Apple Watch 8 Ultra – Gets A New Button

Apple Watch Ultra – Buttontastic

Apple seems to have given up telling people what they want.

Sports fans will be delighted. It looks like the sporty version of the Apple Watch 8 (aka ULTRA) which will be announced on Wednesday has an extra button. The fugly but highly functional crown remains and is enlarged on what looks likely to be called the Watch 8 Pro or ULTRA.

More buttons do make a difference on a sports watch when it comes to adding laps or progressing through triathlon transitions manually. They also give app designers something more to confuse us with if they don’t stick to whatever standard Apple defines for the new buttons, one of which looks like it might even be a slider which could make things interesting (yes, I need to get a life).

Apple lovers will point out that screen tap or presses can emulate what would otherwise be accomplished with an extra button and I would ever-hopefully point out that gesture control can achieve the same ends too. But, let’s face it, athletes want buttons.

Now you have them.

the Apple Watch Ultra – Double Battery Life, better GPS, bigger screen


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Although 91-mobiles seem to think that the extra hole for the left side might merely be for a barometer and that the right side has a somewhat ugly raised crown and button.


Ok. No-one knows.



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8 thoughts on “Apple Watch 8 Ultra – Gets A New Button

  1. Many rumors claim that the size of the screen has increased. But that doesn´t seem to be the case judging from these images.

  2. Great content and good news for us. Here’s hoping this lessens the fitness gap between Apple and Garmin!

    And yes, fierce competition is a good thing for the consumer.

  3. I just saw a recent pic of the case against the current AW7 and it is quite a bit bigger at 49mm. I personally don’t know why all watch makers think bigger is always better!! I had the the F7 and decided to sell and get the slimmer and lighter 955 as it gives all the same info and metrics and is more comfortable for 24/7 wear which is necessary to take advantage of all the features.

    Personally I couldn’t imagine wearing a F7x or an AW Pro that’s 49mm to bed and all day.

    Let’s be honest, many of the 7x wearers are weekend warriors and not expedition guides!! How does anyone wear a 7x with a dress shirt!!

    1. yep.
      i think you hit one of the nails on the head there with the size point.
      garmin requires you to use garmin devices for their app. apple health /fitness lets you source from where you want…ie you could easily switch to a ring for the night readings.

  4. Wish Garmin would/could use my ouraring data, far more reliable at actually recording data whereas Garmin 1/5 times decides that I did wear the watch at night

  5. Or just make a band compatible with their latest software (<> Physio trueup). Easier to make, easier to sell and more profitable for Garmin. They lost an amazing oportunity with latest vivosmart

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