Garmin 945LTE Gets Stamina and more

Garmin Forerunner 745
745 vs 945…same, huh?

Garmin 945LTE Gets Stamina and more

It looks like the new STAMINA feature is being rolled out to older devices starting with the Forerunner 945LTE (I don’t think it’s going to the Fenix 6 yet but it should).

Summary additions below and full details here.

Q: What about Running Power?

A: Compared to its first announcement, it looks like Stamina is going to take 4-6 more months to hit the next tier of Garmin watches (945LTE). Assuming there is a similar delay for Running Power, that would make a later Summer date for running power to hit the 945LTE (Fenix 6? 945?)

More: Stamina Metric – what it is and how it works (it’s good!)

Changes made from version 5.07 to 6.04:

  • Added Real-Time Stamina feature
  • Added Sleep Insights feature
  • Added Run/Walk Detection feature
  • Added Cross Country Ski power zone editing support
  • Added coordinates to the navigation menu
  • Added Control widget page and bike lights camera settings to support RCT715
  • Added ‘Idle Time:’ to the activity summary
  • Added message when VO2 Max value is stale
  • Added prompt to pause media during Wi-Fi sync
  • Added UpAhead Navigation Data Field Menu Item
  • Improved Daily Suggested Workout phrases

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12 thoughts on “Garmin 945LTE Gets Stamina and more

  1. F6 will get Stamina but regular 945 won’t? 🙁
    That’s basicly the same watch

    1. 945 owners can start complaining when someone’s figured out how to actually use Stamina IRL 😉

      1. It’s relatively easy to use:
        In a Race , run as Hard that the Kiometers you can sustain that effort match the remaining kilometers of the race course. If you run harder, you will get hit by the man with the hammer, if you run not hard enough, you will have unused performance left in your body at the finish line.

      2. That’s the theory, have you actually tried it ? I have, if not I wouldn’t have posted that message. Ran a 15k at max at threshold (consistent with VO2Max and LTHR) and was told I still had 35% Stamina at the end…so useless.

      3. My stamina has hit zero in every race I have run, the last one I had another 20 miles to go with no stamina left. It does not work!

      4. My view is that Garmin Stamina (GS) must know two things
        1. Your LTHR/LT2 (possibly LT1 as well)
        2. your aerobic TTE (ie your longest run/ride)

        if the first is set incorrectly either by us or garmin then then anaerobic efforts will be impacted incorrectly. if you run out of GS too soon compared to reality then LT2 could be too low.
        I’m not sure how it works out your TTE. it gives a plausible distance for my bike riding and it’s a distance of well over 50% more than I’ve ever cycled.

        or…it could be wrong! eg with the recovery rates.

    2. There’s no plans to implement Stamina on the Fenix 6 or regular FR945, just the FR945 LTE.

      1. Makes sense. Despite the naming, 945lte seems to have much more in common with the 955 than the 945, software wise.

      2. Yup, definitely some truth to that. Even at the time of the FR945 LTE launch, they were very open that they considered calling it the FR955, but felt it didn’t quite meet their bar for the next-gen product. Thus why it’s still getting virtually all of the software-focused features from the FR955, because Garmin doesn’t have a FR955 LTE equivalency.

  2. Any guess if hrv features could be coming to this old generation of watches (fenix 6)

      1. It’s got nothing to do with CPU performance. This could be rolled out to the Fenix 3 if they really wanted to (the calculations are that simple). Garmin are rolling out the feature to current models only. The 955 doesn’t yet have an LTE variant, so the 945 LTE gets it.

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