Final Surge – Adds Garmin Discounts, Stryd CP auto updates, HRV plus more

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Final Surge – New Premium Athlete Features

Like just about every other service, Final Surge has a premium service.

For Final Surge, there are a few interesting premium features worth mentioning so here’s a quick recap.

Garmin Discounts

The Final Surge Premium membership costs $6-$7 per month and once you have it you can grab a Garmin discount. I’m not allowed to say what the Garmin discount is but, hey, this is the first item on the list. Go Figure!

Maybe you can even get a single monthly membership to get the discount? You probably can…until they read this 😉 Of course, I’m sure most of you will prefer to support sites like this and buy from the links here.

Weather on the Training Plan

I guess we all have weather forecasts on our phones. Well, Final Surge now has them integrated into the calendar on the month overview and in more detail on the day view.

If you look at your plan every day or a day in advance of your training then this is nice info to have immediately to hand especially if you want to avoid cycling outdoors in unfavourable conditions

I have been moaning on various Apple app forums about weather apps recently. All I wanted was a free complication of the Wind strength/direction. It was quite hard to get one.

In the end, I used the appropriately named Windy app which also provides an interesting full-screen view that combines several wind forecasts.

Athlete Page

You can now have your own athlete’s page to show off your trials and tribulations to the world. Here is an example from Matt Baxter who I assume is a sponsored NAZ Elite athlete.




HRV –Readings (coming later in the Summer)

Getting HRV from one sports platform to another is not always straightforward. In some cases, its transfer just isn’t supported.

Final Surge’s novel (ish) solution is to enable their iOS/Android app to take control of your phone camera and use that to take an HRV reading.

That might sound potentially inaccurate but I know that Marco Altini’s HRV4 Training optionally allows that method and he has scientifically validated the accuracy of the results.

Running Power

For all users, Final Surge freely supports the automatic updating of Stryd Critical Power. Once it changes in the Stryd Power Centre then it is automatically updated into your Final Surge plan.

Final Surge has supported running power for a while and sends it to Garmin devices, I need to double-check this but I assume that Garmin’s new Running Power should also be supported?

Final Surge also has a free workout creator. You can create and schedule your power running plan there and you can do that for free as Final Surge makes its money from selling plans and from the Premium tier, nothing else. That’s a little better than Training Peaks which only allows free users to schedule workouts one day in advance (today/tomorrow).




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