Wahoo Sports Science Center – just the start?

Wahoo sports science center centreWahoo Sports Science Center – just the start?

Wahoo has clearly undertaken science-based research for some time in support of its digital solutions and physical products. Yesterday they announced the opening of a dedicated Sports Science Center in Boulder, CO.

The short press release that heralded the announcement had the usual buzzwords like ‘innovation’, ‘science’, ‘expertise’, ‘testing’, ‘research’ and so on. But so what? How does it affect the average Jo Wahooligan?

First up as an answer to that would be a relatively new podcast/knowledgebase that I was not previously aware of. You can access the podcasts here on the regular wahoo site. Where they succinctly cover topics like, HRV, hill climbing of Pros vs you, intermittent fasting, the effect of ageing, and more besides. Knowledge is power.

Secondly, we would assume that ‘better’ products and protocols find their way to us as a result of the research. These range from improved protocols in the Systm app to subtle changes in how data is presented to us on the screen of an ELEMNT Bolt bike computer.

Finally Wahoo mentions ‘actionable feedback’. We’ve very much seen Garmin’s Firstbeat information change from points of data like “Aerobic TE is 2.5” to actionable ‘Daily Suggested Workouts’ – You and I might know what Aerobic TE is and what to do with but a vast number of people have little idea. Contrast that to suggested workouts; all many people have to think about is whether or not they do it and/or trust it.

I wondered if this announcement might signal a move by Wahoo toward replicating the richness of sports physiology covered by the Firstbeat metrics. Probably not was my conclusion! Although, no doubt some will trickle through over time. Perhaps more imminently we might see some expansions to the capabilities of Wahoo products to cover CORE Temperature and ‘Blood’ Glucose? I believe the former will be covered once an ANT+ profile is finalised and, as for the latter, Wahoo part owns Supersapiens, I would hope for integration there soon (no intel).





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