Garmin Index Blood Pressure Cuff – Soon?

My UA-851ANT works over ANT+

Garmin Index Blood Pressure Measurement Cuff – Soon?


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It looks like Garmin is about to release an upper arm (bicep) cuff called Garmin Index BPM and it will take your blood pressure readings and store them on your Garmin app.

Systolic and diastolic measurements will be shown on a digital display and the cuff will operate like many other competitors ie with an inflatable cuff.

Probable Features

  • Links and syncs to Garmin Connect Mobile (GCM)
  • Also syncs over WiFi (like the Index S2 SmartScale)
  • Reading shown in GCM, report available to show 3rd parties (eg doctor)
  • Stores BP trends
  • Possibly supports multiple, named users with a guest mode.
  • Manually entered readings allowed
  • Might support averaging over 3 consecutive readings.

That’s it.


Garmin is probably due to refresh the Index Smart Scale as the S2 model that I have was always in need of some love even though it was only released just over 2 years ago. So it was a bit of a surprise to see that instead, Garmin could be entering Blood Pressure measurements for the first time. Whilst this product is linked to fitness, the biggest number of buyers by far will be in the general wellness space.

Good luck to them.


A&D UA-851ANT And SportTracks Blood Pressure Plugin Monitor





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14 thoughts on “Garmin Index Blood Pressure Cuff – Soon?

  1. for a while there is also a widget on connect iq store to find the best time to do a Blood Pressure Measurment:

    Rest Status Check Before Measuring Blood Pressure

    Per ASH guidelines*, patients should avoid intense exercise within 30 minutes before their blood pressure measurement and rest for 5 minutes before taking a reading.With the Garmin BP Rest Check Widget, users can judge if they are in a sufficient rest condition from the heart rate history feature on their Garmin smartwatch. You can also determine if you need to rest and relax more or if your rest condition is enough for your next measurement.

    Please note that this is a Garmin CIQ Widget to help users judge their rest condition before taking their blood pressure. It is not a medical product. The readings are only for reference and should not be used to diagnose, treat, alleviate or prevent any disease or symptom. Users should evaluate their personal health condition before use and seek the professional advice of their physician.

    1. Interesting find, that widget.
      If they release a upper arm cuff and advice to use the widget, the quality of the data should be quite high.
      Compared to most readings people do at home, it should be gold class.

      1. i use the widget a while now, before i measure with my Withings BPM Connect, sometimes the widget tells me i have to calm for 10 or 25 minutes or so before doing a measurement

  2. Off topic but this could be a hint of a near future new Garmin Varia vision( or glasses). Activelook 2.0
    About the Garmin index BPM I think it could integrate more features to differentiate from all the current products(Withings, Omron..). I’m one of those who have been using the ciq before measuring my BP. Simple but effective.

    1. This are third party displays wich are already available. You install a ConnectIQ Datafield on your watch/edge and this submits the data to the display. It has nothing to do with Varia, it doesn’t even support Extended Display Profile wich wouldn’t block 1 of the 2 IQ datafields you can run at the same time on the watches.

      1. Yes, but this is v2.0 improved that included those garmin datafields and connection.
        Julbo evad-1 glasses, for example, are activelook v1.0 ones.

  3. I was inclined to think this is an unfounded rumour when I first read the post, only to have Apple Health prompt me on the next morning about: do you want to give GCN mobile permissions to write blood pressure data? Pretty much confirmed, I think 🙂

    PS: commenting doesn’t work on the Safari browser.

    1. Ye of little faith!
      The source of the info on this one is a good one. it could be wrong but its trustworthy. INDEX BPM is specifically mentioned. as one of the other comments says, there was a garmin connect mobile PERMISSIONS thing that popped up a day or two after this article was published. so something is definitely happening.
      Sorry about Safari. I have probs with the comments pluginS. whichever i choose causes a problem somewhere.

  4. nah, we’re both making it up. This product doesn’t exist until Garmin announces it 😉

    seriously though, although that file is auto-generated would you say this represents an advanced state of development? the window for release of such a product would likely be September and early to mid October from a marketing perspective.

    1. hmmm, so the definitions are ready to use Blood Pressure in a FIT File, so dinner is served

  5. Garmin INDEX BPM – I am getting 20-25 points higher on the systolic and 12-15 points higher on the diastolic, consistently. Compared with two OMRON devices: One upper arm cuff and one wrist cuff, and manual reading. Customer service was no help, and their product complaint department would rather lose you as a loyal customer than fix the issue. I filed an official FDA medical device complaint instead of going through the less-than-satisfactory standard operating procedure of Garmin. I requested a full refund from Garmin and will be making sure no one else makes the same mistake I made. Amazon is not allowing for product reviews unless you are a verified purchase. This means that Amazon has been flooded with complaints.

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