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Coros PACE 2 Which Coros Would You Like to see next?

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It’s no secret that the next Coros watch is likely to be the next-generation Coros Apex.

Hints may have come back in April when there were permanent price cuts on the existing Apex Pro. But perhaps the biggest in-your-face hint was when the CEO of Coros told this site that there be an “introduction of our next-generation APEX watches by the end of this year”.

That means just about 2 possibilities – either it means the two Apex size variants (42, 46mm) or it means an Apex and an Apex Pro. Almost certainly it will be the former.

But that’s not the point of this post. Rather…what would you like to see next?


Try this for a rough and ready generalisation

The Vertix 2 and older Apex Pro are similarly featured with the Vertix 2 coming in a larger screen size.

Pace 2 and the Apex 42mm/46mm share similar features to each other but both lack maps and features linked to maps, plus other omissions mostly linked to more extreme outdoor usage that the Apex Pro and Vertix support.

From a success perspective, Coros IS making inroads into the trail and mountain markets for sports watches, most notably with their Vertix range (Aug 2021). The Vertix first and second-generation watches DO sell but nowhere near as well as the Pace 2 (Aug 2020). FWIW: The Pace 2 sells lots.

But when it comes to the Apex and the Apex Pro then I’m not too sure how well they sell. Perhaps that price cut to the Pro model was an indication that it hadn’t previously been selling too well? Is there really space in the middle market for yet another Apple Watch wannabee that endeavours to be smart but different and so delivers more sports features than Apple and good battery life along with a poorer screen?

What could be added to justify a new generation of watches?

Despite the naming, the Vertix 2 is the Coros watch that is perhaps the start of their next generation and most notably this comes with an accurate Airoha GNSS/GPS chip and onboard maps. Whilst Apple Watch and Wear OS watches can have offline maps there are no sports watches with offline maps other than the Vertix 2/Apex Pro and various Garmins.

The Vertix 2 also lacks ANT+ sensor support, so that omission could also be a feature of a new Coros watch (grrr).

Then we come to the battery life that will just inevitably be better than the previous model. That’s what every manufacturer seems to do with each iteration!

There are virtually no existing sports features from the Coros range that could be added to Pace 2 or Apex. That’s because Coros seem to generally have one full set of features that every model uses unless aspects of the hardware can’t support it. (Note to Garmin…people like that).

So there’s certainly going to be new hardware with all the current features but maybe a new watch will herald a few new software features too? #Maybe



I would have thought the more commercial thing to do would be to iterate the Pace 2 with a better chipset and longer battery life. Throw in a few new watch faces, maybe a better screen and a better strap then I’d be happy. That’s what I want to see.


Your Vote

Would you rather see a Pace 3 than an Apex 2? What about a Apex Pro 2? What about a Vertix 3?


Have your say. What you would LIKE to see, rather than predicting the almost inevitable Apex 2….which, of course, you might like to see next in any case.



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7 thoughts on “Which Coros Watch Would You Like to see next? – Thoughts & Reader Poll

  1. New Apex guess: I’m quite sure they don’t omit maps. Original Apex did not have it because of lack of computing power and memory. They will max out the hw specs so that they can offer future updates to software as long as possible like their strategy has been. Seeing other trails and roads in the map is quite useful feature even if Coros doesn’t have as advanced mapping features as Garmin.

  2. I’m old so I’d appreciate a little more screen real estate than my pace 2 offers. Main thing that would get me to upgrade is a metal/titanium body, plastic just feels blah and the bezel’s always look cheap.

  3. I just want a sport watch with high accuracy and structured intervals, probably only when exercising. If I want maps or music, I use my phone, but crumbtrail navigation (not available in Pace) is a nice bonus.
    From what I have seen from wrist HR, I will keep the HR chestband too.

    I have a Suunto Ambit 3 now and certainly not want something with a GPS that is not better – Polar V800, Vertix 2, Fenix7 and x55 is what I may get.

    A Pace 3 with dual GPS and maybe larger screen would be my preferred watch.
    If there is only a new Apex, I will probably go for a base 255 instead, but will look it out.
    September is coming.

  4. A pace 2 would be a great watch, except for 1 thing: it doesn’t do navigation. I use navigation quite a lot for trailrunning and discovering new routes and even for bike rides. Simple follow the line is good enough, although some context might be convenient at y junctions or when roads are close together.

    The battery of my forerunner 935 isn’t what it used to be and garmin software isn’t of the highest quality so a new brand (whit new irritations 😉 is tempting. Since I plan to use a watch for many years (current is over 5 years) I’m reluctant to buy an older Apex.

    So, I’m looking forward for an Apex 2, (or a Pace 3 with navigation)
    A Vertex is more like a garmin, big, expensive and full of features I don’t use.

    1. agreed
      i dont think any pace 3 would have navigation (it might). breadcrumb would be ok as you say, simple overlay of map tile images could give context but would require quite a bit of coding on app for that…easier for coros to say to buy an apex/vertix

  5. I would love to see Apex 2 with size options plus dual system GPS, onboard maps & navigation and music storage. Would like the watch to talk to me when I put in a custom workout for a specific pace for example and tell me if I go off pace – all the while playing music. Good quality screen and brightness so you can see it without glasses on.

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