Apple quietly launches GymKit Certification app

gymkit certification assistantApple GymKit Certification app

Apple’s MFi licensing program covers a variety of technology ranging from AirTags to AirPlay and HomeKit. It’s for developers and manufacturers to understand and implement the requirements for working with Apple products.

The new certification app lets manufacturers check that their products are fully compliant with all aspects of GymKit and that data in the app matches what is shown on the screen.


GymKit compatible equipment does exist but, considering Apple’s size, you would expect to see much more of it. Or Maybe I go to the wrong places?

Either way, when Apple launched its Fitness+ service a couple of years ago it was painfully obvious that it possessed limited integration with any kind of gym equipment. ‘Obviously’ seemed to be the right word to use when we said that Apple would be working on improving this but we haven’t seen too much added to Fitness+ other than additional multimedia content. Fitness+ is still marketed as “The first fitness service powered by Apple Watch” but it’s not powering advanced anywhere near enough connections to fitness equipment.

At least the GymKit certification app’s release shows that something is happening behind the scenes.

Perhaps we might see a new Wahoo Kickr released in the next month with GymKit compatibility?

Q: What does Apple’s MFi stand for?

A: Made For iPhone/iPAD…

Available on the App Store (here).



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4 thoughts on “Apple quietly launches GymKit Certification app

  1. Hmmm – wondering if this going to mean expansion of channels in the protocol. With tomorrow bringing a new sports focus they might be starting to look towards power meters and other sorts of sensors.

  2. Rumors talk about the new Apple Watch Pro, could this “Gym Kit” have to do with a HRM belt/monitor? I was thinking of a pro Watch and no original accessories as a HRM strap 🤷🏻‍♂️

    1. i dont think this is related to an apple-branded hrm strap.
      apple watch natively supports ble straps as you probably know. it’s possible they could produce a strap and easy to achieve but they are targeting low-end fitness and the accuracy level on their oHRM is pretty good on the whole.

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