, and not very environmentally friendly. It is better to choose an accessory that you can take with you not only to school. Let it be something smart and useful. In today’s backpacks, there are many useful things: compartments of different sizes, mini-pockets on the back, and the possibility of support in the form of additional straps on the waist. Look for the backpack, which, in a way gadget, will serve you for many years before you get bored. And make it more fun backpacks can easily be badges, key chains, or patches.

No. 9: Phone Blocker

Some people are unable to control themselves and are constantly distracted by their phones. This problem is easy to control – but do not get carried away! – Special case boxes are modeled just for these needs. Set the time for which you “lose” your phone, put the device inside, and do not worry about being distracted. Of course, here you should practice at small intervals to get used to the device and the fact that the phone is sort of there, but you can’t use it temporarily.




  1. Feeling pretty underwhelmed. Not a lot different to my 830. Still big bezels. Still same software. Doesn’t look that much quicker. No real killer features. I didn’t see any sign of the mini map

    That said, it looks like auto detect for climb pro is there. The new front screen is way better. Maybe it was a tad quicker but perhaps that is because it’s empty.

  2. Agreed, looks like Garmin haven’t listened to what we asked for…. or perhaps a poor demo video? Who knows!

  3. Its a garmin headset , it didn’t do anything to show if following a route has been improved. I.E the use colour line and pathetic clear our own on a clear background

  4. This is 1030++

    Same screen, same frames, same everything except USB-C ouuuu wowwwwww….
    3 years for this… Garmin laughs at its users, it has no other name

    1. Same battery even. Which gives the 1040 the runtime hardly anybody has ever been dreaming of. Yes, it’s an incremental release and not a revolutionary one, but that’s true for every top of the range Edge since the 800. And it’s good they did those incremental releases, because otherwise we’d never see for example the battery consumption improvements achieved by the watches division (divisions, nominally) arrive on the handlebars.

  5. Oh man, so much crying here. USB-C and the new GPS chipset are enough reasons for me to upgrade, and I’ll be thankful for that.

  6. Garmin doesn’t and will never listen to its users. Why? Because that’s simply how business works. Lol… Besides, garmin knows fanbois will buy anyway after all these hoohaa.. Lol

    1. Thanks, not sure if it had been mentioned before but it seems configuration from the app will be available like on the F7/9x5s.
      Outlandish claim that you can generate 42′ of extra battery time per hour of usage thanks to solar and the asterisk : “in power saving mode” !
      Can’t see who would want/need to pay 150€ extra for solar ?

      1. It can be useful for multi-day events. Imagine an event like Titan Desert, for example.

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