Wahoo adds Target Plans

Wahoo Elemnt Rival Target PlanWahoo adds Target Plans

Well, this came a few days late for me as I needed it earlier this week for a TT. Anyway, now the Wahoo RIVAL Watch gets pacing targets for cadence, power and heart rate but not pace/speed. Here’s a quick explainer of how it works

Getting Ready

You’ll need the Rival updated to at least v1.49.78 and you will probably have to have the smartphone app on the latest version in order to do that. I don’t think there is an easy way to force an update of the Rival if you don’t get it straight away.

Creating a Target

It’s a very intuitive process that’s initiated from the main menu. Simply enable the target plan feature, choose the metric you want to be the target and then choose the target level.


Your plan is confirmed and off you go. It takes 10 seconds to get this working. Easy peasy.

Exercising To Target

For all the target types you are allowed a leeway of +/-5 watts, beats or steps before the alerts kick in.

You get an audio alert if you are off target and the screen changes to show the words LOW or HIGH underneath your current effort level. As a reminder, the target boundaries are also shown as an arc over the top third of the watch face.


In my opinion, this is a nice feature that is well executed and useful.

It’s maybe also arrived somewhat late in the day compared to the competition who have had similar abilities for years. That said, Wahoo is a relative newcomer to the sports watch market and is producing a steady stream of new features on a regular basis.




Q: Can I change the boundaires from +/-5

A: No. I don’t think so.

Q: Can I change or stop the target type mid-workout

A: Yes. You can easily do either or both.






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