Supersapiens – how to pair unsupported devices like Garmin 955


Supersapiens and the Forerunner 955 – or any other not-yet-supported model

Following on from last week’s Supersapiens Review, I’ve had a few questions about how to get Supersapiens to work on unsupported devices.

To see your live Supersapiens data on your Garmin Edge or Garmin Watch you need to use the official Supersapiens CIQ Data Field. in conjunction with either your smartphone or the Supersapiens Band. There is no direct connection from Supersapiens to ANY device other than a smartphone or their own Band, both of which can act as a live ‘relay’ to a select few Garmin devices.

The full list of supported devices is shown here, essentially it includes these models and their newer incarnations Edge 1030, Edge 530/830, Edge 130, Fenix 5 Plus, Enduro, Forerunner 55/645/745/945, Venu, Venu SQ and Vivoactive 3. Eagle-eyed readers will have spotted the absence of the Forerunner 955 and 955 Solar in the list of supported devices. Indeed Supersapiens has been fairly slow at updating their app to support new Garmin devices as and when they are released.





Here are the instructions to make the Supersapiens data-field work on the Garmin Forerunner 955 or any other Garmin Edge or high-end Watch release beyond August 2022 (hint: more of those to come!)

  1. Plug your Edge or Watch into your computer using the appropriate USB cable
  2. Download this file from this site:
    • Extract the .PRG file to this folder: This PC\Forerunner 955 Solar\Internal Storage\GARMIN\Apps (different models and MACS may present a different folder structure, you know what to do)
    • Extract the .TXT file to this folder: This PC\Forerunner 955 Solar\Internal Storage\GARMIN\Apps\Logs
    • This folder \Forerunner 955 Solar\Internal Storage\GARMIN\Apps\Logs will be the same on MAC if a Mac can show the file structure on a USB drive (IDK)
  3. Unplug your watch from the computer
  4. Check that your Edge or Garmin watch is connected and synced with the Connect smartphone app, which you should leave open.
  5. On your smartphone’s Supersapiens app, click the profile button at the bottom
  6. Then click pair new device (top right) and the rest should be obvious…


Note: If you have an older device than the supported ones this might work but I doubt it. Don’t do it!

Please use the instructions above at your own risk…it’s not a supported method.

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22 thoughts on “Supersapiens – how to pair unsupported devices like Garmin 955

  1. Hey, thanks for sharing this, any idea if we can do the same for Lumen app? they are also very slow updating their garmin app

  2. Great tip, thanks. It’s always frustrating to get a new Garmin device only to find that developers are slow to update their CIQ app’s compatibility, especially when sometimes no coding changes are even needed.

    My bigger concern with Supersapiens at the moment is their iOS app’s incompatibility with iOS16. Although iOS16 is only in beta at the moment, it’ll be released when the new iPhones come out in a few weeks’ time and lots of people’s existing iPhones will automatically get updated, but there’s no information on Supersapien’s compatability FAQ beyond not to install on iOS16.

    1. ah

      thanks for that. i was just about to peel open a biosensor and, guess what, I’m on ios16. so thank you for that tip !!
      none of my banking apps work on ios16 either which is a pita

  3. Hi,
    Do we have someone who have a process to support the 935 model with Supersapiens ?

    1. awesoe.
      i’m trying to get it to work on the 955 wolar. it works in the sense that it shows the data but wont show it fro the energy band. ie the phone has to always be there. is that the same for you

  4. Hi, thanks for the work around for my 935. I got it to show up in the IQ field but can’t see any data being transmitted. The phone is paired so I’m not sure what else I can do to ping bluetooth.

    1. 935 ! blimey. well done.
      935 has an older ciq version and just simply might not work. newer models like the 955 should not have that limitation (but may have others)

      there is unusual wierdness in the way that SS has to make the pairing so my general knowledge might not help

      assume: you ride with 935 and the iPhone is present. 935 is paired and visible in the SS app. SS app is open and displaying glucose info. you have no other device like an edge or SS band.
      if that’s the case i don’t know why it wouldn’t work other than the ciq point.

      fwiw: i have issues with the 955/wahoo/SS Band when used together and to get them to work seems to need the iPhone present even when it technically shouldn’t need to be present


  5. Ok well thanks for your help. It’s doing everything right other than displaying the data.
    FWIW I have OS16 and SS X wahoo works great.

    1. ah, there you have it. i think when something else gets paired it messes up (Wahoo, maybe)
      I had the SS band paired and that was the case for me. even if i unpaired the band it still went a bit weird.
      TBH I got tired of wasting too much time to definitely figure it out.

      if you get a resolution please post it back here.

  6. Hello my friend,

    I would like your help, I live in Asia and I’m using the Supersapiens app on my Iphone but I can’t download the Garmin connect iQ.

    Do you know any way I can install this on my watch?

      1. cant do what…attach it?
        clean your tricep with rubbing alcohol
        stick it on your tricep…it’s pretty easy. first time get someone to do it in the position indicated on the diagram SS provide. you only have one shot

      2. I think I asked wrong.

        I need to install Supersapiens on my Garmin forerrunner and Edge but it is not available on garmin connect IQ in my country.

        I tried to do it the way you wrote above but I couldn’t.

        Is there any tutorial on Youtube?

      3. the instructions above say how to do it without connect IQ
        the instructions might not work on your forerunner/edge model . you have not shared them
        there is no tutorial, other than the above info.

  7. Hi, I e got supersapiens running on my older garmin apps and now have it on 1040 Solar but the font in glucose field is tiny and impossible to read. Any ideas why garmin field font for this data only is so small?
    Works normallly on my wahoo element.

    1. idk why it is so small. you’ll have to re-jig the screen to make the available area bigger eg move from an 8 data field to a 6…that kind of thing

      please say which device(s) …so others know

  8. Love this, having a hard time making it happen on Mac (don’t know how the access the folder for the downloaded .txt. Would be most appreciative if any can provide help.

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