Ultra Running: Better fat oxidation shown in CurraNZ +Gel Study

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Researchers at the University of Chichester recently completed detailed research on the effects of anthocyanins (CurraNZ) on one ultra runner whilst also consuming carb gels.

Conclusions: Seven days of intake of anthocyanin-rich NZBC extract altered exercise-induced substrate oxidation in a male amateur ultra-endurance runner covering a half-marathon distance in 2 hours. Enhanced running-induced fat oxidation may be beneficial for ultra-endurance running. More observations need to be obtained from male and female ultra-endurance runners to address whether intake of NZBC extract provides a beneficial nutritional ergogenic effect for ultra-endurance athletes to enhance exercise performance.


Specifically, it was found that fat oxidation improved by 23% after a consumption protocol of 2x CurraNZ tablets per day for a week. To an extent, this was unexpected as the test period involved the consumption of 100-calorie cab gels which were expected to be fully prioritised as the energy source.

It seems that CurraNZ can help any endurance athlete and dieters alike by using more fat as a fuel source. If you are considering nutrition for long races including HIM and IM distances then the benefits should be obvious to you. FWIW I regularly and frequently use CurraNZ, I get them free from the manufacturer in exchange for content like this (no other payment) and I only use them as I think they work.

More Details: curranz.com



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