Wahoo Rival gets Sleep Tracking

Wahoo Rival

The Wahoo rival watch gets sleep tracking, albeit added in a public beta.

It looks like a very much me-too update but that’s fine.


Data Accuracy?

There’s no way to check the HRV accuracy right now and the sleep stages from one night seem to visually track those in Oura to some degree.

Once you have a night’s sleep data you can check the Stats page in the app. You’ll need to check you have the latest firmware  ie at least v1.49.91 (to force the update try this and/or connect to a power source other than a PC)

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What’s new?

  • Metrics include time in each sleep stage,
  • Timeline of sleep stages,
  • Progress toward sleep goals, and
  • Daily sleep ratings for both overnight sleep and naps.


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5 thoughts on “Wahoo Rival gets Sleep Tracking

  1. Nice.
    trie this yesterday, seems to be good (for one night). I’ll try this with a POlar on the other hand, and an AW another night…
    It works even with HR tracking disabled…don’t know how it works then (and i cannot check the oHR during the night because…I’m sleeping 🙂 )

    Still, the bug with Stryd still exists (unable to pair properly, just gives power data, nothing else, nor pace/distance and dyamics…), and the recent “hundred Headwinds listed in the App” is still here (i.e can’t pair my headwind with the Rival, so unable to control it. Works OK with Elemnt Bolt…it’s only for the Rival…)

    but….It now tracks my sleep. Cool.

  2. Nope, I just have the same screens as your first two screenshots (where do the last one comes from?).

    The Rival can get HRV data?

    1. 3rd image is from Oura app for the same night of data. i didn’t post the update to the page correctly, ty for the heads up
      Rival probably collects hrv data for the sleep stages.

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