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Apple Running Power – How to try it out

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Apple recently announced new features that will come to iOS 16 and watchOS 9 in August 2022, those features include running power, running dynamics and a new triathlon sports profile which will all work on Apple Watch Series 7 down to Series 3. These features ARE available NOW in beta but how can you try them out?

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Enrol in the Beta Programs

First, update your iPhone to iOS 16 beta and then your watch to watchOS 9 beta. After registering you need to download and install what Apple call a ‘Profile’ for each device.

Register & Install iOS 16 beta


  • Enrol your iPhone on the Apple Beta page and register with your Apple ID.
  • “Enroll your iOS device.”
  • Go to on your iOS device.
  • Download the configuration profile.
  • Go to Settings, ht profile should be shown as available to install (General > VPN and Device Management and choose the iOS 16 beta profile.)
  • Follow the usual steps for updating iOS which may require passwords to be entered and agreements to be signed with Apple.

Install watchOS 9 beta


What is Apple Running Power?

A: It’s easiest to think of Running Power as being similar to effort rather than similar to speed. Thus it’s a great way to pace yourself consistently over varying terrain. Running Power takes into account, to varying degrees; slope, air density, surface conditions, wind and weight.


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